Remembering How Tank Man Showed Us That One Man Can Make A Difference

In the 2005 Hollywood Blockbuster Batman Begins there was a very important discussion that took place between Bruce Wayne and Henri Ducard. While they were discussing the league of shadows that was lead by...

Tiananmen Square Massacre An Event That China Can Never Be Allowed To Forget

It has been twenty-nine years since one of the worst events in history that should have never happened took place. It was an event that Americans who protest today will never have to experience...
China Admits North Korea Is A Time Bomb

China Admits North Korea Is A Time Bomb

The risk of major conflict has not been higher that it is today. We must get used to the idea that China no longer controls Pyongyang.
North Korea

Is North Korea A Cuban Missile Crisis Or Weapons Of Mass Destruction Deja-Vu?

In 2016 the Clinton campaign ran a TV ad a retired nuclear missile launch officer opined, "The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death." At the time I couldn’t help but...

Trump’s North Korea Bullying Ends With A Whimper

Two weeks ago I commented that Trump bluffed a show of strength by attacking the al-Shairat airbase in Syria and was called by Putin. Now, that same story played out with North Korea and...
tim preuss

Preuss Podcast: The North Korean Power Struggle

Why Increased Nuclear Proliferation Means a More Peaceful World For years, DECADES, North Korea has been seen by the West as a volatile state, struggling to obtain nuclear weapons with the long term plans of.....
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