CNN Segment Goes Wrong When Five Women Are Asked If They Believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh Or His Accuser


In a segment that many could call an embarrassment for the liberal controlled CNN, CNN personality Anderson Cooper polled a group of women during his show “Anderson Cooper 360” asking them if they believe that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth or if they believe the woman who has accused him of sexual misconduct Christine Blasey Ford. If CNN had any knowledge that this poll was going to turn out the way that it did they more than likely would not have done it. During the segment that ran on Anderson Cooper’s show Randi Kaye could be seen speaking to five Republican women about the accusations that had been made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. At one point during the discussion Kaye said, “by show of hands, how many of believe Judge Kavanaugh when he says this didn’t happened.”

The response was unanimous. All five women were in full agreement that they believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth as each of them raised their hand in support of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. When we stop to consider that CNN has been against President Trump from the moment he won the last presidential election in 2016 and how they have been against Judge Brett Kavanaugh there is no way they would intentionally show a segment that shows full support for Kavanaugh.

One of the five women who were asked if they believed Judge Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth, Lourdes Castillo de la Pena said, “How can we believe the word of a woman on something that happened 36 years ago when this guy has an impeccable reputation? There is nobody who has spoke ill-will about him. Everyone that speaks about him, this guy’s an alter boy, you know a Scout. Because one woman made an allegation, I’m sorry I don’t buy it.”

Another woman who was involved in the segment that ran on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, Irina Villarino said,”in the grand scheme of things there was no intercourse. There was maybe a touch. Can we really, 36 years later – she’s still stuck on that, had it happened?”

In what could only be seen as CNN trying to salvage this segment and be able to present the kind of response they may have been hoping for the five women were asked considering the damage that the accusation has done to Christine Blasey Ford’s personal life why would the accuser come forward if she were not telling the truth.

Irina Villarino was quick to defend Judge Brett Kavanaugh again when she answered, “she’s also destroying his life, his wife’s life, his children’s lives. I mean why didn’t she come out sooner if she’s telling the truth?”