Local Assembly Man Believes Woman Who Attacked Two Adults And Three Infants At Birthing Center In Queens Was Mentally Ill


Less than twenty four hours after a shooting in Aberdeen, Maryland saw four people lose their life and several more wounded, three babies and two adults found themselves attacked inside a birthing center located in Queens early Friday morning. All of the victims were found inside the home on 161st street in Flushing between the hours of 3 and 4:00 a.m. Mei Xin Care Incorporated, the birthing center where the five victims were found, was operating without a license when the attack took place. The children who were attacked varied in age with the youngest being only 13 days old and the oldest being only slightly over a month old. Both the youngest and the oldest baby who was attacked suffered stab wounds to their torsos. The middle child suffered attack wounds to her chin, ear, and lip. All three infants were taken to a local hospital where they were listed as being in critical but stable condition.

An older woman who worked at the center as a day care worker suffered several knife attacks to her torso and screamed out for help. It was the screams of the 63 year old woman that alerted the 31 year old father of one of the babies that there was an attack taking place at the Mei Xin Care birthing center. When the father tried to intervene and stop the attack he was stabbed several times in the legs.

When he spoke to local media about the attack that took place in the early hours Friday morning Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said, “we pray that all of the victims will be fine and will survive these injuries. We are hoping these young babies, small and so very fragile, are also strong enough to overcome this horrible act of senseless violence.”

It has been twelve hours since the attack took place and although the local authorities have the 52 year old woman who was responsible for the attack that saw three infants who weren’t even a year old attacked in such vicious way, no motive has been determined at the time of this writing. She was found in the basement of the birthing center with self inflicted slash wounds to both of her wrists. There has been no name released at the time of this writing, and the only information that the police have revealed in regards to who suspect is, is that she was an employee of the birthing center. A butcher knife and meat cleaver were recovered at the scene of the attack.

The 52 year old woman who attacked two adults and three infants is currently being held in custody at New York Presbyterian/Queens where she is currently also being treated for serious injuries that came from this mornings events.

In very predictable fashion it took less than twenty four hours for mental illness to some how be connected to the attack that took place in the hours early Friday morning as the local assembly man told the media that they believe the female suspect was in distress, most likely with some mental illness, and had no business being around infants.