Right Leaning Mainstream Media An Even Bigger Enemy To The American People Than Left Leaning Media


It is no great secret that the liberal controlled biased fake news media is an enemy to the American people. This is a topic that I have covered in a three part series that can be found exclusively at Halsey News called “Knowledge Is Power And It Gets Abused.” In fact this could actually be considered a spin off of that series or a close cousin.There is a greater chance that you will find John Norman’s science fiction world Gor REALLY does exist on the other side of our sun than you will ever find the mainstream media telling you the truth. Of course, those who have read the novels by John Norman know that world of Gor is not really out there on the other side of the sun where those of us on Earth can never find it. Those of us who have enough intelligence to maintain a body temperature in the mid to high 90’s and a pulse, along with the ability to turn on a light bulb should also know by now that the mainstream media will never tell Americans the truth as long as they are controlled by the liberals.

The thing is by calling the liberal controlled media the enemy of the American people I realize that I am some how implying that means that every right leaning media platform is an ally of the American people which is something that needs to be cleared up so that there are no misunderstandings. While I will not sit here and tell you that all right leaning media is your enemy, the truth of the matter is that a large number of them are an enemy of the American people. Some of you may be asking how can I say this when the media is supposed to be an independent force. My question for those people is how can they not see the truth to my statement. Although one claims to be left leaning and the other claims to be right leaning, more times than not both of them are trying to push the same agenda. I suppose when I set aside my own conclusions that I have recently come to and try to look at it from the point of view of someone who just sees things from the surface I could see how it would seem that certain members of the mainstream media appear to be pushing a conservative narrative while showing support for things like closed borders and President Trump’s wall.

A large number of so called right leaning mainstream media are so good at what they do that they even have the very people that they are helping convinced that they are the enemy leading conservatives and leftist to call them Nazi-propaganda. Often times American liberals will accuse these so called right leaning news sources of pushing a racist hate filled agenda. That brings the question of if those who oppose right leaning news sources are telling the truth as they believe it when they call them Nazi propaganda then why am I sitting here telling you, my readers, that a large number of so called right leaning mainstream media are an even bigger enemy to you than the left leaning media is? There’s a simple answer to that. While the left leaning mainstream media can not be trusted to tell the American people the truth, the one thing that they are honest about is the fact that they are liberal controlled and lean toward the left. The so called right leaning mainstream media that is pushing the same agenda that their left leaning counterparts are, will not even tell you that they are pushing the same agenda that we the American people need to stand against. The enemy that you can not see will always be more dangerous to you than the enemy that you can see.

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s true that a lot of right leaning mainstream media will run headlines against immigration and other social issues that seem to match what you and I might feel. There is no denying that. They have to do that, because it’s how they get you pulled in. The truth of that statement that they run headlines that might seem similar to how we feel make it even more important for you to try to follow me on this so that I can try to explain how they are deceiving the American people and how they are actually pushing upon us the same idea that the liberal controlled media are trying to. The large number of right leaning media such as the Daily Mail are simply trying to make us believe their lies as they use the concept of freedom of the press to conceal their true intent. These right leaning mainstream media create the illusion that they are providing a conservative voice so that they can convince Americans do not agree with leftist and social justice warriors that the mainstream media does not stand as one. Instead they try to convince us that the mainstream media is a wide body that consists of different news sources that all have different perspectives and often times conflicting opinions. But when one looks beyond the surface and really starts to dig deep into what they have just watched or read in the mainstream media it becomes easier to see that this is not the truth and they are all under the control of internationalist and at the end of the day they all have the same finish line in their sights.

What makes a majority of right leaning mainstream media different from their left leaning counterparts is not where they are trying to take the American people, but how they are trying to get us there. Whether the liberal agenda is put into our minds overtly and honestly like left leaning mainstream media does or if it is being subliminally forced upon the American people like a large number of right leaning mainstream media does is more or less determined by the group of people they are trying to reach. Think back to the film the Matrix, a film that I have referenced more than once in some of my articles. The humans who lived within the Matrix did not even know they were in the Matrix. The machines presented the image that they were free in the year 1999 instead of slaves to the machines being used as human batteries in a future time. Those who control the media know that the best way to keep Americans captive is to convince them that they are free when they really aren’t. People will never rise up against a group who has them being held captive if they do not know they are being held captive in the first place.

The way they do this is whenever they wish to introduce something that is “new” and damaging such as open borders or allowing illegal immigrants to stay in America left leaning news sources will often times happily embrace this new and damaging idea while attacking those who seek to speak out against it and labelling them as haters and neo-Nazi’s. Others who supposedly lean toward the right will do the opposite and pretend that they are a voice for conservatives. They do this so that they can try to keep the illusion that the press are a group of independent and often conflicting voices that present different views. For this illusion to be successful that means that some mainstream right leaning media has to be seen as opposing or even condemning leftist and social justice warriors as they pretend to reject what the liberal controlled media is trying to push upon us. They do this to make the American people believe that there is genuine political disagreements and that the American people have genuine political choices in the future of America, while presenting the illusion that there are real places that the American people can truly voice their discontent.

I realize what you are thinking right about now. If almost all of the mainstream media really is working together how do those who appear to not support the leftist agenda and claim to represent conservative values and voices are really helping the liberals push the leftist agenda, how do they do it? It’s a lot like the second trilogy in the Star Wars series and Senator Palpatine when he was creating the empire. Make no mistake about it, the empire is real. The empire is very real. It just isn’t real in the sense of space ships flying above Earth and a death star that can blow up entire planets. Just like Senator Palpatine had a plan that created a need for the empire, there is a plan that most of the right leaning mainstream media are a part of. That plan consists of four different parts. Over the course of those four different parts they work their way into the minds of those who were resistant at first and take them from a state of outrage and resistance to a state of acceptance and submission. But they don’t stop at simply getting you to accept the leftist agenda, they keep going until they finally have you supporting it yourself which is where your submission to the leftist agenda comes in.

The first stage of the plan, anger, outrage, resistance. It always begins here at being angry and making their readers and viewers feel justified for having those feelings when a new degenerate social trend begins to be pushed upon us by leftist and social justice warriors. One that anyone with even the tiniest amount of intelligence can clearly see is not normal and should not be taking place, a trend that social justice warriors and feminists know will hurt the traditional unit. The very first response from conservatives is anger, outrage, and rejection of this new social trend. They need this anger, because believe it or not it plays into the hands of liberals. The reason it plays into their hands is because it exposes who we are. It exposes people who are of a conservative mindset with traditional American values that want to “make America great again.” What the so called right leaning mainstream media will do is present the idea from a negative point of view, because it allows for their readers and viewers to be lured into a false affinity with the writer and their network. It lets their readers and viewers feel that these people are truly on their side and understands them and their concerns for the America’s future. It allows the unheard of John Doe down at the corner of Maple Street in a small one stop light town feel as though someone is truly speaking up for them and their interests.

The thing that no one really stops to consider is that the people who these mainstream media sources try to convince us they stand up for are never really given a productive outlet to take that rage that they feel. Most of the so called right leaning mainstream media will never present a way to fix the problem that they are promoting to a large number of conservative minded Americans. The only thing that they really do present to the American people is a bunch of words meant to fill up open space and opinion. They give the public a way to let off their steam, but nothing more. But at the end of the day, all that energy, all that rage that the American people are made to feel, it has no where to go. So in the first part of their plan all a majority of the right leaning mainstream media outlets do is give exposure to the leftist agenda to an even wider audience. That’s it. Nothing more. Despite exposing the conservative minded American to the leftist agenda and angering them you will never see them actually offer any solutions to go along with this exposure.

This brings us to the second phase of their great plan that even Senator Palpatine would be proud to call his own. The second phase is over exposing us to the problem. News media will present to us one story after another that is meant to shock us. They do this every day and they will keep doing it until their audience, people who they know are against the liberal agenda eventually slowly begin to see the new social trend as normal. That happens when we hear and see something constantly and it works. If it did not work then licensed therapists and psychiatrist would not rely on exposure therapy to work through the issues of some of their patients. With the constant exposure and the normalizing of the agenda that the leftist are trying to push upon us, that initial anger that we felt slowly dies out. Since there is no solution presented to the problem as the right leaning mainstream media runs story after story about the same topic then we become used to hearing about it. They become used to the leftist agenda, accustomed to it, and over time they become less passionate and angry in their protests against it. Over time what started off as something that enraged us becomes just another normal story that we hear about in the news. Once that happens Americans who once started out protesting against it will begin to just look passed it. It does not mean that they suddenly like what is going on, only they are no longer angry about it and the media has effectively normalized an issue that their readers and viewers were once so adamantly against. At the end of the second phase conservatives have been over exposed to the issue and the issue has become normalized.

Now we are at phase three of the great plan that sees mainstream media working together against the American people. At this point the right leaning mainstream media has already worked their way inside of us, because in the first two stages we ended up letting our walls and guard down. The fact that we let our walls and guard down to these people makes it easier for them to get us to feel sympathy. They start to promote the idea that some how the very people that we are against by not accepting the leftist agenda are some how being oppressed. They start to make us feel as though the people who we once were so passionately against are some how being bullied and treated wrong. It allows the right leaning mainstream media to start to make us believe that in some way we should feel sorry for these people. The same media sources who just in phase one and phase two of the plan that appeared to be angered and outraged at what was going on, now tell deliver stories that tell us of how those who we stand against have been hurt or discriminated against. The kind of stories that show these people have some how been treated wrongly, because they acted in a way that conservatives know is not normal and should be considered unacceptable. At least they did find these things unacceptable until they became a victim of the manipulation that phases one and two of the plan subjected them to and turned them into a well trained leftist sympathizer. These same right leaning media sources told delivered stories that supported the anger of conservatives just months before this stage in their plan, but now these same media sources that we were led to believe represented us and our views have found their victims among us. They pull on our heart stings and make us feel sympathy for these people by showing us someone who we will feel sorry for. They show us someone who we will feel empathy for. It is at this point when the sympathy that they get their readers and viewers to feel is at its strongest that they start to steer people toward acceptance. They want us to empathize with an individual who is part of the enemy, because they are a threat to our way of life. People who push ideas and life style choices that do not fit with traditional society and values. The people behind this plan know that once conservatives begin to feel sympathy for these people and empathize with those who are promoting the leftist agenda then those conservatives are only one step away from seeing what they once knew was not normal and unacceptable as something that should actually be considered normal and acceptable.

The last step in this plan that Senator Palpatine would take such pleasure in leads us to hero worship and elevates agendas that have been forced upon us. These media outlets raise up madness and behavior that should never have been accepted to begin with pass a point where it is seen as normal and to a point where it is seen as better than normal. They put these people and their behaviors up on a pedestal so that they are no longer seen as normal, but as something that is special. Further than that, they make it so that they are seen as something that is desirable. That right leaning mainstream media that once represented your voice and your passionate anger and outrage do this through a chosen hero. They choose someone from a subculture who they feel you will identify with and raise them as an example of what those in normal society should strive to be like. They are presented as someone who deserves to be looked up to with respect and admiration, despite the fact that they are part of a bizarre social trend or sub culture. They try to make us see that despite the fact that these people and their behavior should not be seen as acceptable they have risen up and are an example of everything that those of us on the right hold as a virtue. The goal behind doing this is to make us believe that the agenda that we oppose is actually normal, healthy, and should simply be accepted. Not only do they want us to see their agenda as normal and healthy, but they want us to see that it enriches all of us.

This is how a majority of the right leaning mainstream media pushes the liberal agenda upon conservatives. What conservatives once protested against and was so passionately angry about is now no longer seen as a big deal. This is how majority of the right leaning mainstream media helps push liberal madness upon the American people.