God Protects Californian Republican Candidate From Leftist Attack At Recent Fair As Weapon Malfunctions


At a sensitive time in our nations history when Democrats are trying to convince the rest of American how dangerous President Trump and his supporters are a Republican in California was attacked by a man who clearly hates President Trump. Farzad Fazeli was shouting profanities about President Trump as he tried to attack Republican Rudy Peters with a knife at a local fair over the weekend. In a situation that is not so shocking it only took the San Francisco Chronicle three days to tell their readers about the attack. I personally can not help wondering if the reason it took so long to report an attack on a Republican candidate is some how connected to Democrats running the state of California. Fortunately, the attack against Rudy Peters proved unsuccessful since nobody was serious injured during the attack that took place at the Castro Valley Fall Festival, Saturday afternoon.

The Republican candidate was working one of the booths at the fair when Farzad Fazeli approached him while making disrespectful statements about the Republican political party and Republicans who currently hold elected positions in government. According to one witness at the scene the situation quickly escalated from verbal attacks against Republicans and their elected officials to Fazeli yelling F*ck Trump as he pulled out a switch blade and tried to stab Republican candidate Rudy Peters.

The hand of God can clearly be felt in this situation as Rudy Peters found himself protected by a coincidental circumstance when the switch blade that Fazeli intended to use on him malfunctioned. It is believed that at one point during the altercation Farzad Fazeli threw a glass at Peters. In response to the attempted attack Rudy Peters was forced to take physical action of his own against Farzad Fazeli as he defended himself against Fazeli with a campaign sign.

Although Fazeli was not taken into custody at the scene of the attack, because he ran from the fight he was arrested later on and faces charges of felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon, and possession of a switchblade. It would seem that in this case God was truly in the right place at the right time as only an act of God preventing the switchblade from working properly and Rudy Peters experience serving our country in the navy kept there from being any serious injuries in a situation that could have gone horribly wrong and led to the writing of a different story about Saturdays attack.

With the rise of incidents like this one has to wonder how much more violence and attacks from the political left are we supposed to tolerate? These kind of actions just serve as evidence of a statement made in a previous article that I had written where I point out state that Democrats and their supporters are the real enemy of America.