Media Personality Cassandra Fairbanks Came To The Rescue And Alerted Authorities About A Mass Shooting Threat At MAGA Event


The brave men and women who make up the law enforcement that protect the nations capitol found themselves at the Trump International Hotel Tuesday night as they responded to an anonymous threat that promised to deliver violence to a gathering of President Trump’s supporters. The threat was released via social media ahead of the event after media personality Cassandra Fairbanks sent out a post asking who would be attending the event. The threat came from the Twitter account @Dreamstarjustic when the person behind the account tweeted, “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies.” By now almost every American who is old enough to vote knows that the MAGA in the tweet that came from this account is a direct reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”  Any time there is a threat of this nature made it should be taken seriously and never just dismissed until the threat has been investigated and neutralized.


In the interest of protecting other supporters of President Trump and herself Cassandra Fairbanks was quick to inform the proper authorities of the threat that had been made against the event that was being hosted at the Trump International Hotel. A discussion that took place on Twitter between Cassandra Fairbanks and Infowars Paul Joseph Watson let it be known that after the explicit threat had been communicated via a twitter post the handle on the account had been changed while the twitter account user for @PagingMikeHunt informed people that even several hours after the threat had been made the account that the threat came from had still not been suspended. At some point between what @PagingMikeHunt had informed people and when I went to check the account myself Twitter did indeed suspend the account for making a threat. What is upsetting is the fact that Twitter waited so long after the threat had been made to take action against the account and finally suspend it.

While several MPD vehicles were seen outside the building making the presence of police felt and hopefully making those inside the building feel more relaxed it would seem that judging by the posts that Cassandra Fairbanks posted on Twitter, that over all the Trump supporters who attended the event at the Trump International Hotel were still able to enjoy themselves. According to one of her posts on the Gateway Pundit the monthly gathering of Trump supporters was a mix of several different pro-Trump groups including Virginia Women for Trump.

At the time of this writing there are no further details available regarding the investigation into the threat that came at a time when those on the political left are committing more and more acts of violence while Democrats continue to encourage them to do so as long as the target of that violence is a supporter of President Trump. One should really stop and ask why hasn’t the mainstream media such as CNN offered any coverage to this threat?