Sunday Night Migrant Attack Leaves Several Injured In Paris


At a time when the political left in western civilized countries are pushing an agenda that supports migration an Afghan man injured seven people in Paris Sunday night using a knife and an iron bar. The savage migrant from Afghanistan attacked people near a canal in the northeast section of Paris. Out of the seven people who were reported as being injured in this vicious attack three of them were tourists who just wanted to enjoy the sights of the city. Four of them are currently in critical condition. The three tourists are from the UK and Egypt.

It is believed that the 30 year old migrant from Afghanistan responsible for this attack only stopped trying to hurt people after he found himself overpowered by bystanders in the immediate vicinity where the attack took place. When local police arrived on the scene and took the migrant into custody he was already unconscious. Although it is believed that the man was deliberate in his attack and had targeted foreigners, the local police do not feel that there is any reason to consider Sunday’s attack a terrorist attack.

It was just after 11:00 p.m. when everything went to hell and chaos erupted in the area on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette. This particular area of Paris is popular with locals and tourist who enjoy the cafes, cinemas, and other venues in the area. One eye witness, 28 year old Youssef Najah was walking beside the canal when he saw a man running with what appeared to be a knife with a blade that was approximate 10 to 11 inches long. According to Najah the man was being chased by a mob of 20 people who were throwing petanque balls at him. Although four or five of the balls truck the migrant in the head they were not able to put him down and neutralize the threat that he was to others at that point.

The attacker dived behind two British tourists who were not quick enough to react when people in the crowd tried to warn them that the Afghan migrant possessed a knife. Their slow response to the warning from the people who were trying to stop him is what allowed the migrant to attack the two tourists.

It was reported that a security guard saw the man running away from two other men who were trying to stop him. The security guard informed the media that the man was in possession of an iron bar that he threw at the two men chasing him before he pulled out a knife. The man lost possession of his knife after an Algerian man jumped on him and was able to get the knife away from the Afghan migrant.

The knife attack that occurred Sunday night is just one of many attacks that have taken place in France over the last several weeks.