Protest Organizers Tried To Kick Conservative Writer Charlie Kirk Out Of Anti-Kavanaugh Rally


At a time when many Americans gathered together to protest against the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh the founder of Turning Points USA Charlie Kirk’s presence gave Americans a chance to see what was really taking place on the outside instead of only what the liberal controlled mainstream media wanted to show us. By now we all know that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the Supreme Court nominee that President Trump chose to fill the spot that was once held by retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. After a successful week of handling the Democrat senators and protesters inside the building at the confirmation hearing it is pretty much a guarantee that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court justice. His placement allows conservatives on the Supreme Court to take a 5 to 4 majority. It is this reason that a large group of people came out to protest against Judge Brett Kavanaugh due to fears of what will happen to Roe vs Wade in the future. What many people fail to realize is that while more than likely Roe vs Wade will remain safe across the nation, even if there was a change made to Roe vs Wade it could still be allowed to exist on a state level.

The way that those who protested against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court one might believe that President Trump had nominated the reincarnation of Hitler. The reality of the situation is that with his excellent history and credentials Judge Brett Kavanaugh is as solid as a nominee could be expected to be. The only thing that the liberals could have against him is that he isn’t a liberal himself. If he were a conservative they would not have protested his nomination to the Supreme Court like they did. Since the Democrats do not have the numbers that they need there is nothing to prevent Judge Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the next member of the highest court in the nation.

While he was on the scene Charlie Kirk and a camera man from Turning Points USA walked around the large crowd of protesters allowing Americans to see how uninformed and ignorant the protesters of Judge Brett Kavanaugh truly were. People who were responsible for organizing the protest against Judge Brett Kavanaugh tried to keep protesters from speaking to Charlie Kirk who is recognized by many due to his appearances on Fox News. A woman who organized the protest saw the presence of Charlie Kirk as such a disturbance and threat to the protest that she actually tried to have Capitol police remove him from the grounds. When the cops arrived and learned what the situation was the woman was disappointed to learn that the police would not do anything, because Charlie Kirk had the same First Amendment rights that she did.

This past week saw over 70 protesters arrested during the duration of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh Judiciary Senate hearing. Some of those who were arrested were well known names like Linda Sarsour and Piper Perabo. Both of which did not respond to this reporters question when I tried to give them a chance to defend their cause against the accusation that members of the protest were being paid to protest and try to prevent the hearing from being allowed to take place. One of the protesters outside the building actually tried to claim that the protests were making Judge Brett Kavanaugh angry, but anyone who followed my coverage of the Kavanaugh Judiciary Senate hearings would know that this claim could not be further from the truth and was nothing more than a delusional fantasy in a leftist mind.

Charlie Kirk was quick to take away this delusional fantasy from the protester when he informed them that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a pretty happy guy and would be confirmed. He’s right. Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. When this happens mental hospitals across the nation should expect to see an increase in their patient intake because the weak minded who protested against him won’t be able to handle the reality. What is the reality? The reality is that this is the second major political loss in a little less than two years that the political left and their weak minded zombie like followers will be made to accept.