Russian Collusion Did Take Place In The 2016 Presidential Election, But It Wasn’t President Trump Who Did It.


Ever since President Trump won the election there has been speculation and accusations of Russian collusion thrown his direction from the political left. It has been well over a year and those who have gone out of their way to make President Trump look bad still have not been able to prove beyond a definitive doubt that President Trump is guilty of Russian collusion. No one is denying that there was collusion between the Russian officials and political officials of the United States. There’s too much evidence that shows that there had to be collusion during the 2016 presidential election. The problem that Democrats have run into is that they can not pin it on President Trump. It will not surprise anyone who voted for President Trump and actually stood by him to know that the reason that they have not been successful at pinning it on President Trump is because it was not President Trump who colluded with the Russians. It was the Democrats that worked with the Russian officials. More specifically it was presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and U.S. officials who put a plan in place with the Russian officials in an attempt to make President Trump look bad in the eyes of America if the election went the wrong way.

This is the conclusion that was recently reached by Lee Smith who has personally investigated the controversial June 2016 meeting that took place between officials who worked for then presidential candidate Donald Trump’s election campaign and a Russian lawyer who was connected to people higher up in the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ever since the fears of Democrats became a reality and the presidential election went wrong for them mainstream media has orchestrated their plan B by convincing a large number of Americans that President Trump sold his soul to the Devil and made a deal with the Russians in exchange for information that he could use against Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, as well as they have performed their plan B it has not been performed well enough to keep evidence indicating that the meeting that took place at Trump Tower in June 2016 may have been nothing more than an elaborate set up meant entrap President Trump.

Lee Smith has been able to take evidence that is already out there, but has been hugely ignored by the mainstream media since it did not fit with their agenda and use it to present reason that Americans should believe that President Trump was set up by Hillary Clinton and Democrat officials as well as officials of the Justice Department and FBI. Memos, emails, and text messages that are now in the possession of congress show truth that the political left has tried to keep hidden from the American people as it shows that the Justice Department and FBI worked together with Fusion GPS and former British spy and long time FBI informant Chris Steele long before and after the 2016 presidential election came to an end.

It is believed that the reason Chris Steele was chosen as the primary researcher to put together the highly unverified Trump dossier, because of his under the radar connections in Russia. The dossier that Steele put together was for the most part based upon interviews with Russian officials. It was this dossier that Fusion received $1 million to turn over. Where did that money come from? It has been reported several times that it was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee who paid that money to take possession of the dossier. This is a fact that the liberal controlled media has kept as quiet as they possibly could giving it only the briefest mention in the news.

Despite the fact that the media chose to try to sweep the fact that Hillary Clinton and the DNC are the ones who paid for the Trump dossier under the rug and out of the headlines as much as possible, the investigation that was conducted by Lee Smith shows that the only real solid evidence that Russian collusion ever took place during the 2016 presidential election points directly at Hillary Clinton. She was the one who paid Chris Steele to find dirt on President Trump using Russian sources. As damaging as that evidence by itself can be in the eyes of American patriots who have not been completely brainwashed by the Democrats, the evidence that was found by Lee Smith goes so much deeper than that.

There is reason to believe that the events surrounding the June 2016 meeting that took place in Trump Tower was all orchestrated by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and her allies in the government. Lee Smith’s investigation shows that the number 4 ranking official at the Justice Department Bruce Ohr got together with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and with Chris Steele. The FBI terminating the employment of Chris Steele in October of 2016 was an empty performance, because it meant nothing since Bruce Ohr continued on as the go between for Fusion GPS when it came to any and all information related to what many Americans have no doubt now come to realize was the bogus Trump dossier.

As many Americans already know the FBI and Justice Department used information that was contained in the bogus dossier to justify wiretapping President Trump’s aide, Carter Paige. Those wire taps allowed for officials contained within both departments to gather intelligence about the campaign that President Trump was running at the time before they became the whole foundation for the Russian investigation. Since we’ve already established that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had allies in both departments someone would have to be stupid not to believe that the information that was gathered by the FBI and Justice Department through the use of the wiretaps found its way to Hillary Clinton.

When they first came up with plan B Hillary Clinton and her allies probably had not counted on an earlier investigation being able to prove that the FBI and other intelligence sources as well as operatives in the Clinton campaign had contacted the Trump campaign in regards to information that could possibly be damaging to Hillary Clinton as early as March 2016.

Something else that is significant to know is that Natalia Veselnitskaya, was a client of Fusion GPS when she got together with Donald Trump Jr and other officials connected to the Trump campaign to discuss the damaging information that she had about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As interesting as this fact in itself is, what is even more enlightening is the fact that she had dinner with Glenn Simpson the night before the meeting at Trump Tower and the night after the meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016. Only someone who is either truly naïve or truly stupid would try to believe that these two did not discuss the meeting at Trump Tower during those meals that they had together. Veselnitskaya claimed that it was Glenn Simpson who provided the talking points for her meeting that took place at Trump Tower.

This would mean that Hillary Clinton and her allies were trying to set President Trump up incase the election went wrong for them and make it seem as though he were in collusion with the Russians. When we stop and look at how the media has assisted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in causing a large number of Americans to turn their back on President Trump while refusing to accept that he won the election on his own merit Plan B has been a success so far.

It was just last month when Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes told Fox News that there was evidence of information flowing from the Clinton campaign from the Russians to the Justice Department. The very same department that Congress had to force to turn over information after repeated requests were dismissed and ignored. Devin Nunes felt that more than likely the information was handed from those who were in charge of Russia propaganda to the Clinton campaign who in turn handed that same information over to officials higher up in the FBI and the Department of Justice. This same information allowed a counterintelligence investigation into a campaign that has colluded with every top official in the FBI and Department of Justice to open. What a coincidence, right?

While there can be no denying that there was Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election, all of the real solid evidence that supports such collusion took place implicates the Obama administration and officials within the FBI and Department of Justice in helping the Clinton campaign put their plan B into action and make President Trump look bad. With the evidence that Lee Smith was able to turn up coming to light one of two things are almost certain to happen. Either the collusion investigation will reach a point that they realize that pinning the Russian collusion on President Trump is an impossible task like it has been up to this point and they will be forced to turn their attention to Hillary Clinton in the interest of self preservation which will lead to more resignations or they will be forced to forget plan B and hope that this whole mess that officials in the FBI and Department of Justice as well as Hillary Clintons allies in the government have created will just some how go away on its own.