Anonymous op-ed ran in The New York Times confirms that there are many working against President Trump from the inside.


At a time when a lot of America is watching the Senate confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, The New York Times has given Americans something else to talk about. Wednesday, The New York Times did something that was completely unusual for them and ran an opinion piece by an anonymous writer. The writer of the piece that was ran by The New York Times claims that they are a part of the “resistance” working from within the White House. It isn’t hard for someone to be brave when you believe that you are untouchable. What the writer of the opinion piece did by choosing to remain anonymous is not brave. It’s the opposite of brave. It is cowardly. Worse than that though, it was stupid because now they have informed the President and the rest of America that there are enemies within the White House. As strong as the writer of the opinion piece may feel that their words are, the words of a martyr would have been even stronger. When you become a martyr you become more than just one person, you become a symbol for what you believe. When you become a symbol your enemy can’t stop you even when you are no longer a part of the picture, because there will always be those who believe in the passion that you feel for what you represent. Whoever the anonymous writer of the piece that was put in the New York Times didn’t think of that though. When they could have chosen to be a martyr for their cause, they chose to be a coward.

The actions of the coward have caused President Trump and the Trump administration to go into immediate red alert as they seek to do damage control while they begin their search for the coward who has betrayed them. Shortly after the anonymous opinion piece was published by The New York Times President Trump released a furious tweet Wednesday night that said if the “gutless” anonymous person does exist then the New York Times needs to release their identity for the sake of protecting national security.


The White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has tried to appeal to the sense of honor and integrity that the coward who wrote the opinion piece  must possess when she called upon them to do the right thing and resign. The problem with appealing to the sense of honor and integrity in a coward who has just attacked you from behind like this anonymous writer did to President Trump is that cowards have no honor or integrity. Despite the lack of honor and integrity that the weak writer of the anonymous op-ed that was published by The New York Times has shown there are many Americans out there who will look to the writer as a hero.

What do we know about the author of the anonymous opinion piece that was ran in The New York Times? If the words that were contained within the piece are true then what many of the people who have stood by President Trump and the Trump administration has always suspected has just been proven to be true. Many in America have always suspected that there were those who were on the inside working against President Trump. This piece shows that it is no longer just another conspiracy theory that was hatched by some “deplorables.” It also shows us that there are more than one who is on the inside working against President Trump unless the writer is a student of Sun Tzu. We must not forget that it was Sun Tzu who taught that all warfare is based on deception, and make no mistake about it, the United States has been at war within itself for quite some time now.

There are several other clues that have been found within the opinion piece itself and a slip up that was made by The New York Times. The New York Times were quick to defend the use of the pronoun “he” as they claim that the tweet was made by someone who does not know the writers gender. This defense could go both ways. We could believe that the New York Times is telling us the truth and that the person who did the tweet really didn’t know the gender of the writer of the opinion piece. On the other side of that defense they could be trying to cover for their error, because “he” could bring the Trump administration one step closer to determining who the coward hiding among them really is.