Tensions in Chemnitz, Germany are nearing a breaking point as tempers rise over migration


Over the last several days the rest of the world has watched as Chemnitz, Germany has become a main focus point for rebellion against mass migration and open borders. Countries like the United States need to keep an eye on this situation with pencil and paper in hand taking as many notes as they can so that they can learn from the situation that the European country has now found itself in. Before last week when Daniel Hillig tried to stop a German woman from being raped by migrants he was a local carpenter and husband. The 35 year old, Daniel Hillig who lost his life at the hands of migrants while protecting a German woman leaves a widow after his life came to a vicious end at the hands of a 22 year old Iraqi and a Syrian immigrant.

According to a European media source called Kronen Zeitung reported that before he was responsible for bringing a premature end to the life of Daniel Hillig, the 22 year old Iraqi migrant had been facing deportation from Germany for quite some time due to an extensive list of prior convictions. As guilty as the Iraqi and Syrian migrant are for bringing Daniel Hillig’s life to an end, people who support the idea of open borders and migration also have the blood of a German hero on their hands. Their hands are stained in the blood and tears of every German who has ever been attacked or killed by a migrant, because if not for these people and the leadership of Germany like Angela Merkel supporting open borders then the woman who Daniel Hillig died protecting never would have needed his protection from an Iraqi and Syrian migrant.

Just as the leadership of other western countries need to watch the situation in Germany and learn from it, the citizens of western countries must also do the same. We have seen time and again what happens to those who belong in these countries at the hands of others who do not belong there. Protesters in Germany are showing Americans and citizens of other western countries with open borders and immigration problems that the time for words is over and it’s time for people to take action. The action of thousands of Germans has been escalating over the last week as they have formed mobs calling for the resignation of Angela Merkel. These same people have decided that it is time for the press to stop promoting lie after lie from the political left instead of reporting the truth and informing Germans how dangerous their migration situation really is as they see the way that the large intake of migrants is changing their country’s culture.

A state of emergency was declared by the mayor of Chemnitz, Barbara Ludwig as she said, “we won’t allow for the right and right wing thinking to undermine the state.”

Mainstream media across the globe has tried to vilify the protesters in Chemnitz calling them a “neo Nazi” uprising. They need the rest of the world to believe that those who are standing against migration are the bad guys, but the way that mainstream media is portraying them could not be further from the truth. Being tired of seeing a group of people invade your home, show no respect for your way of life, and attack your people does not make someone the bad guy when they determine that it is time to take action. It makes them the patriot who has opened their eyes and came to the realization that when your government will not protect you and your own people, because they care more about mass immigration from other parts of the world then the government is an even greater enemy than those who are coming into your country. When your government becomes your enemy it is time for patriots to rise and take action in the name of protecting their own people no matter what country they live in.

Some of the patriots in the videos below have taken to making sure their voices get heard as they turned to social media to tell the rest of the world and Germany the truth since they can no longer trust the government and mainstream media to do so.





There used to be a time when it was safe for people to walk through the streets of Germany, but with the current migration situation the people of Germany are no longer safe in their own country. It is becoming that way in nearly every western civilized country that allows for open borders and immigration. There is one many in Germany who no longer feels safe taking his own grandchildren into the city. He has seen these migrants show no respect for the western way of life as they have committed acts against German women that would see German men arrested and labelled a sex offender.

While those who allow attacks from migrants in western countries to happen again and again it is too often the patriots who find themselves vilified and labeled as racist and Nazi.