The #MeToo Movement Has Been Turned Into A Weapon Against ALL Men While Forgetting Due Process


In the year 2018 it is a dangerous time to be a man. It does not matter who the man is, when a man is accused of rape before he is even allowed due process it is assumed in the eyes of society that he is guilty. What happened to due process and being innocent until proven guilty? There is an answer to that question. Feminists are what happened to due process. Ever since the #MeToo era started almost a year ago feminists have been leading society further and further away from things like justice and due process. At some point in the last year a large number of Americans have forgotten that while there are a lot of accusations of sexual misconduct and rape floating around out there, not all of them are true. The recent situation with Dr. Luke is proof of this.

The singer Kesha recently accused Dr. Luke of being a rapist. This is the same kind of accusation that has led to the fall of many men in the last year. It should be noted that out of the large number of men who have been taken down by these kind of accusations only a few of them ever actually saw the inside of a courtroom and none of them saw the inside of a courtroom before society had already found them guilty based upon the word of a woman alone. No forensic evidence, no semen samples collected, just a woman’s word has been all it took to ruin a mans name. Dr. Luke was no different. There can be no doubt that Kesha knew what she would be doing when she accused Dr. Luke of rape and claimed that he raped Katy Perry as well. In the era of #MeToo she assassinated his good name. One can only assume that she thought Dr. Luke would be a coward and not stand against the accusations that she threw at him.

Recent deposition that was published by various forms of media expose the kind of woman that Kesha really is, because in that deposition Katy Perry under her real name reveals that contrary to what Kesha tried to claim Dr. Luke never raped her.


“Are you also aware that Kesha has made a statement that Dr. Luke raped you?” an attorney asked Perry.
“Yes,” the singer responded.
“Did Dr. Luke ever rape you?”
“Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Did he ever give you a roofie?”
“Did you have a sexual relationship with Dr. Luke at all?”


While at the moment there are some who may not see Kesha in a good light people will be quicker to forget and forgive the fact that she made a false rape accusation against Dr. Luke. As for Dr. Luke his name will be forever tainted by these kind of accusations. There are so many men who are falsely accused of rape and sexual misconduct that a group was formed to help these men. The Innocence Project that specializes in helping men who have been wrongly convicted have helped 353 cases that saw someone wrongfully convicted of a crime that they did not do. Out of those 353 cases 274 of them were men falsely accused of rape and sexual misconduct. That means that out of 353 cases where the person was wrongfully convicted 77 percent of them were wrongfully convicted of rape and sexual misconduct. What happened to those who made the accusations against these men? It should also be taken into consideration that out of all of those who were wrongfully convicted less than 1 percent of them were women. What these numbers show is that while society is careful in how accusations against women are treated, that same society does not care about its men.

There are a lot of women coming forward in the #MeToo era and letting their voices be heard. For those who are telling the truth, it is sad that they had to survive whatever their experience was. Those experiences should have never had to happen. However, as a society when we stop to consider that 77 percent of the 353 wrongful convictions that the Innocence Project has been able to rescue people from were men who were wrongfully convicted of rape and sexual misconduct that they never committed we need to ask how many of these #MeToo accusations really happened? While it is good to see women step up and speak out about their trauma and those who hurt them, there is another trauma that society is ignoring. That trauma is the fact that society automatically assumes the men who are being accused of rape and sexual misconduct are GUILTY. It does not matter if there has been a formal investigation. It does not matter if there has been evidence collected yet. The moment the accusation goes out against a man HE’S GUILTY!

While society is quick to support the woman who makes the false accusation and mainstream media will put out story after story after story about how a man was accused of sexual misconduct or rape, where is the support for the man? Men like Dr. Luke are left alone to deal with the weight of the accusations against him. Feminists claim to be about equality between men and women, but it does not seem to bother anyone that while a woman’s emotional pain is a call to action, a man’s emotional pain is completely dismissed and blown off. What that means is while society will ride in and be the woman’s white knight “HOW DARE YOU HURT HER”, they have no problem running from a man’s pain and leaving him tied to a stake ready to burn him like the Salem witch trials. When it does get uncovered that a woman’s accusation of rape or sexual misconduct against a man is proven to be false she is not forced to face the same weight of her accusations that the man has to and will always have to from that day forward. We can see this when we look at how the #MeToo movement is always quick to rush to judgment.

When a woman is the one who is accused those same people who are in a rush to see a man burn at the stake have no problem coming to the defense of the accused. This can be seen in the situation of Asia Argento and Avital Ronell. The same woman who was one of the many who led to the downfall of Harvey Weinstein has no problem blaming a DEAD boyfriend for paying off her accuser to try to make the issue go away when her victim came forward. In fact it is rather convenient to have a dead boyfriend to blame since he is no longer here and can’t speak for himself unless you put your faith in a medium or Ouija board. Shouldn’t the woman who was one of the leaders of the #MeToo movement have taken a stand against her boyfriend and chosen to fight this out if she was really as innocent as she would like the rest of the world to believe? It’s rather interesting that her career hasn’t taken the same hit that the careers of men have taken. I have only heard of her being fired from one project. But she’ll recover. Netflix cancelled an entire series when Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct.

How did things reach this point? Why does the pain and the word of a woman mean so much while the pain and the word of a man mean so little? Feminists. Feminists groups are responsible for playing a major role in the decline of the American justice system and our society as a whole. They wanted more rape convictions and they went so far as to write a manual that states how the accusers should be treated. The very first thing that the feminists agenda pushed is believe the victim. There can be no exceptions to this. When someone is accused of rape or sexual misconduct the accuser is to always be believed at all costs no matter what. That is of course unless the victim is a guy like in Asia Argento’s and Avital Ronell’s case. Then it’s okay to side with the accused. The responding police officers need to always believe the woman who cries rape or sexual assault. Feminists don’t think the story given by the accuser need to be investigated to determine if its true or not. What these accusers need is a new good friend who will believe whatever they say.

Authorities are taught that they are supposed to believe the accuser no matter what. Doesn’t that sit in conflict with people being innocent until proven guilty? If you believe the accuser right from the start then no matter what the accused says in their defense you can’t possibly believe the accused. Feminists don’t care that they have society in such a state that the moment the word rape is mentioned a man’s name and career are ruined before he is ever given his day in court. Police are not even allowed to consider whether or not there might be a false accusation being made. What this has done is turn authorities and society as a whole into an advocate for the accuser instead of allowing them to remain impartial while trying to look at the story from both sides and see where the facts fall. We see how well that worked out for a whole lacrosse team at Duke University back in 2005.

If the victim needs a support to believe them right from the moment that they make the accusation of rape that’s what friends and family are for. As a society this is the kind of practice that we need to stop practicing. It was an English jurist back in 1765 named, Sir William Blackstone who said, “It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.”

In 2018 society has no problem seeing the lives of what could be ten innocent men destroyed before one guilty man is wrongly determined to be not guilty. In more recent times Superior court justice Anne Malloy once said, “Although the slogan “Believe the victim” has become popularized of late, it has no place in a criminal trial. To approach a trial with the assumption that the complainant is telling the truth is the equivalent of imposing a presumption of guilt on the person accused of sexual assault and then placing a burden on him to prove his innocence. That is antithetical to the fundamental principles of justice enshrined in our Constitution and the values underlying our free and democratic society.”