Fox News attacked by liberal media outlets over Mollie Tibbetts coverage


Fox News  has found itself facing the criticism of several members of the media. Liberal controlled media are amazed that Fox News  would choose to air a police press conference about a 20 year old Iowa college student, Mollie Tibbetts, during a time when they feel other news breaking stories were taking place. The journalists from liberal controlled media feel that former Trump chair Paul Manafort being found guilty on 8 of the 18 charges that were brought against him or even former Trump lawyer pleading guilty to campaign finance violations was more newsworthy and important to the American people. What it comes down to is liberal controlled media is upset that The Fox News  did not stay silent on a situation that did not support the diversity agenda that Democrats and social justice warriors have strongly been pushing for the last several years.

The Fox News  found themselves the target of false accusations when a reporter for WNYC, Beth Fertig claimed that Fox News began their 5:00 p.m. hour with the Mollie Tibbetts situation.



It did not take long for someone to expose the lie that WYNC reporter, Beth Fertig, was trying to push with her false accusations against Fox News.



A reporter from the liberal controlled newspaper, The Huffington Post, Maxwell Strachan, expressed his own displeasure with Fox News when he commented about The Fox News network returning their attention to Mollie Tibbetts. It astonished the liberal controlled media that Fox News might be able to make their own decision about what they feel is important instead of following the agenda that liberals have been trying to push down the throat of the American people. Instead of staying on the same story that every other mainstream news outlet was staying on the Fox News Network gave its viewers a choice about which story they were more interested in. Ever since Mollie Tibbetts went missing it has been the Fox News Network that has been giving the American people updates about her situation while interviewing members of her family. This means that their viewers would have an emotional interest in knowing how the situation with Mollie Tibbetts ended.

Rather than telling their viewers the same thing that every other mainstream media was already covering in regards to Manafort and Cohen, the Fox News Network personalities were discussing the news that the Iowa police believed Mollie Tibbetts murderer was an illegal immigrant. The police investing the murder of Mollie Tibbetts were right. During the afternoon show “The Five” that can be viewed on the Fox News Network, the shows co-host Dana Perino made the observation that Americans are more concerned about vicious crimes committed by illegal immigrants than with crimes committed by those in the president’s inner circle.

In a response to criticism that came from Business Insider a spokesperson for Fox News was quoted by Business Insider as saying, “Last time we checked, Business Insider is not our assignment editor.” Fox News is right. Come to think of it the last time I personally checked none of the other liberal controlled media are their assignment editor either.