Chicago’s second most violent weekend, 61 people shot, 8 killed, 1 suicide


This past weekend the liberal controlled city of Chicago saw its second most violent weekend. In the span of two days 61 people were shot, 8 out of those 61 were killed. Two teenagers who were believed to be missing were found dead in a field Sunday night. The violence that the citizens of Chicago were forced to survive this past weekend was only surpassed by the violence that occurred in Chicago during the first weekend of August when 72 people were shot. While confirming the violence that occurred over the weekend earlier this morning Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said, “It’s no secret that we had another unacceptable violent weekend.” In response to weekends like this past weekend Johnson has called for legislation that would toughen the punishment on repeat offenders who commit gun crimes while also calling for legislation that would make it harder for the people of Chicago to purchase a gun.

Earlier this morning while speaking to the local media Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was able to confirm that three persons of interest have been taken into custody in connection with several of the shooting incidents that took place this weekend. The local police shut down 68 block parties over the weekend while taking possession of 83 guns and arresting 29 people on gun charges.

Among those who were killed over the weekend is a 15 year old boy,  Steven Rosenthal, who the local authorities claim shot himself in the head Friday evening while trying to evade the police. Rosenthal’s family are contesting the claim of the local authorities, because they refuse to believe that such a fine boy would never kill himself. The family is demanding to see police body camera video of the incident that saw the 15 year old take his own life this past weekend. According to the local authorities ballistics and camera evidence show that the officers never fired their guns. It remains unknown whether or not the police will comply with the demands of Rosenthal’s family and release the body camera footage that they are wanting to see.

The weekends bloodbath also includes two mass shootings. Someone in a black van fired upon a group of people who were attending a softball game Sunday night. Out of the large crowd of people who were fired upon at the softball game five people were wounded, four men and one woman. The other mass shooting took place Friday night. Six people who were standing out in front of their home enjoying the summer evening were wounded. Among the six wounded was a three year old child. A seventh person was struck by a stray bullet in their backyard.