Twitter’s Political Views Lean Toward The Left According To Jack Dorsey


After several complaints have been made about Twitter and Facebook discriminating against conservative voices, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made an announcement earlier this week that made American’s clutch their chest as they gasped for breath from the shock. I hope that many of our readers are sitting down as they read this next part, because I do not want to be responsible for any of you who have a bad or weakened heart dying from a heart attack when I tell you what that shocking announcement was. The social media platform known as Twitter is left leaning when it comes to their politics. Oh my God!!!! I never would have known if Jack Dorsey hadn’t said it. They hide it so far. I mean so what if they are leaning so far over to the left that it is a miracle that defies the law of gravity when they don’t topple over. I realize that some of us are a little slow when it comes to learning, but anyone who did not know that Twitter’s political values lay on the far extreme left instead of just leans makes the guy who asked Me if I knew that James Bond was a fictional character look like Albert Einstein. I mean you absolutely had to flunk out of hooked on phonics and every other special learning program if you did not know that Twitter is so far on the left that they’re against the wall. I mean they are so far left that there is no where left for them to go on the left. For those of you who already knew they were on the left, but may not have known how far left Twitter really was, congratulations while I don’t know what your intelligence level is at the very least you have enough intelligence to turn on a light bulb while maintaining a body temperature some where in the mid to high 90s and breathing at the same time. As for those of us who support President Trump the words of Jack Dorsey really aren’t news at all.

In a recent article with News Week Jack Dorsey has claimed that although the political views of Twitter is left leaning that does not mean that it acts on its political views to ban conservative voices based upon their political views. Dorsey I hate to say it, but I’m calling bullsh**! I mean BULLSH**!!!! Twitter has no problem condemning and banning groups from the alt-right but Antifa have never dealt with the same issues even after their recent attacks on journalists. On top of that if it isn’t Twitter that is acting on it’s political bias which causes conservative voices and Republicans to become shadow banned then why hasn’t any liberals or Democrats faced the same kind of problems in a ratio that is fairly proportionate to those on the right? While I personally do not believe this lie that Dorsey fed the American people during his interview with News Week I am sure there are several Americans out there who did. Some people are willing to buy just about anything that you sell them.

News Week quoted Jack Dorsey as telling Brian Stelter, “we do not look at content with regards to political viewpoint or ideology, we look at behavior.”

It is rather convenient that Jack Dorsey waited until the same day that President Trump stood up in defense of American people and letting their voices be heard to make his statement. The statements from Jack Dorsey and President Trump both have come after the lack of integrity and bias in the recent actions of Twitter came to the spotlight of public attention after several conservative voices have found themselves shadowbanned.