Members Of The American Media Attacked This Morning While On Assignment


According to reports that come out of Detroit, Michigan journalists found themselves the target of an attack while they were covering a story on the city’s west side. WWJ-AM reporter Mike Campbell, WXYZ-tv reporter Nia Harden, and WXYZ-tv photojournalist Mike Krotche were not injured during the attack, but their vehicles which displayed the logos of the media organizations that they represent were damaged. It was around 6:00 a.m. this morning that Campbell was in the middle of giving a live report about a crash that took the life of a pedestrian when the attacker came up to the stations car and attacked their windshield with a baton.

In the middle of a live report Mike Campbell announced, “my truck just got hit by a bat and I’m sorry, guys, I’ve gotta go.”

The attacks did not stop there. After he attacked Campbell’s truck the man continued his attack when he approached Harden and Krotche, according to local reports that come out of WXYZ. The man proceeded to attack their windshield with the same weapon that he used on the first vehicle and he also damaged the side mirror of their network news truck.

While speaking of the crime on behalf of the radio station and reporting the crime Campbell said, “I had put my windows up because I had started my report and I saw the man. But he seemed to be just walking by in front of the truck. He was saying stuff, but I put the windows up because I didn’t want our listeners to hear his foul words. And then he apparently, just, something angered him, he turned around and attacked the news truck.”

Although the man who is responsible for the attacks on the members of the local media is currently in police custody, nobody has released his name yet.