Today’s Illegal Immigrants Replace White Americans As Majority In America By 2045


In a new trend white deaths now exceed white births in the majority of the United States. That means more white people are dying than are being born in 26 states. This trend will have a serious impact on America as we know it. According to the New York Times, demographers have found what could be signs that the day when whites are the minority in America may arrive much sooner than was originally anticipated. In 2016, it was believed that white people would become the minority closer to 2045. At that point in time more white people were dying than were being born in just 16 states of the United States. In the last two years that number has increased by 10 states taking us up to 26 states. Due to the increase in the number of states, those same demographers now believe that time may happen closer to present day than they originally predicted. That makes for a pretty grim future for white Americans.

What is causing this change to happen? There is an explanation for that. Although they would never admit this there has been an effort by the media and the liberal establishment to reduce the birthrate of white people being born in America. In place of promoting the traditional family like it was in the past, things like materialism and selfish individualism have replaced the value that the traditional family once held in American society. Promotion of such values as materialism and selfish individualism make this generation of white Americans and the next one as well less likely to reproduce for a variety of reasons.

Although the promotion of such values has been aimed at both men and women, it is women who have found themselves the target of attacks. Todays modern white women have been brainwashed and programmed to believe that having a career and not having children is the road that will lead them to true happiness in life. Feminists have joined in the killing off of white Americans by spreading the lies that men and women are not natural partners for each other. Instead they have promoted the idea that men and women are natural enemies and instead of embracing that which makes our two genders different from each other that men and women should be the same. Such bullsh** has caused the divide that separates men from women to grow even wider pushing our two genders further apart than they ever have been before. By causing this divide between the two species they have in effect broken apart the natural family and even tried to force it into a point of extinction just like the dinosaurs.

The traditional family has found itself the target of criticism and found itself repeatedly mocked, made fun of, and disrespected by the media and the liberal establishment. They have done everything that they can to present the image of the loving mother and the strong willed father who both set good examples for their children as something at best that is out of touch with modern fashion and expired, and at worse seen as something that is oppresses women. Todays young adults are told to live their lives which in translation means party 24/7, spend their money on material possessions, and live for the moment. They seek immediate gratification and seek to delay having a family of their own instead of trying to build something meaningful while they extend their no worry life style into their 40’s and 50’s instead of leaving it behind in their early to mid 20’s. Sadly the siren song of materialism is so great and hard for todays young adults to resist that millions of innocent children are killed every year through abortion allowing the parents to enjoy a better quality of life for themselves.

The decline in white people being born is only part of the problem that is killing America as we know it. The article in the New York Times does not simply end with telling us about the decline in the white birthrate in the United States. It goes on to inform us that white people will find themselves the minority in America by 2045 at the latest. This is news that I have no doubt the media and the liberal establishment are salivating over like dogs that just had a steak placed in front of them. This is not only an issue of less white children being born and more white people dying. For our race to become a minority like the New York Times has told us is going to happen there must be another issue that is happening behind the scenes that liberals do not wish the rest of America to know about.

That issue that the liberal establishment and media do not want todays white American adults to learn about is a very real one indeed. To put it in terms that social justice warriors and those who favorite political correctness will be familiar with that issue is the quick growth in the population of color as they try to make America a more diverse place. There are two factors that contribute to the growth in the population of color. The first factor is immigration. They need us to keep our borders open for this very reason. In Europe we have seen millions of Africans and Muslims come into European countries with no intention of assimilating into European culture. This is something that is widely known as the great replacement. The same is happening in the United States as you read this.



The Center of Immigration studies tells us:

The 13.3 percent of the nations population comprised of immigrants in 2014 is the highest percentage in 94 years.

Between the years 2000 and 2014 18.7 million new immigrants, both legal and illegal, settled in the United States. Even after America entered its second great depression at the end of 2007, 7.9 million new immigrants settled in America between 2008 and 2014.

From 2010 to 2014 new immigration plus immigrant births added 8.3 million new people to the United States. This number accounts for 87 percent of the country’s growth during that time period.



It is no secret that the United States has a large number of immigrants living within our country’s borders. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that there were 12.1 million illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2014. While these immigrants entered our country from various other countries across the world it is believed that over half of those immigrants came from the country of Mexico at 6.6 million. Immigration is only one piece of the problem when it comes to white people becoming the minority in America. The other part of the problem is the birth rate of the people of color living within the United States.

Large parts of the United States in the south as well as the east and west coast where a large number of illegal immigrants generally choose to settle already have a population that is less than 50 percent white. Scary enough as it is, parts of these areas even have a white population that is less than 20 percent. Now we have two parts of the same problem. We have a huge number of illegal immigrants being allowed to come into our country by the liberal establishment who chooses to try and fight President Trump every step of the way, compiled with a huge immigrant birth rate. Add those two issues to the fact that the white population now finds itself dying at a faster rate than it is replacing itself.

The end result of this problem is that the United States, a country that was founded by white people, will soon become a country where the descendants of the very people who started this country are now the minority in our own country. People label those of us who stand against illegal immigrants and support the idea of arresting illegal immigrants at the border as racist, when the truth is we are simply a people who have no desire of seeing ourselves become the minority in our own country. But the establishment is completely against the idea of better border control that would keep immigrants out of America. Instead of protecting our own people first the liberal establishment is desperate to see this great replacement continue until it becomes the new reality in America’s future.

Lets stop being politically correct and call the great replacement what it really is. Genocide. The liberal establishment wish to see the descent of European Americans. An article in the Washington Post exposed the desperation of the establishment to allow this genocide to take place. The article stated that complained that if President Trump got his way and was able to get his travel ban and the building of the wall, then white people becoming a minority across the nation may be delayed. Do not confuse delayed and prevented for the same thing. They are not the same thing. The article brags that while these efforts to delay the United States from becoming more diverse would slow the progress down, ultimately it would not change the end result of America’s destiny. According to experts the main force behind the diversification is that there were about 5 million people of color born between the years 2010 and 2016 in contrast to the white birth rate that saw its numbers shrink approximately 400,000 in the same period of time. They claim that there is nothing the President can do to change America’s fate because the flood gates have been left open too long and it is already too late.

The internationalist realize that the gates have been open long enough to insure that the demographic fate of America has been sealed. This is mostly because of the birth rates that I discussed earlier in this article. Democrats are quite happy about the demographic change that is taking place in the United States. The liberals have never supported President Trump’s desire for a wall to be built at our southern border that would offer America more protection. They didn’t support the travel ban and have shown no intent of support any efforts made to at controlling the immigration numbers entering our country. Democrats have even taken things a step further by creating what is known as sanctuary states and cities.

These cities protect illegal immigrants that ICE and the government would seek to deport. The protections that these cities and states offer illegal immigrants often times mean nothing good for white American citizens. All we have to do is look at Kate Steinle for proof of this statement being true. She was a California girl who found herself killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco. Oddly, it is not only Democrats who are supporting large numbers of immigrants entering the United States. There are also a large number of Republicans who also seem to be in support of the great replacement. While Democrats get the numbers that keep them in power and allow them more seats, Republicans benefit through cheap labor. The cheaper labor benefits big corporations and big donors to the campaigns on both sides of the government.

What Republicans do speak out against immigration do so in the most half hearted ways of possible saying things like the Democrats are trying to bring in voters or they are trying to replace the Trump supporters. It isn’t Trump supporters that are being replaced though. As the numbers clearly show above it is people of European descent who are finding themselves in replaced. It is just coincidental that the large majority of Trump supporters are white people. The conservatives who speak out against immigration just don’t have the courage or the integrity to say so. They are just dancing to the establishments tune while they try as hard as they can not to mention race. They have this idea that if they focus on numbers alone then maybe the liberals and the media will let them have Trump’s wall at the southern border.

I hate to be the one to tell these Republicans and those who put their faith in them this, but that’s not going to happen. However, lets play Devil’s advocate and for a few seconds pretend that this would really happen. Even if it did happen like the New York Times article said it’s too late. The issues with immigration have gone too far for the wall to fix what is going to happen to America. To be blunt better border control and a wall would only delay the inevitable. Changing America’s fate can not be done by playing the system or by making it harder for illegal immigrants to enter America. It would take something extreme to save America from its on coming future. Today’s young white American adults would have to break themselves free of the siren song of materialism and come back to the realization that the traditional family is something that should have always been value. It would not be enough for them to support policies that would prevent further immigration. They would have to do a complete 180 and support policies that would reverse immigration while removing over half of the 42 million illegal immigrants already within our country. Without these changes America’s fate has already been sealed and this ship will sink just like the Titanic.