Sweden Girl Awarded 2,000 euros After Mistreatment And Sexual Harassment


In a situation that occurred in Europe a young girl has been awarded 2,000 euros after she found herself harrassed and threatened with rape for not looking “Muslim” enough. The harassment that this girl received happened during school hours while she was a student at the Johannes school in Malmo, Sweden. The harassment that this poor girl had to endure did not end at just words. On more than one occasion the young girl had her trousers forcefully pulled down.

A 2016 article that was published in Sydsvenskan back in 2016, contained detailed stories from parents that told about how children at the Johannes school in Malmo were beaten and sexually harassed during school hours while the officials who were supposed to protect the students did nothing. One of the parents spoke about how his daughter had to endure years of mistreatment while being called a “slut” and was threatened with rape. The boys at the school often made it a regular occurrence to threaten her with rape and even told her that their Dads would rape her while they asked what her religious beliefs were. The reason for the harassment and threats according to the father of the girl was because she did not look “Muslim” enough.

At no time during her time at the Johannes school in Malmo did school officials do anything to protect her. They did not even consider that she had been subjected to sexual harassment. The Discrimination Ombudsman together with the Malmö Against Discrimination place a bright light on a situation that many officials have tried to keep silent since it shows a difference in the schools investigation of events.

A settlement has been reached in court that will require the school to pay the girl who had to endure years of mistreatment and sexual harassment 2,000 euros. The unnamed girl is currently a student at another school and no longer attends the same school as her tormentors. Sadly this is a very common situation that is occurring in Europe due to multiculturalism since Muslims and those who come from Africa have no interest in becoming part of the new society that they find themselves in.