Red Ice’s Lana Lokteff, And Henrik Palmgren Have Come Under Attack From Left

Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff address their viewers.

Over the last several years it has been no secret that those on the left would do whatever it takes to silence those who wish to deliver the truth. Teachers have lost jobs. People have been labeled racist, and all other kinds of vile names. They even attack peoples sources of income. This is the situation that a two people whose work I have come to hold a respect for over the last year are having to try to survive right now. The always gorgeous Lana Lokteff and her husband Henrik Palmgren turned to their youtube channel not too long ago to tell us, their fans, that PayPal has banned them from using its platform for their business, and now they need a new way of collecting money from their subscribers.

After recently moving to a new location with a bigger studio and better equipment Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff humbly looked into the camera as Palmgren said, “the short of it is, we are under attack. We have gotten our payment gateway system shut down. PayPal has limited our ability to accept new payments and we are basically in a situation where Red Ice currently is dead in the water. Without your help we’re not gonna be able to continue this project.”

Lana Lokteff was not shy about who she holds responsible for their financial troubles as she accused their enemies of stepping up their attacks against Red Ice. Presenting herself in a fashion that makes it visibly seen that she is a woman who does not know the meaning of the word surrender, Lana Lokteff said, “they’re going after anybody like us who talks about what we talk about, whether it’s dragging them into long legal battles, censorship, banning — they want to shut us up. And this is another move to try and shut down Red Ice, I think.” She expressed surprise that it had taken their enemies this long since it is evident that they had been watched for a while.

In an email that the power couple received from PayPal, PayPal explained that the decision was made due to the nature of the activities of Henrik Palmgren and his wife the lovely Lana Lokteff. As a frequent viewer of their work I personally have to ask what activities would those be? While many people might try to claim that Lokteff and her husband are racist I personally have never seen them promote hate or violence in any way. I have not even seen them defend extremists who have used acts of violence themselves to try and further the Alt-Right agenda. All Red Ice has done is be another alternative media source that people can turn to for a view that is not controlled by liberals. At no time have I seen Red Ice try to control what their viewers think. Instead they have simply provided myself and others with ideas to think about while deciding where we stand.

Although I can not speak for the rest of the Red Ice crew, when I consider the work that I have personally seen put out by Lana Lokteff it is my personal opinion that this attack on them has nothing to do with their activities and more with the fact that they will not bow down to those who wish they would just be silent and go away. Henrik Palmgren shared the same sentiment when he looked into the camera and said, “I mean I’m floored by this issue that you are literally not, in free speech America, where people have fled to, the country that people fled to because they’ve been persecuted and they’ve been hounded for their religious beliefs and whatever else it happens to be, alright, that you are not allowed to have a different opinion on political matters.”

I realize that it may seem unusual to see a writer from one media source speaking up for another media source, and I shall explain why I have let my voice be known on this issue. What is happening to Red Ice can happen to Halsey News, or anyone else that the liberals do not agree with. It is time that those of us who do not support the leftist agenda find a way to set aside our differences and come together as one army while we continue to try to share the truth with not only the American people, but people all over the world. Censorship of any kind no matter what side it comes from is something that no American should ever stay silent upon and tolerate. I personally encourage the readers of Halsey News to make their voices heard.