Sexual Assault And Celebration Seem To Go Hand In Hand With Big Win


Hello everybody, I am Alex Roberts. It is a warm Thursday afternoon here in the eastern United States. I hope that many of you are enjoying your work day as much as I get to enjoy mine. Something that everybody who enjoys sports share in common is that we all have our favorite team or athlete. We may not all like the same team or athlete, but we all have that team or athlete that stands out to us among the others. While I do not follow sports like Football, Basketball, or Soccer, I personally am a huge wrestling fan. I am a life long wrestling fan to be honest. As unpopular as he may be with some of my readers out there who might be wrestling fans I’m a huge Roman Reigns fan. Compared to when Triple H was in his prime and an active wrestler Roman might suck like a lot of you like to claim, but among those who are active today he’s pretty damn good in my opinion. What I am getting at is I understand that adrenaline rush and excitability one feels when they’re team or athlete does something awesome like win the big one.  Celebrating is a good thing. It makes us feel alive. It makes us feel as though we didn’t only watch someone win, but like we were right there in that ring or on the field and won with them. Forget being calm and collected. We have to celebrate man! In the words of the great Stone Cold Steve Austin “GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!” I can not help wondering how many of my readers will be out there celebrating with me and the rest of the Halsey News team the day that I see this team get the same respect and recognition that the bigger names receive. When some people believe something is unlikely to happen they kindly say it could happen. Trust me when I say there is no could about it. I know my team pretty well. Between Halsey English, Stefanie Nicholas, Justin Farrell, others who I am forgetting to name, and myself we WILL see Halsey News reach the big time. There is no could happen. It WILL happen. There is something that I will never understand about celebrating. Why is it that every time there is something to celebrate it seems to go hand in hand with sexual assault?

This is a question that a group of people in France are probably thinking about as well right now. A large number of sexual assault reports showed up on Twitter just after France beat Croatia in the World Series Sunday. Reports of forced kissing and unwanted groping began to spring up on Twitter as hundreds of thousands of fans took to the streets of Paris and other cities in celebration of a job well done by their country’s team. Others who may not have had to endure such treatment after their team won the World Cup Sunday night had to endure sexual assaults during other World Cup matches and during France’s victory parade that occurred Monday night in the  Champs Elysees avenue on Monday.

Women should have just as much right to celebrate as men do when their team does well, but for one 20 year old woman memories of France winning the World Cup have been ruined. She spoke to the media and said, “a man came up behind me, I felt his hands on my bottom, then he grabbed my crotch.” Now by her own admission when ever she thinks of her team winning the World Cup she can’t think of the happiness and excitement that she felt. All that she can think about is the feeling of some strangers hands on her like she was a sexual object there for his own celebration and pleasure.

According to a judicial source at the time of this writing there have been at least two people arrested for charges relating to sexual assaults. No one is willing to commit to a comment that the sexual assaults are linked to the World Cup. I personally will go on record and state that although I can not prove a direct link when I look at history I personally see no reason to believe that France winning the World Cup is related to the  sexual assaults that have occurred in that country this past Sunday and Monday night.

This kind of stuff can’t go on anymore. It has been going on too long to begin with. While I am writing directly about France today this kind of stuff has happened for far too long around the world. There is no reason that women should not be able to freely celebrate their teams doing well just like men do. It is time for officials around the world in their various countries to step up and protect their women. More than that though. Officials are not the only ones to blame for these kind of incidents. It is time for men to be more mindful of their surroundings and what others are doing in their vicinity. It is time for men to stand up and protect the women whose vicinity they find themselves in. A man who refuses to try to protect a woman so that she can share in the celebration of a special occasion like he can is no real man at all. It is time that men and women learn how to celebrate together. Lets end this hand in hand relationship that celebrations and sexual assaults seem to share with each other.