Accused Former Wrestling Coach Rep. Jim Jordan The Victim Of Liberal Witch Hunt


In the #MeToo era where we have seen the fall of Weinstein and Cosby,  and survivors of sexual assault and misconduct have been strongly encouraged to come forward it has become common place for people to side with the victims. Since it has become the socially accepted behavior to just immediately side with the victims every time they point the finger at someone more times than not the accused are immediately guilty in the court of public opinion before anything more than the victims word has even been presented. In the case of Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio,” the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t as quick to jump on the bandwagon as liberals would like for her to be. Ginni Thomas was quick to call out the “false accusations” against the Republican politician that claim Jordan knew about sexual misconduct taking place while he was a wrestling coach for Ohio State.

On the social media platform Facebook, Ginni Thomas posted a video of Jim Jordan defending himself against what she feels are false accusations and wrote, “Jim Jordan is under attack, with false accusations, because he threatens the elite.” The video that she posted shows Jim Jordan defending himself on Fox News.



As of the time of this writing so far there have been seven wrestlers who have come out and claimed that Jordan was aware of the sexual misconduct that was taking place during his time as a wrestling coach at the state university. Jordan was a wrestling coach for Ohio State from 1987 until 1995. The Washington Post reported that former wrestler David Range had told them that Jordan must have known because it happened regularly and was discussed often. In this writers opinion when I look at what the Washington Post has reported it would seem to me that the words of David Range are nothing more than an assumption at best since there was no definitive proof provided that backed up his claim that Jordan must have known about the sexual misconduct that was taking place. When Range spoke to the newspaper he said, “Jordan definitely knew that these things were happening — yes, most definitely. It was there. He knew about it because it was an everyday occurrence.”

While I am not insensitive to what the athletes must have gone through I can not help but think about how many times children are attacked at home and one parent honestly had no idea what was going on, or if they did it could not be proven that the parent knew what was happening. In the video that Ginni Thomas shared on Facebook Jim Jordan refers to the accusations that he knew what was taking place as “false.” When one stops to consider that at this point in his political career Jim Jordan is looking to become the next House Speaker, the timing of these accusations makes them highly questionable at best.

In the account that was given by former wrester David Range, Jim Jordan was in the locker room when conversations about the sexual abuse that was taking place were had. In the locker room? I have seen locker rooms and they are pretty big areas. In the locker room does not necessarily mean in the immediate vicinity of the conversation and unless voices having the conversation are loud enough then sometimes if you are far enough away you can not hear what is being said. Something else that David Range fails to say in his account is that Jim Jordan was actually one of the people being spoken to during these conversations. With that in mind if he was not being spoken to and could not hear what was being said then Jim Jordan would not have had any reason to pay attention to a conversation that was taking place. What this means is that while Jordan may have been in the locker room while a conversation between David Range and others was taking place it is still very easy to believe that he may have had no idea what was being said. In fact David Range even says as much himself when he said that he didn’t know if any formal reports regarding the sexual misconduct were made. When one really takes the time to look at what David Range said his statement contradicts itself. He goes from saying that the coach DEFINITELY had to know, to saying that he does not know if there were any formal reports regarding the sexual misconduct that had been made. Without knowing whether or not there were any formal reports made then how can the words of David Range DEFINITELY be anything more than just the assumption of someone who went through a horrible event at the hands of a predator?

Jim Jordan is completely right when he said that locker room conversations are a lot different than allegations of abuse or reported abuse. In addition to myself just now and Ginni Thomas several others have also defended the former Ohio wrestling coach. Most of those others were on the wrestling teach for Ohio State at the same time that he was a coach there. Six of those people were former Ohio State coaches themselves. Something that we all share in common is that we believe Jordan’s denials when he says that he did not know what was going on.