Liberals Fear The Judge That President Trump Will Appoint To The SCOTUS


Before the ink was even dry on the newspapers across America that reported Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring from the Supreme Court, liberals immediately began to have a panic attack. Those on the political left and a small contingent of Republicans such as Senator Susan Collins of Maine began to tell President Trump they did not want him to nominate an activist Judge who would go against what they considered tradition and legal precedent. What they were really trying to say is they are hoping that the President would not nominate someone who would vote in favor of overturning Roe vs Wade. While the lives of men were objectified and men were not given the same choice about whether or not that they wish to be a father Roe vs Wade allowed women a legal way out of the consequences of being sexually active when the landmark decision was passed 45 years ago.

This decision has to legalize the murder of innocent unwanted children by women who did not want to have to deal with the consequence of being sexually active has been one of the most debated topics across the political battlefield ever since the day it was recognized by the Supreme Court. Since that day in 1973 when the Supreme Court said it was okay to kill an innocent child who never asked their mother to open her legs the Right to Life movement has been doing everything in their power to have the decision overturned. Now we are in a better position than ever before to see that happen and it terrifies the liberals.

The liberals are right to be afraid. They should be afraid. Right about now they should be hiding underneath their bed sucking their thumbs or trying to bury their heads underneath their pillows.  This is a time in history that should scare the piss out of the liberals. They recognize that Roe vs Wade may be overturned by a more conservative Judge who is faithful to the United States constitution. Roe vs Wade is probably the most flawed decision from a legal perspective that has been made by the Supreme Court since Dred Scott vs Sandford.  The fact is that they know just like the rest of us do that the U.S. Constitution never once says anything about abortion and those who wrote it never considered making it okay to kill unborn children at any time during a pregnancy.

Roe vs Wade is an imaginative right that the liberals invented out of the U.S. Constitutions 14th amendment for no other reason than to forward their own agendas. This is exactly why liberals should be very afraid right now. There is a very real chance that whatever Judge President Trump appoints to the Supreme Court will be the deciding factor in whether or not Roe vs Wade is finally repealed and taken off the law books when it never should have been there to begin with.

The media may try to paint us as the bad guy and vilify us while making us sound insensitive to women’s rights. They might throw names at the men involved in this labelling us sexist and misogynist but Americans have more obligation to protect the lives of millions and millions of unborn children that this license to commit murder has allowed killer women to use while cutting short the lives of their innocent victims. As long as the media keeps feeding America images of illegal immigrant families what they are really saying is that they want us to worry about THEIR children, and what is being done to THEIR families before we take care of our own. It is long overdue that this license to commit legalized murder comes to an end and the liberals know it.

It scares them that no matter how the recent polls are looked at a very significant number of Americans feel that it is time for Roe vs Wade to come to an end or at the very least abortions should have some serious restrictions placed upon them. Now Democrats are obsessively frantic with trying to keep abortions legal. This obsession with preserving abortion on the legal books places them in the position of placing their value on upholding past decisions whether they be good or bad. But at the end of the day when something is wrong it has to be fixed. Roe vs Wade is one decision that has been the wrong one for a very long time.

There is no possible justifications for allowing decisions that the Supreme Court knows was wrong in the first place to continue to stand just for the sake of maintaining precedent. There is precedent for the Supreme Court reversing their decisions later on in time after the decisions have been made when the Supreme Court saw that their original decision was the wrong one. Two examples of this happening are Sanford vs Scott and Plessy vs Ferguson when the Supreme Court dehumanized African Americans. It made another mistake in 1973 when it dehumanized unborn children.

Roe vs Wade was not one of the commandments passed down to us upon the stone tablets that Moses brought back down from the mountain. This is one decision that can be changed and it should be changed. Just as the Supreme Court overturned the Dred Scott and Plessy decisions, the high court should overturn Roe v. Wade. It is time to stop the political left from forcing their pro abortion views upon the rest of our nation when their views are not even supported by the Constitution that the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to uphold.