Out Of Control Father In Ohio Loses Job With Police Force After Harassing Daughter, Friend, And Boyfriend


The day she was born you were there in the hospital room when your wife or girlfriend gave birth to your daughter. You can remember how it felt to hear her cry for the first time. For some of us being a father is one of the scariest things to think about until that moment when it is no longer just a thought. The moment when your daughter arrives something clicks and you realize that as scared as you were there is now something in this world that is more important. Your little girl. You make one of the most important promises that you will ever make. You promise that you will do everything in your power to make the world a perfect place for her. Over time your daughter grows older and starts school. In the blink of an eye she has gone from starting school to noticing boys. As long as she was a teenager who was underage you could still exercise some control over who she dated or at least you had the illusion that you could. Lets be honest. Real life isn’t the Brady Bunch. Suddenly, she’s eighteen and you don’t have that legal control anymore. One father in Ohio is learning the hard way that there is only so far a father can go when it comes to dealing with his daughter and her boyfriend.

Several media sources have reported that when a cop in Ohio saw the car of his daughters boyfriend he crossed the line. An internal investigation discovered that John Kovach Jr. was in clear violation of the standards of the police department by stopping his daughters boyfriend 18 year old Makai Coleman without cause, threatening to arrest the mother of one of the passengers in the car Gloria Morales, illegally detaining Makai Coleman and saying he would falsify charges on him, and for failing to assist another cop that had called for back up while all of this was going on.


The incident started shortly after 6:00 p.m. on the evening of April 16 when Kovach saw Makai Coleman pass him in a silver vehicle. Without alerting dispatch John Kovach Jr. initiated the unwarranted traffic stop. Dashcam footage that had been released earlier this week shows him tell the driver of the car Makai Coleman to get out of the car, because he’s going to jail. Makai Coleman’s response was what this writer believes is a normal response for anyone that is being told they are going to be arrested. Coleman questioned what it was that he was being arrested for. The cop John Kovach Jr. can be heard telling Coleman “we’ll make sh*t” up as we go along.

It was at this point that Gloria Morales came out of her home because two of the three people in Makai Coleman’s car were her children. He explained to Gloria Morales that his daughters computer was inside her home. At first Gloria Morales gave him permission to check her house. That permission would not last very long as just a little while later she told John Kovach Jr. to come back when he had a search warrant after he threatened to give her daughter a ticket for $3o0 for not wearing her seatbelt.

The two parents argued back and forth with each other before John Kovach Jr. tried to order Gloria Morales to go back inside her house. When the mother let it be known that she was going to call 911 he threatened to arrest her for making a non-emergency call. He finally tells her two children to get out of the car and go inside their house. It was after Gloria Morales children got out of the car that he noticed his 18 year old daughter Katlyn Kovach in the backseat of Makai Coleman’s car.

It is at this point that John Kovach Jr. decided to release Makai Coleman and pushes his own daughter into the cruiser. During the altercation with her father Katlyn Kovach can be heard arguing that she is 18 years old and can’t be arrested without cause. Despite protests from his daughter Kovach gets her into his cruiser anyway and drove away with her.

It was while all of this was going on that John Kovach Jr. received a call from dispatch that let it be known another cop needed assistance dealing with a road rage incident. Dash cam footage showed that John Kovach Jr. did not respond to the call from dispatch. After the incident John Kovach tried to tell the investigating officer Lt. Dan Smith that he called the officer involved with the road rage incident Officer Efrain Torres and Torres told him that he was not needed. His story of events is not supported by evidence presented by cruiser video.

Lt. Dan Smith was called to Gloria Morales home after the incident, because the brave mother ignored the bullying tactics by the out of control father John Kovach Jr. and called 911 anyways. Smith spoke to both Gloria Morales and Makai Coleman. According to Coleman this was not his first time having to deal with his girlfriends father. He reported that John Kovach Jr. threatened to take out warrants against him the week before and also threatened to go to his Army recruiter in an attempt to stop his enlistment.

According to documents related to John Kovach Jr. being fired from the police Kovach told Smith that his daughter Katlyn Kovach was staying with Coleman against her parents wishes. He stated that he didn’t believe that Makai Coleman was a good person and cited a marijuana possession arrest as evidence of this belief. He also claimed that his ex wife alerted him to a post that Makai Coleman allegedly made on the social media platform known as Facebook stating that he was going to “put (Katlyn) out” as a prostitute to make money for the two of them. He was looking for his daughter because he believed that she was suicidal after speaking to her the week before and wanted to take her to the hospital. He waited down the street from Makai Coleman’s house after tracking his daughters computer and when he saw Makai Coleman drive pass him the 18 year old was driving at a high rate of speed.

The internal investigation determined that Makai Coleman was in fact not driving at an unsafe speed. To make matters worse for the out of control father John Kovach Jr. his ex wife delivered a damaging statement when she said that she did not know what Facebook post he was referring to. Despite everything he had done she still believed he was trying to be a father and did not wish to see him lose everything as they both share concerns in regards to the relationship between Katlyn Kovach and Makai Coleman.

After the internal investigation was completed he was given a hearing in front of the Employee Review Board that consisted of Captains Thomas Mize and Roger Watkins, and acting Captain Lt. Michael Falling. It was at this hearing that the panel determined the findings of the internal investigation were more than substantiated.  It was on May 11, that John Kovach Jr. found himself terminated as a result of his actions. Various media sources have let it be known that he is appealing his termination and is looking forward to presenting his side of events to a neutral arbitrator in September.