War Games Suspended In Hope Of A Step Forward Toward Denuclearization And Peace Between North Korea And South Korea


Hi everybody, I am Alex Roberts. It is early Tuesday morning here on the east coast. I am not writing to you from my normal location as I will be in our nations capitol this week up until early Friday morning. I imagine that many of my readers on the east coast are just settling in behind their desks for their 9 to 5 jobs. The trip to our nations capitol was a less than pleasant one to say the least, but I am here with someone very special to me who I love so I would say that victory was mine. Speaking of victory and success our current President of the United States, Donald Trump, has come closer to succeeding at doing what no other President before him has been able to do and that is getting the Korean peninsula to denuclearize.

Many sources have reported that in the name of progression and pushing things forward with making peace between North and South Korea that the United States and South Korea have cancelled war games. It was a joint decision that was made between the United States and our Asian ally one week after President Trump made the not so surprising announcement that such exercises will no longer continue at the present time. Whether or not such exercises stay discontinued is yet to be seen as the progression toward peace will no doubt have an influence on if this is a temporary discontinuation or if it becomes a permanent one. Seoul’s Defense Ministry recognizes the vital importance of discontinuing such exercises with the United States in the name of supporting on going talks that South Korea and the United States are currently having with North Korea.

Seoul Defense Ministry Spokeswoman Choi Hyun-Soo had the following to say to media, “South Korea and the U.S. made the decision as we believe this will contribute to maintaining such momentum.”

While how fast the statement came may be a surprise to some people following the success of President Trump’s meeting with the leader of North Korea last week the statement was a highly anticipated one. After the summit that took place in Singapore President Trump let it be known that until the door closes on talks involving North Korea getting rid of their nuclear weapons he has no intention of seeing military exercises such as war games continue between South Korea and the United States.

Although the Pentagon and South Korea were not expecting this announcement from President Trump everyone involved has shown a strong united front on the matter at hand. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Defense Department has let it be known that while the summer military exercises with South Korea has been cancelled at this time there are no decisions for other exercises in the future. The decision to suspend such military training with our Asian ally only affects South Korea. The United States will continue its joint exercises with Japan and other Asian allies.

Seoul’s Defense Ministry has backed the statement that was given by the Pentagon when Choi agreed that no decisions have been reached regarding future military exercises between South Korea and the United States. Nobody on either side of the pacific has given any indication on whether or not this was a decision that had been discussed between the United States and South Korea before President Trump made his announcement.

Choi told the media, “We consider the ongoing denuclearization negotiations with North Korea as crucial, so as long as those negotiations continue, the decision by the governments of South Korea and the United States will be maintained.”

Although Japan understands the reason that the United States and South Korea have suspended war games between the two countries they feel that it is important for the countries to continue their other joint military drills. Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera referred to such exercises between the United States and South Korea as important pillars to the maintaining of peace and stability in the region.

Another Asian country that understands the importance of peace and hopefully getting North Korea to denuclearize is one of North Korea’s strongest economic and diplomatic backers, China. China has completely welcomed the thawing of the relationship between North Korea and the United States. This is something that they have pull their full support behind as they have offered to assist in any way possible. China is particularly pleased with the decision made by the United States and South Korea to not hold their summer war games.

A dual suspension is something that China has encouraged for a long time. They have always felt that if North Korea stopped their nuclear weapons testing and the United States and South Korea ended their war games events then it would create an easier environment for peace to be discussed.

The country of China praises the decision as a positive and constructive move toward creating peace between North and South Korea while denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.