With An Officer Down A Race War May Be On The Way To Starting Up


For one to say that there is racial tension in the modern United States would be an understatement. At this point in time it would seem that the United States is on its way to a race war. Four young African American men have recently found themselves under arrest for the senseless murder of a white female police officer. Three of the four African Americans were in the process of committing another crime when the fourth killed the officer. The other three were breaking into a persons home at the time that the fourth one ran a white female police officer down with a stolen jeep.

There have been responses to this situation from both the white community and the African American community on social media platforms.

“I was hoping they’d kill him during apprehension. What a waste of life. He’s currently breathing air some decent person could be breathing.”

“I hope all you whites have the same level outrage next time one of your youths decide to shoot up a school of innocent children,” another wrote. “You all are a disgusting group of devils.”

According to an article from a news source that is local to the situation that is occurring at the time of this writing it is believed that no other situation of an officer being killed in the line of duty has generated such passionate reaction online. In an attempt to try and allow the public to calm down over this senseless killing the authorities and county staff have removed comments that contain profanity and were typed only in caps from their social media page while begging for civility to prevail.

A Johns Hopkins sociologist named Stephanie Deluca has spent time studying the youth of Baltimore. As the daughter of a 40 year veteran police officer who worked the streets of Chicago it is her belief that the situation in which this officer found herself killed is the setting of a perfect storm. There is nothing that goes untouched by this case. Race, policing, city, county, it touches everything.

The four youths who were arrested for killing this officer in the line of duty are not even men. They are thugs. They are hoodlums. They are an example of lives that don’t matter. The teenagers were breaking into homes Monday afternoon in Perry Hall when Police Officer Amy S. Caprio approached the jeep. 16 year old Dawnta Harris who was sitting in the driver seat ran the officer over. In the article from the Sun it is reported that Dawnta Harris was a youth from Gilmor Homes public housing project in West Baltimore. I personally say what difference does it make where Dawnta was from. It doesn’t matter if they were homeless and getting meals from the soup kitchen. They ran over a Police officer who was doing her job. It is reported that she did not suffer long as she died a short time later after being ran over by this low life thug.

How these four African Americans are viewed can not be agreed upon. There are some who see them for what they truly are. Low life animals who killed a police officer and took her away from her friends and family. Bleeding hearts who sympathize with the animals who did this choose to see a rush to judgment and demonization.

On the Baltimore Suns Facebook page one commenter wrote, “It’s time that we just turn the city over to the hoodlums and just let them annihilate themselves.”

While she makes no effort to defend the four animals who killed this police officer Stephanie Deluca points out that the four beasts who did this are not the norm. A large number of young people in Baltimore’s derelict neighborhoods go to school, work jobs, sometimes they do both in an attempt to better their situation and find themselves. They are not out on the streets causing chaos and mayhem.

Juvenile services feels that the officer being killed is evidence of a failure on the part of the youth justice system. Harris already had a criminal record from previous arrests after being taken into custody for stealing cars. Dawnta Harris was placed on house arrest making them their parents responsibility.

On his Facebook page State Del. Pat McDonough had the following to say, “Here we go again. Another thug destroys the life of an innocent person. This time it’s a wonderful woman in law enforcement. The only thing these thugs are good at is destroying lives. The radical left loves the thugs, and keeps complaining about mass incarceration while in reality none of them get locked up, but just roam our neighborhoods.”

No matter whose side one falls on whether they support the officer who was killed in the line of duty while four African American animals were committing a crime or if you support these beasts who took someone special away from her friends, family, and officers who worked with her, one thing that remains for certain the wrestling over race and justice promises to continue