NFL Owners Are Wrong. Here’s Why.

NFL Owners Are Wrong. Here's Why.

The NFL made an announcement this week that if any of their Football players protest the United States National Anthem, they will be penalized. The NFL owners approved a policy that was influenced by Trump with his involvement attacking the players, especially Colin Kaepernick, who was the one who started the protest.  The reason for this protest was to make people aware of how much the black community in America has been brutalized by the police and that action was needed to stop it. 

When this protest took off over a year ago, I was well integrated with the MAGA movement, stubborn, close-minded and just said things without thinking. They are attacking the players for their free speech. A few months ago learning on how dialogue can be effective, Kaepernick’s name was brought up again. Though, this was during my transitioning of political values, figuring things out, so I was open to hearing the other point of view.  I was shown how much police brutality happens in the black community to both men and women.

If you listen to news outside of Fox, Breitbart, and Info Wars, you see that there is this whole other America that is hardly ever talked about.

After hearing the other side and seeing all that goes on, I have a new found respect for Colin Kaepernick for making the hard decision that could have cost him his career, standing up and telling people hey there is an injustice that is going on with his people. 

True, what the NFL owners did was technically constitutional being that the NFL is a private organization. But doing this I believe sends the wrong message to Americans, especially to the young people of our country.

I remember growing up, and I even see it now, people asking why sport’s stars can’t be role models. Why are they doing bad things?. Now, there was Kaepernick, who stood up to fight injustice, being condemned by those that were offended. Majority of those offended don’t realize there is this injustice going on in the USA. People really need to branch out to multiple news networks and dialogue with others to see what’s going on. This protest wasn’t meant to offend but to get the public’s attention. And I know many conservative Trump supporters continue to say do it on your own time, but to make an impact today, especially with people being so damn stubborn who don’t want to listen to each other, you have to rattle cages to get their attention and he did just that. Sadly people were offended and I was surprised to see many Military and Veterans were. I strongly feel as a Soldier you put your personal feelings aside to defend people’s right to free speech. I think many lost the meaning of the oath they took when they enlisted. 

Again, I am aware legally and well within their constitutional rights, and that the NFL owners unanimously voted for this penalty, but I truly request that they reconsider because, in the long run, there will be ramifications by showing there is no freedom in these organizations.  They only care about profit and the American dollar.

I personally will continue to fight for the right to free speech, but I hope the NFL players will protest and fight for what is right outside the game until this is all figured out.