Parkland And Santa Fe: Two Different Responses To The Same Kind of Nightmare


Something that the students who survived the tragic events that occurred three days ago in Santa Fe, Texas share in common with the students who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is that it did not take long for them to reach out to their political representatives. That is the only thing that they share in common with each other. Their reactions to the two similar events could not be further apart. Just a mile up the road from where Friday’s school shooting occurred high school student Monica Bracknell  let it be known that what occurred at Santa Fe high school was not a political issue. Instead she felt that it was a school safety issue.

In complete contrast to the Santa Fe High School student those students that attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida turned what happened to them into a huge political issue. Students from Parkland, Florida have started one of the most successful campaigns for tighter gun control laws. The students in Santa Fe, Texas are nothing like the ones from Parkland, Florida. Every level of power in the state of Texas is controlled by the Republicans. The students who survived the incident that took place in Santa Fe live in mostly conservative neighborhoods while those who live in Florida live in a more diverse neighborhood.

At this point in time Florida isn’t really a red state, but it isn’t a blue state either. It is a purple state. What that means is that both Democrats and Republicans are forced to compete against each other. Neither side completely dominate the state of Florida. As opposed to the state of Texas which is a completely red state. The Republicans have complete control of Texas.

Fridays events that occurred in Santa Fe clearly show America what most of us who have any sense of logic should have already known. Major gun violence does not need to and shouldn’t produce major backlash against fire arms. The difference in how the two sets of students have reacted to their separate events is a clear example of how hard it can be to get Americans to come together in an agreement regarding gun issues. What works for one person or seems like a good idea to one person does not work or seem like a good idea for another person. This is not something that the left and social justice warriors will ever accept as they seem determine to make the decisions for everybody while vilifying those of us who disagree with them. Even our vocabulary is different in different parts of the country. We should really stop using that phrase gun violence. The fact is that gun violence is as random as knife violence is around the country.

Less than two days after the Santa Fe shooting people were all over social media saying that people should not be allowed to buy fire arms. The rifle and pistol that the 17 year old used at Santa Fe High School belonged to his parents. The fact that a 17 year old was able to get his hands on a fire arm should be a clear example that the issue in America is not gun laws. A 17 year old legally can not buy a fire arm in any gun store throughout the whole country. If there is any truth to the story that Shana Fisher’s mother told the media then his actions are an example that it is a mental health issue not a gun control issue.

The biggest differences between the two events have a lot to do with the neighborhoods that they occurred in. In Florida the parents and students took the attack to the politicians. They did what has become a classic leftist move and tried to get their politicians to take actions based on an emotional response. When these efforts were not met with their desired results they started to vilify those politicians that did not agree with the course of action that they wanted to see taken. Meanwhile in Texas there is no outspoken activism and marches taking place to try and raise support for tighter gun control laws. In fact a large number of the students that attend Santa Fe High School are in agreement with Brackwell’s contention that this was not a political motivated situation.

Students in Parkland and other areas of the country have angrily confronted those Americans that support the second amendment after they survived the attack that was orchestrated by Nicholas Cruz. The students down in Texas share an overwhelming opinion that the Santa Fe massacre would not have been prevented by measures such as tighter gun control laws. Instead of tighter gun control measures it is their own belief that we need to start arming our teachers who teach at the schools that our students attend. It is their belief that if teachers had been armed at Santa Fe High School then more lives would have been saved Friday.

Ever since Friday’s nightmare in Texas, those in favor of gun rights have called for arming teachers and redesigning school buildings while promoting gun safety that would keep fire arms out of the hands of teenagers without adult supervision. The gun control issue is not going to be solved over night or with just one talk, but for now down in the state of Texas it is those who favor the second amendment of the United States that are the majority and their voices are not hard to find by those who wish to listen.