Terror Rides Into Texas: A Santa Fe High School Shooting


In a move that will no doubt make bleeding heart liberals very happy tragedy struck Sante Fe High School today. A lone gunman entered the Texas High School and began firing indiscreetly. At this time it is believed that the gunman was able to kill ten other students as he began firing at anything and everything. He entered a classroom that was used for teaching art and shot at least three fellow students.

According to stories given to a news site called The Mirror the shooter called out “surprise!”, before he started firing his rifle at anyone. The Mirror reports that in the middle of all the confusion a police officer was wounded while students tried to describe to him how gunfire suddenly erupted. It is unknown who pulled a fire alarm, but whoever the hero was I can only assume that they were responsible for saving the lives of others.

At this time it is my belief that he may have had an accomplice in this incident as there are reports that a second student was arrested with the gunman. The suspects weapon of choice were a sawed off shotgun and a pistol. A student informed local media that the student responsible for this carnage and chaos always wore a trench coat. It saddens me to have to inform the readers of Halsey news that eight out of the ten who were killed were believed to be students themselves.

Assistant Principal Dr. Cris Richardson informed The Mirror that the suspected shooter has been arrested and taken into custody. The second student who I mentioned above that may have been his accomplice at this time is only considered a person of interest by the local police.

After a large number of students too shelter in classrooms for safety the school was placed on lockdown. This course of action allowed the police to do a sweep of the school as they police turned this predator into the prey and hunted the shooter down through the empty hallways.

Other students were able to safely escape the premises after whoever pulled the fire alarm gained everybody’s attention and alerted them to what was going on. As they ran from the school the sound of the fire alarm and gunshots being fired filled the air behind them. It would be impossible for anyone to imagine the fear that these students must have felt as they ran for their lives.

One student named Paige Curry gave the following account to the Houston Chronicle when she said, “I was sitting in my classroom and I heard very loud booms and I didn’t know what they were. I was confused but after I heard screaming, I figured out what they were, got up immediately and started to run. I almost ran out of the school, but instead I hid with the other students. I was there for maybe 30 minutes I was on the phone with my mom the whole time. They found us and escorted us.”

According to student eye witness accounts one of the victims that the shooter fired at was a 17 year old girl. It was not until after he shot the 17 year old girl that the shooter started shooting at everyone else. What her relationship to the shooter was remains unknown at this time. Almost immediately after the shooting started other students started to race out the back door.

Unconfirmed reports state that the gun man allegedly threw pipe bombs in the hallways as he hunted down his fellow students. The school district itself does confirm that explosive devices were found on school grounds and off campus.

There were several emergency vehicles at this tragic scene where ten students lost their lives today. Among them were three air ambulances, along with a mass casualty ambulance.

The shooting began at 7:45 a.m. local time as terror came to this high school in the town of Santa Fe located roughly 30 miles south of Houston.

While most of the students who got out of the school ran for a nearby woodland some found shelter in an auto shop. Local news footage showed the police searching what appeared to be 20 students with their hands up in a field. The students who had their backpacks with them dumped out the contents upon the ground for the responding officers to search. The police were vigilant as they kept watch when others continued to come out of the school with their hands up.

Frightened students used social media and text messages to get in touch with their loved ones and let them know that they were okay. Meanwhile worried parents rushed to the scene hoping to reconnect with their children that they had just sent to school earlier this morning.

In a statement given by the Santa Fe Independent School District they told the public, “this morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The situation is active, but has been contained. There have been confirmed injuries. Details will be released as we receive updated information. Law enforcement will continue to secure the building and initiate all emergency management protocols to release and move students to another location. All other campuses are working under a regular schedule.” The school district also informed parents that their students were being taken to a nearby gym where they could be picked up.

As an added precaution to keep other students safe schools near the scene of todays events were also put on lock down.

President Trump weighed in on the situation with a statement of his own when he told reporters in Washington, “this has been going on too long in our country. We grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack.”

To the victims and survivors President Trump had this message to deliver, “we’re with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you forever.”

Normally I would never presume to speak for my publishers Halsey English and Stefanie Nicholas, but in light of todays events I feel comfortable saying that from our family here at Halsey news to the victims and families that both suffered terrible losses and survived todays events our prayers and our hearts go out to you.