Open Letter to Trump Supporters

Open Letter to Trump Supporters

The hate on social media is getting out of control. It is almost like you are preparing for “online combat” with the constant fighting and hatred towards each other. It’s been a few months since I left your movement. I have been in your movement for a couple of years since the General Election and was a strong conservative prior.  I have a few words I really think you all should really listen too and take to heart. America doesn’t revolve solely around you, the average white Christian conservative Trump supporter.

I have seen the Tweets majority sent out especially in Trump groups. Sure there some that support Trump, God, and Country, even ones that support Law Enforcement and Military.  Then I see the tweets that vilely attack anyone who critiques Trump or any of the things I mentioned.  You claim the hate is on the “left elite,” or “Deep State.” But the hate is also from you, and I am thinking to myself, which hasn’t been officially confirmed but with research and logic, I am believing how as you sum up Never Trumpers as the left, their outrage comes from the way you treated Obama and his family, the Clintons, McCains, the list goes on.  There is a whole other America outside your bubble that you don’t acknowledge because they don’t follow your agenda. 

When I began dialoguing with people who are Democrats, Liberals, Minorities of all races and religions, celebrities, all kinds of people outside the Conservative Trump circle, I was amazed to see this different America. People of color and faith other than Christianity are going through just as much if not more prejudice as you all are. I turn off Fox News, and I am seeing cops mistreating blacks young and old being mistreated to the point of death, just for being black. Muslims being labeled as terrorists because of clickbait articles that slander their religion. I decided to get to know a few Muslims, including a fellow U.S. Military service member. There is more than to transgender people then you might think. I recommend you study more about it instead of having an egocentric and condescending attitude towards them because many are exceptional Americans, many serve the U.S. Military. If you want to support the Military and Veterans, support all of us, regardless of politics and religion. 

In speaking as a Veteran myself, I support everyone’s right to free speech, including celebrities, pundits, regular Americans, all have that right to disagree with the President. Telling someone to shut up and dribble just because of their profession is the wrong answer. Discouraging sports stars who take a stand for something they believe in is also wrong. American celebrities have the same rights and privileges as any other American. Trump supporters, stop telling them to shut up or questioning their intelligence, or insulting them in the worst way. Just ignore what you don’t like, or respectfully debate their ideas. Stop blaming others for your own hate towards people.  Free speech is free speech, regardless if you agree with it or not, and it should all be supported. 

Lastly, enough on the whole fake news bid. It’s a journalists job to ask tough questions, especially with these uncertain times. You have to go look at other sources of news, to see the other side of America, even though America was founded on Christain principles, it’s not a Christian nation. People from all walks of life live in America and they have the same rights as you do. It’s time to bring down your wall, start listening to others, engage, enough with gas lighting comments and be civil. Making America Great should involve all Americans, not just Trump supporters. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to be nice to people, give a nice compliment or word of encouragement. Everyone deals with stress. Let’s really make America great – it that doesn’t have to involve a specific agenda.