I Don’t Think Paul Joseph Watson Liked His Trip To Wakanda

Paul Joseph Watson T'challa
Paul Joseph Watson...was kangz?

Paul Joseph Watson is the notorious Editor-at-Large of Infowars, who is most famous for his YouTube videos that generally revolve around social issues. Normally, we at Halsey News stay away from talking about Alex Jones and his conspiracy theorist crew over at Infowars, but this was an embarrassing moment and I want to rub it in their face.

I will admit as a disclaimer that I have enjoyed Paul Joseph Watson’s videos since before the 2016 election. His videos were “red pills” that ‘normies’ (those not deep into the knowledge of conservatism) can easily swallow. His British accent, snark, boldness in views, and overall well production is the reason many can differentiate his videos and the chaos of Infowars. Even after this article, I still believe that you should show people being introduced to conservatism some of his videos. His video on Marvel’s movie Black Panther? Don’t show them that one.

(Here it is for reference)

Paul Joseph Watson was baited here, as he and Infowars often are. That’s why PJW is an SJW of the right. But anyway, he was baited to making commentary on Black Panther, long before the movie was released. Why? Because so did every mainstream and lefty news outlet. They were salivating that a “woke” movie featuring a black superhero was coming out in these divided times. Based on just a trailer or two, essays and articles were abundant. Paul Joseph Watson, in response to this nonsense, attempted to buck the trend by arguing that this movie will blow up in their faces, arguing for Trump and nationalism as opposed to being ‘woke.’

He’s not exactly wrong about the character of Black Panther (his non-super hero alias being T’Challa) or the politics of Wakanda. Wakanda, where this movie takes place and the general point of PJW’s video, is a futuristic, advanced, and secretive African nation. They hold their resources to themselves, they stay out of world conflicts. They are nationalist and isolationist. Something that President Trump ran and won on, something that the left is entirely against.

Now I don’t read comics, and I assume Paul Joseph Watson doesn’t. So I don’t know if this happens in the Black Panther comics, but do you really think that Marvel Studios, a company run by leftists from top to bottom, is going to make a movie promoting nationalism and isolationism without somehow twisting it to their own views to actually promote globalism? For some reason, PJW let his guard down for that. Without spoiling the mediocre movie, I’ll tell you that it does exactly that. Black Panther argues that the isolationism and nationalism needs to end. Wakanda needs to share its greatness with the world, to lift up the rest of the world and bring peace. Most importantly, lift up the oppressed (blacks) of the world. While it’s not exactly the main plot, more of a sub-plot, it is still an argument repeated in nearly every part of the movie. Literally the underlying point of the whole movie. Were the arguments for globalism in this movie poorly justified and not well articulated? Yes, but it was going to be a popular movie and get its point across.

Paul Joseph Watson claims to get hundreds of millions of views, but he can’t compete with the liberal giant pumping out blockbusters known as Marvel Studios. Paul Joseph Watson jumped on the hype train for Black Panther, attempting to push an unpopular opinion on the off-chance he would be right and it would blow up in the faces of liberals. The opposite happened, it blew up in his face, and no one said a thing, until this article. Listen PJW, you have to do your homework and know your enemy. He was ignorant to the hard liberalism of Marvel, mixed with hype and marketing done to make this movie appear to cater to those promoting black identity. The writing was on the wall before the movie even came out, to not see it is poor journalism, especially for someone who is supposed to be on the cutting edge of social issues.