Beautifully Broken: The Tiana Dalichov Investigation

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Written by: Alex Roberts

Hi, everybody. Alex Roberts here. My writing style for this article isn’t going to be like it normally is. Instead I am going to talk to you, my readers about someone who I thought I was friends with but has recently told me that we are only acquaintances. I suppose I can’t really blame her for that. We had only been talking for a few weeks before everything went down. A lot of you already know about Tiana Dalichov. She was the teacher down in Florida who the Huffington Post doxed back in late February of this year. While nothing has really been proven or come to the surface as to who it was that turned the Huffington Post on to Tiana Dalichov there are some who have their suspicions. Some of those suspicions involve my current publishers Halsey English and Stefanie MacWilliams. I can not speak for every possible person who could have turned the Huffington Post on to Tiana Dalichov, but after talking to Halsey and Stefanie I personally do not believe they were the ones who did it. They just don’t strike me as the type and while there’s always a chance that I could be wrong in this case I don’t believe that I am. I would like to think that I am a pretty good judge of character when it comes to people. With that said I personally take no pleasure in writing this article because it does involve Tiana Dalichov and she tried to help a sister of mine a while back. But as a journalist and a blogger I have a responsibility to Halsey news and my readers who I love to write for to be fair and impartial.

A news source that was founded in 1890 called the Citrus County Chronicle located at 1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd Crystal River, Florida 34429 recently ran a story on Tiana Dalichov. The article came out on May 2. They titled it “Volitich investigation found cause for discipline.”According to this article during an investigation that into Tiana Dalichov that lasted almost a month and a half the Citrus County School District discovered what they feel to be enough reason to discipline my friend. She had been attacked by the media due to having several unpopular opinions that she expressed on social media and on her podcast Unapologetic. The district feels that they may have found reason to discipline her, but in this article it says that reason may not be connected to what she said on her private social media account or podcast.

It is unknown what form that discipline may have taken as she resigned from her job as a teacher back on March 22, before the investigation reached its conclusion. Although she resigned from her job as a teacher before the end of the investigation it may not be enough to protect her from other measures of discipline being taken against her. The Department of Education is currently reviewing the investigation that was done on Tiana Dalichov and will decide after the review is complete as to whether or not she will face state sanctions against her license to be an educator of young minds.

She had ten days to respond to the investigation file before the school district could release it to the media. The file showed that they officially started to investigate her on March 2. It was around the same time that she had notified many on twitter that she might be having to disappear for a while. The formal investigation wasn’t started because of anything that the administration saw her do wrong in her class or anything that her students reported her for. Instead it was an email from the Huffington Post accusing Tiana Dalichov whose real name is Dayanna Volitich of hosting what they called a white nationalist podcast called “Unapologetic.” They stated that she inserted her personal political beliefs into her teaching her students. I personally listened to every episode of “Unapologetic.” I can sit here and tell the world that it was not the neo Nazi propaganda machine that the Huffington Post and others would have the world believe it was, but my word alone isn’t going to do any good. At the end of the day you are all going to believe what you are going to believe and I will continue to believe what I believe. It’s just the way it is.

Interestingly enough it was not the article tells us that it was not her podcast that caused the district to open a formal inquiry into Tiana Dalichov. They instead focused on the accusations that she may have been dishonest in her methods of teaching. On the last episode of “Unapologetic” Tiana Dalichov had told her guest red ice personality Lana Lokteff ,” I am getting a little more underhanded as to how, you know, I deal with it if students ask questions about a particular topic,” such as a government shutdown, ISIS, Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

The Huffington Post reporters that doxed her were not the first ones to bring concerns about her methods inside of the classroom to the administrations attention.  Closer to the start of the school year in August of 2017 a parent thought that she might be inserting political bias into her classroom but could offer no evidence to support their concern. The parent even asked that their student not be questioned about it. I personally find this in itself to be questionable regarding the parent, because a parent were really that concerned that their student was some how being violated then they should want to do whatever was necessary to correct the situation. In my personal opinion it is very possible that the unnamed parent was just anti-Trump and trying to stir up trouble for Tiana Dalichov.

When the Principal of CRMS Inge Frederick privately spoke to her about the parents concern and reminded her that it was expected for teachers to not bring their personal politics into the classroom Tiana had told the Principal that she did not insert personal bias into the classroom environment.

The article also informs us that in October of last year the school administration received an anonymous email informing them of Tiana Dalichovs twitter account. The email told that there were posts calling for a white America and stating that slavery was fabricated. In the time that I knew Tiana Dalichov on twitter I personally did not see anything that I felt supports these accusations. Instead I saw a proud young American woman who was a Trump supporter and refused to just blindly accept what the left and social justice warriors have been trying to shove down our throats for the last several years. These two accusations so close together lead me to the conclusion that someone was out to cause as much trouble for her as possible.

The school administration looked into the claims and privately spoke to several of her students. They also increased the number of unannounced visits to her classroom as a way to see if there was anything to support the concerns that were brought to her attention. The only concern that came out of this first investigation was that some of her students felt she was boring. There were no complaints received from the parents of her students or staff at the time of this first investigation. If being boring was reason enough for an investigation or disciplinary behavior then most of the teachers I had in high school and junior high would have been reprimanded for their failure to be able to keep my attention and inspire me to do the class work. Even though there were no formal complaints put in her personnel file linked to this first investigation the administration continued to monitor her social media account while making unannounced visits to her classroom.

Before March 1 of this year there had been no more complaints made against Tiana Dalichov as a teacher. It was the Huffington Post that informed the school administration about her podcast “Unapologetic.” The report also states that they did not know of any other material posted by her either as Tiana Dalichov or under her birth name that expressed ideas shared on her podcast. She was notified of the investigation and removed from her classroom on March 2. I do not know how misleading this may be since I am not sure what she may have done at the district office, but according to the article after being removed from the classroom she was reassigned to the district office. She cooperated in the investigation and acknowledged that she was active on social media and had a podcast, but she exercised her right to not disclose the name of her pseudonym or podcast.

Between the two investigations that were done into Dalichov 16 of her students were interviewed. One of those students gave testimony that supported the concern that she was using less than honest methods in her classroom when they said they were told to change the subject if an administrator entered the room. Videos of the YouTube show that she co-hosted with Bre Faucheux called ” On the Write” were discovered. I personally never saw the videos that the article in the Citrus Chronicle refers to and I used to watch “On the Write” on a regular basis, but according to the article an administrator found videos of Tiana Dalichov admitting that she was less than honest in the classroom when she knew she was being observed.

The writer of the article in the Citrus Chronicle runs into a discrepancy of their story when they state later in the article that a few students reported being instructed to change the subject or stop talking about something all together if an administrator were to enter. According to one of her students Tiana Dalichov allegedly said, ” if an admin was to come in she might act a little different.” This same unnamed source also states that her behavior never really did change when an administrator came in. Another student felt that they didn’t learn a lot in her classroom and was not sure what was fact or what was her opinion in regards to what she had said.

A teachers aide accused Tiana Dalichov of being a racist after she set all the African American students in their own group together. The same teachers aide also accused her of telling her students that she would be voting for President Trump in the upcoming election which tells me that these accusations came from the year 2016. The aide told administration that they feel that Tiana Dalichov made racist remarks in a private discussion between the two of them. When I consider the person that I spoke to and had started to form a friendship with before any of this went down it is my personal belief that any accusations of Tiana Dalichov being a racist are completely unfounded.

When answering the investigation that was being done on her Tiana Dalichov was very passionate in her defense against accusations of deceiving administrators during observations and imparting her opinions to students. In her defense Dalichov said,“As part of my class, students often debate one another, engaging in civil conversations about diverse, often abstract topics, using facts, statistics, and references from text to back up their positions. At times, discussions would die out, or students would be unsure how to formulate a response to a particular question I posed to them,” “At those times, I would step in to model the exercise, stating opinions that students may have misconstrued as my own, based on the political nature of the class.”

She also denied the aides claims of misconduct in a statement that read, “Everything she claimed is mere hearsay, a terrible warping of the truth designed to smear my character. Most of the students’ testimonies support the assertion laid out in my press release at the beginning of March: ‘None of the statements released about my being a white nationalist or white supremacist have any truth to them, nor are my political beliefs injected into my teaching of social studies curriculum.’”

Was someone out to get Tiana Dalichov? I honestly believe there was. But those people in my opinion were not Halsey English and Tiana Dalichov. Instead it is my belief that the answer as to who was responsible for what happend would be find further down the line toward Tiana Dalichovs past. In the words of my acquaintance she was “beautifully broken.”