Jordan Peterson: The Man That The Left And Social Justice Warriors Fear, And Need Us To Hate

Written by: Alex Roberts

The most popular Psychologist in Canada, Jordan Peterson, has had his name tarnished again as he has been hit with that dreaded R word that the left and social justice warriors would love for us to come to fear. Racist. The reason that he has been labelled a racist is because he does not just quietly sit back and accept such concepts as white guilt and white privilege. He has captivated millions of us on YouTube, written a best seller, and spoken to sold out crowds on a world tour that has no end in sight at the present moment. Like so many people who oppose the values of the left and social justice warriors along with their political agendas that they wish to force upon the rest of us Jordan Peterson has his own share of fault finders and attackers who have stuck the label racist to his name.

The problem that a lot of those who oppose Jordan Peterson really have when making such claims and accusations against this man is a lack of evidence to support it. All the left and social justice warriors who do not like this man really have are some hurt feelings, because someone dares to tell them that they are wrong. Their methods of attack are proof of this. While the word has been at the tip of the tongue of several of his enemies for years due to the lack of evidence they have had to rely on less than honorable tactics and try to vilify him instead of making a direct accusation of racism. One Canadian writer who writes for a publication called The Walrus wrote just last November “that whereas white supremacist Richard Spencer attacks “sexual and racial minorities directly, Peterson instead attacks gender studies and race studies departments.” In other words Jordan Peterson is a man who dares to question the studies and think for himself while encouraging others to do the same. This free thought is what makes him worthy of being called a racist and having people try to defame his character as a person. Instead of respecting his views and challenging them like he does their own they are desperate to make this man seem only slightly better than a Nazi or maybe even Hitler himself.

Pankaj Mishra a writer for a different publication called The New York Review of Books penned an article called “Jordan Peterson & Fascist Mysticism.” In his literary piece that isn’t good for much else than lining bird cages with he professed that both world wars as well as the holocaust were to be blamed on people who share thoughts similar to those of Jordan Peterson. He uses Petersons understanding of “the great myths and religious stories of the past” for ground to draw a connection between Peterson and Richard Wagner. He insists that there has to be some kind of an intellectual brotherhood between the two seeing as how Richard Wagner also had a passion for the myth of his own people. Richard Wagner was a musical composer who many hypothesize may have been an influence on Hitler’s own thought process. This is a matter that is up for debate of course. However, Pankaj Mishra offers nothing for his comparison between the two to stand upon as he fails to explain how Jordan Peterson’s  highly valued myths and interpretation of religious stories drawn from the Bible can even start to compare to those of German nationalist. The only thing that the two men remotely share in common is that they both used myths in a lot of what they say. By Pankaj Mishra’s logic in the argument that he presents it could easily be concluded that every black person who likes basketball must be trying to become the next Michael Jordan.

Even though Jordan Peterson has worked hard to triple his female clients salaries and is quite adamant that men and women are intellectually equal to one another Mishra seems to have a problem with Peterson calling for the modern man to be more “masculine.” While showing a complete disregard for Peterson’s definition of masculine Mishra claims that other masculine free thinkers have urged men to harden their hearts toward women and those who are perceived to be weak (minorities) on the grounds that biologically speaking men are stronger and superior to minorities. So what does masculinity mean to Jordan Peterson? When he discusses men being more masculine he encourages them to take on a sense of more responsibility for themselves. This sense of being responsible for one self can plant the seeds for feelings of empowerment and loving who we are instead of being ashamed of our masculinity. Instead of seeing women as the enemy he encourages men to cultivate a deep love for women. He promotes healthy masculinity as being capable of a high sense of personal responsibility, love, compassion, doing self affirming work, sharing wisdom passed on to us by our fathers. Mirsha would have us believe that the kind of masculinity Jordan Peterson speaks of promotes domination, colonization, control, and rape. If these are things that Pankaj Mirsha feels defines ones masculinity then maybe it is he and the left who have some serious misogynistic views and not Jordan Peterson himself.

However, such views are not enough to stop those who would attack Jordan Peterson’s name and try to tarnish his reputation. In a coordinated effort those on the left have found a quote that they like to use out of context in order to support their accusations that Jordan Peterson is racist. A couple years ago Jordan tweeted: “@GreggHurwitz it’s good that you consumed the liquor this time instead of letting some Indian steal it . . .” When a Canadian politician named Murray Sinclair brought this tweet to light again just a couple months ago and tried to accuse  Jordan Peterson of being a racist the American novelist named in the tweet Greg Hurwitz came to Jordan’s defense. He explained the tweet that the left and social justice warriors were so eager to take out of its context. The truth behind this tweet is that it was an inside joke referring back to an incident that Greg Hurwitz was the victim of. He once had a special bottle of bourbon and while he was away from home he met a bartender who claimed to be indian. She offered to mail it to his home so that he would not have to check his luggage while travelling. Hurwitz was naieve and trusted the woman at her word. Instead of receiving the bottle of bourbon as promised he had been conned out of it. In a conversation that took place over the phone she told him that instead of sending it to him she would be keeping the bottle he had entrusted her with for herself. He believes that the bartender mentioned the term native American in regards to herself. Jordan Peterson had been drinking with him that night and the incident went on to become an inside joke.

A lot of people accepted this explanation but last month another writer for The Walrus named Robert Jago accused Jordan Peterson of using his connections with a coastal tribe unfairly. He had been honorary inducted into the  Kwakwaka’wakw tribe in 2016. The writer tried to claim that this was used to shield him from claims of being a racist. Greg Hurwitz when speaking of the incident with the bottle of bourbon insists that this is not what was done at all. Greg Hurwitz firmly states  (1) the woman wanted to be referred to as “Indian” and (2) she had in fact stolen a bottle of bourbon; a particular woman and not the whole race had been referenced in the tweet.

The reasons that the left and social justice warriors need us to believe that Jordan Peterson is a racist all tie into his views on white guilt and white privilege. He detests the ideas of white privilege and feels that white guilt is a racist concept. Hundreds of protestors attempted to silence his March 5 speech at Queens University. They chanted “F**k white supremacy” and “Shame on racism.” As is the norm with Jordan Peterson instead of ignoring the protestors he engaged them and spoke against group identity politics. The concept of identity politics allows the promotion of the theory of white privilege.

One of the first to write upon white privilege and be published for doing so was a professor of women’s studies and Harvard graduate named Peggy McIntosh. In the paper she wrote thirty years ago she presented the idea that her privilege made her one of the oppressors and adamantly stated that none of her schooling trained her to see herself as an oppressor or unfairly given privilege based on her skin tone that others were not receiving. Not only did she feel that being white was an advantage, but she also felt that it held others down. She argued that white privilege gives permission grants dominance while giving us permission to control others. Instead of offering a solution to this imaginary problem that the left and social justice warriors have invented over the years she urged other white people to feel guilty for being white.

This particular paper was easily mocked by Jordan Peterson just last year when he gave a lecture at the University of British Columbia for their Free Speech Club. Out of all of the privileges that McIntosh listed in her paper back in 1988, 46 of them had absolutely nothing to do with being white. They actually had nothing to do with the race of the person enjoying such privileges at all. Instead someone who came from wealth or was a member of the dominant group. He furthered contested that the left has not come to the realization yet that in their insistence to deal with groups instead of individuals they are continually dividing themselves. This will continue to happen until eventually they break themselves down to the ultimate minority, the individual. He believes that none of us fit into just one group. Instead of all of us fit into more than one group. People as a species can be divided by several groups. Race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, intelligence, personality, etc. If we were to ask what group we should put first, there is no clear obvious answer to this question. It is not the group that is important when dealing with people, because when we identify people by their group we promote racism. What is important when dealing with people is the individual. By getting rid of identity politics we get to the root of the individual and can communicate soul to soul. We put ourselves in a situation where each person holds sole responsibility for his or her own actions. By getting rid of group identity politics we eliminate the risks of tribalism and create an opening for real multiculturalism to take place.

Not only does Jordan Peterson reject the concept of white privilege, he recognizes it for what it truly is. An excuse to justify any violent act against white people. His biggest problem with the idea of white privilege is that he believes that it is individuals who should feel guilty for their actions and not entire groups. Anything pass the individual taking responsibility for his or her own actions and feeling guilt for what they do is a form of racism. You can’t get anymore racist than the belief that entire ethnic groups should be made to feel responsible and the guilt for crimes and wrong doings performed by members within that group regardless of the innocence or guilt of others within that same group. Horrific acts such as genocide will often find their roots in the victim mentality. This is supported by the treatment that the Kulaks had to endure in the Soviet Union in the 1920s. They were the most productive element of the agricultural strata in Russia. And they were virtually all killed, raped, and robbed by the collectivists who insisted that because they showed signs of wealth, they were criminals and robbers.

While Jordan does not agree with identity politics he is a fair minded individual who does not fear calling anyone out on their actions. He will openly acknowledge that a lot of people who have accumulated wealth today came into possession of it as a consequence of “historical catastrophe”. This fact in itself should make us want to work for the privileges that we enjoy. By working for our privilege we are able to make the world a better place for everybody. He is right when he says that we all need to grow the hell up and take responsibility for ourselves. Not because we are any more or less guilty than anyone else. You are guilty as hell personally. So am I. So is everybody else in the world. That right there is the key to everything. So is everybody else. People like to claim that Jordan Peterson is trying to start a cult. How do you have a cult of individuals?