I’m Supporting The War In Syria – With Conditions

I'm Supporting The War In Syria - With Conditions

The world is an unsafe place where monstrous dictators still rule countries, harming their own people for absolute power. While terror happens all over, Syria comes first to mind because of reports of chemical weapons being used on its civilians, especially children. 

Israel is leading the fight and calling on world leaders to join to take out the Assad regime.

I personally think the reason is that the Jewish people know full well the dangers and the horror of chemical weapons I.E. gas chambers, remembering the Holocaust, being used on innocent people. I can understand the feeling of duty in this sense. No one wants to see children being tortured in this dangerous civil war. Before the United States should decide on the military action that should be taken, however, I recommend (as a former soldier myself) having 100 percent of the facts on the ground on who is who, because we can’t have another unstable Iraq in the Middle East creating more terror organizations. 

If we are able to get all the facts, know what is what, and if we have a plan for after the conflict, then I say it’s a just war.

I don’t think the United States should do it alone, we are not the world police. I believe this should be a combined effort to help the innocents that live there. There needs to be a plan of action for after the war so a destabilized government doesn’t take place like it did in Iraq with the creation of ISIS. I know that at first I was a skeptic on this war. I read the reports from US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, stating that the Assad regime used chemical weapons on their civilian population approximately 50 times. 

What really piqued my interest, though, was the Russian response.

Russia has been trying their best to keep people from entering Syria, saying it was a false flag from Britain. Putin has been making calls to Netanyahu, and to other world leaders, urging no Military action. This to me is a red flag in its own right. What do they want to hide? Why do they enable the murdering of children in the hands of a ruthless regime? “Never again” is supposed to mean something, not just be a cliché.

We are in a time where we should know what moral clarity is and uphold that standard.

Allowing evil to continue is not moral clarity, but it is an enabling of evil. And Albert Einstein said it best. “The world is not dangerous by those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

In conclusion, I will support this war on the condition that our military leaders have all the facts needed, have an adequate plan with minimal to no American soldier lives lost, and a plan for after the war that will prevent another disaster like Iraq.