Did I Stop Supporting President Trump?

Did I Stop Supporting President Trump?

Do I no longer support President Trump? Have I gone left? Do I support the Clintons?

These are a few questions that I have been asked since I have left team MAGA, Trump train. It’s been an amazing few months since I have left the movement and party. I have made wonderful new friendships with different people of different political view, even different religious views.

I think leaving this movement and having the open mind to hear the other side was the best personal and professional decision I have ever made. 

I would like to reminisce for those who don’t know the whole story.

I was very heavily involved with team MAGA, campaigning for Trump, writing pro-Trump articles, going after anyone who spoke out against President Trump, even after the election. I wrongfully misjudged a person, who happened to be a celebrity, because of their hard work in comedy and slammed them for it. The person responded with a kind heart explaining the type of comedy it was. Since then, I have learned a lot from her and what the liberals actually believe in politically, compared to what right-wing media claims they believe.

From this new information, I started to reevaluate my own principles of what I stand for.

Examples are, now I support DACA, I do believe it should be on case by case bases. I personally am against abortion, however, people have the right to choose because truthfully there is not a clear-cut answer to when life begins and people who are pro-choice, do think about the child, they think to post pregnancy of the life of what the child would have they if they carry it all the way out, and I get that and completely understand, plus it’s safer to have one in a clinic. I am fuzzy on gun control, I agree that assault weapons should not be in the hands of civilians, but the left really needs to learn what an assault weapon is. I have not made up my mind about banning the AR 15 because of the fact it’s not an assault weapon. I do think it is sound judgment to question the NRA if they are influencing lawmakers with money to affect their decision making. Personally, I am against all lobbyist groups.

There is still more to learn, and I am enjoying this discourse and education that I am getting.

Plus it helps me empathize what others go through, and I realized the person I was becoming when I was close-minded, and I didn’t like that guy. 

Well, a few MAGA accounts saw that I was dialoguing with what they consider to be the “enemy” to the cult leader of the group. Now, mind you not all MAGA people are part of this cult, but there is a faction on Twitter of high Twitter profiles and fake accounts that sure as heck act like a cult, because when this was brought to the attention of the ringleader, I got labeled a traitor, infiltrator, all kinds of things, and was bombed by what looked like a mob of pro Trump Twitter accounts, just because of dialogue and decent discourse with those who do not support Trump, and celebrities.

I was shocked to see that people who I thought were friends, who I made a connection with just up and either blocked or unfollowed me.

Being called a traitor, as someone who served the country as a US Soldier for over 13 years, deploying to Afghanistan, got to me, and I admit that.

I was also surprised to see how people quickly forgot the hard work I put into supporting President Trump. So, I decided to no longer to be part of this movement and support Trump my own way, even with more dialoguing with liberals, Hollywood celebs etc. People need to grow up and realize celebrities are American too, they have the right for their voice to be heard just like anyone else. If you have a problem with that then that makes you a hypocrite because saying you support the Constitution of the United States applies to all Americans, not conservative Trump supporters. 

Now, occasionally I will come in to defend a liberal, whether they are a celebrity, politicians like the Clintons, or just a regular joe who is a liberal.

My new agenda is to help bring discourse and hope to have people put themselves in other’s shoes, hoping this will end cyberbullying on both sides.

With the new information, I no longer consider myself to be a conservative, or liberal because I see the pros on both sides of the issue.

As far as being a Trump supporter, I am no more.

I don’t want to be identified or to be known as the type of person I support. I would like people to know me for who I am. I generally hope Trump does well for America because we are all in this together. I also do not like blind loyalty because I see where that can lead, and I will hold him accountable, just like I did with past Presidents and politicians. As ignorant as this sounds, I realized Twitter is not real life. People on social media love to take a tweet as a sound bite and use that to define people, I think this is part of the problem that brings in the hate, with that, people act like they are experts to law, journalism, security etc.  I hope to wake people up from this and challenge people with new ideas.

I want to make it clear, my principles are that of the constitution of the United States and I only answer to God, that’s where I stand.