Leave The Clintons Alone

Leave The Clintons Alone

It’s been a few months since I decided to leave the MAGA team and reevaluate what I stand for politically. I stand today as a free thinking Independent American who is loyal to no one except to the Constitution of the United States. I support and defend the Constitution and the American way of life for all Americans regardless of who they are. Oaths I took as a soldier seriously, and now as a Veteran. But this column isn’t about me, it’s about the Clintons. 

I was heavily campaigning for Trump and when I was conservative, I didn’t even think to truly do a lot of research about the Clintons. I assume conservative media was always correct and yes, I was part of the group that always chanted to “lock her up” at rallies, even at election night. I saw the way many showed their hatred towards the Clintons including the way many made fun of their daughter Chelsea.  I always felt that it was wrong but never spoke up about it.

My eyes have been open to the flaws of conservatives, and more importantly conservative media, and I will no longer stay silent when I see hate from either side of the political spectrum. 

In America, one of the greatest blessings about this wonderful country is the right of innocent until proven guilty. When you are accused of a crime of any kind, it can damage your character and ruin you for life. Innocent until proven guilty should apply to all Americans. Now that I am a free thinker, I ask myself, why are people, especially on social media continuing to chant “lock her up?” Hillary Clinton has been through trials and investigations; she deserves the same courtesy as Donald Trump with the Russian Collusion investigation, innocent until proven guilty. As far as Benghazi goes, it was a terrible leadership call, not a criminal act, that got 4 Americans killed. The terrorists who murdered the Americans are the ones who are responsible for their deaths. This lack of leadership was key in my decision not to vote for her, but again I want to reiterate that this was not a criminal offense to be locked up, and we need to move on from this. I have seen in interviews that Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for her bad decision.

It’s not worth the hate she and her family has been receiving on social media and other platforms. 

People are asking questions about the Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels scandal and asking why was this being covered up, and questions him about his past with women, then many conservatives attack with what about Bill Clinton. My response is, well he was held accountable because he was impeached.  People should stop using Bill Clinton as a scapegoat in their defense of Donald Trump. Right now, the fact is Trump is the President, he is going through these scandals, and he as well as those who go out there and defend, need to stay on the issue at hand. I find that using someone’s past to justify the present issue at hand can be counterproductive. 

I would like to bring this issue to a close.

The hatred towards Chelsea Clinton because her parents are appalling. The audacity to accuse her and her parents if the misuse of funds from the Clinton Foundation needs to stop, especially with many that make it personal by attacking her about her wedding, please read the article here that debunks a lot of those lies. Many say that people need to stop attacking President Trump’s family, well they should follow their own advice and stop attacking Hillary and Bill’s family. Practice what you preach.

My final thought is the hatred towards the Clinton family needs to end. I don’t find them to be a threat to the American way of life.

They are just like us trying to get by in this world. If conservatives do not like the hatred towards Trump, then the hate should stop with them too. Many conservatives are supposed to be religious, patriotic Americans, please act like it. Give Hilary Clinton and her family the courtesy, decency they deserve. A friend of mine who is a Clinton supporter told me about sore winners after Trump won the election, I understand what she meant by that now.