An Open Letter To David Hogg

An Open Letter To David Hogg

First, I would like to say I am sorry you went through a tragedy.

No student should ever go through what you and your classmates went through. I can’t imagine the pain and fear of what you guys dealt with and are continuing to deal with today. I am a US Army Veteran of 13 years of active duty service, with 2 combat tours to Afghanistan. I was in the Kandahar province both times, where we were rocketed on a daily basis. I was in small camps that were being invaded with shots outside the camp, as well as motors hitting the Hesco walls which I remember to this day.

The difference between us is that I am an adult who was trained for this. I expected combat when I was headed into the wild west. You didn’t. You weren’t prepared. You expected that horrific day to be a normal day in school.

I know that this moment will be with you for the rest of your life.

Now with that being said? You want to be a gun control activist. As an American Vet, I respect your free speech right to stand up for something you believe in and your hope to make a change. There are millions of Americans who support you and your classmates in your cause: trying to create what you think will be a safer America. I don’t like your method of trolling and demonizing the NRA or their spokesperson, but it is your free speech right to do that. What I have a problem with is that you don’t respect the free speech of your critics.

Free speech goes both ways, and if you want to be an activist, you need to learn to suck up the criticism.

Be honest with yourself and others. What Laura Ingraham said is not bullying. It was merely a sarcastic comment, maybe not the classiest thing she could have said, but it wasn’t something to threaten her career over. You refuse to debate people who oppose your plans and ideas, and it leads to the continued  divide of the country that is frustrating too many Americans.

You are using your tragedy to get what you want, and that’s not activism, but narcissism.

You are using good people to fight your battles and ruining careers of others because you can’t “take it.” If you can’t handle criticism then step aside and get the proper therapy for your tragedy.