An Answer To The Theory Of Reality


A co worker who I have recently opened the door of communication with recently wrote an article called The Theory of Reality in Arguments. His name is Justin Farrell and those of us who have gotten to speak to him know that he is a passionate and intelligent individual. I spend so much time writing my own material that I do not often get the chance to sit down and let myself enjoy the work of others. The only time I really have time to read the work of another is if they personally bring it to my attention and ask for my opinion or if I have been asked to research it and try to learn from what was written. So for me to be able to make time and enjoy Justin Farrell’s writing was a very rare treat. The world doesn’t stop for people so we don’t really have time to stop and smell the roses. I am reminded of a poem from my days in high school. While I do not remember the writer of the poem or the title part of the poem said ” Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me. ” This is the way of life for a lot of us who have chosen to be writers. A writer never stops because there is always something to be written and if we were to stop we might miss it. In his writing he asks the question. What is the answer to the Islam problem?

I think that it is pretty safe to say that Justin and I share a different view on what Islam is. It is also safe to say that my view is different than those who would try to argue that Islam is simply a religion. By saying that Islam is just quite simply either of these things allows us to underestimate the people of Islam. I personally feel that Islam is so much more than just a set of religion beliefs or political views. Islam in my personal views is a lot like being American. Being American isn’t political. It’s not religious. Being American is something that encompasses every part of our life. It’s who we are. It’s what we know. I personally feel that Islam is the same way for the muslims. It’s who they are. It’s who they know. If we were to ask them to not have their Islamic beliefs and values it would be a lot like asking us to give our American values. It can’t be done. There are people who would argue that there are “moderate” muslims. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a moderate muslim. There are muslims who have fully embraced Islam and then there are those who are no longer muslims because they have fully embraced western culture as their own as evidenced in a recent Stefanie MacWilliams video of Right Millenial.

The question what is the answer to the Islam problem is what was asked in Justin Farrell’s article. Before we answer that question lets really take a look at what the problem is. The problem with Islam is something that main stream media and a lot of people would never openly state because it either does not go with the leftist agenda or they are afraid of that dreaded R word. I don’t answer to the MSM and to be honest as easily as the term racist gets thrown around these days that idea does not scare me either because it gets thrown around so much that it has lost its specialness and power. It is used so often that soon you will have European American teenage boys who dress in pants that hang down pass their ass making it look like they just shit themselves using it as a form of greeting like African American teenagers use the N word. I can just see it now. What’s up my racist?  That is what that word has come to in modern society. So I’m just going to be blunt. The problem with Islam and the muslims who embrace it is that those who share its beliefs are a lot like the antichrist that the Christian bible warns us of in the book of Revelation. In the book of Revelation we learn that the purpose of the antichrist is to set forth conquering and to conquer. Those who practice Islam have the same purpose. The difference is the antichrist will use diplomacy to do so while muslims are not so civil. Instead of assimilating to western culture true practicing muslims wish to conquer us. The only thing that is worse than their desire to conquer us is that we are sitting back and letting them do it.

Just recently a UK newspaper called The Mirror uncovered the horrors of Telford.  Telford is the worse muslim rape scandal in the history of the UK. These horrors include situations where women were gang raped, beaten, pimped out, and even murdered. The police and social services had the evidence and the ability necessary to protect these women. Instead of doing so they buried the evidence and turned a blind eye to it. The authorities did this for decades because they were afraid of being called a racist. That dreaded R word that so many people are afraid of is what allowed this to happen. These muslims come in and at first they might seem harmless like Shahzad “Keith” Kahn did. I imagine at first he probably seemed like a nice decent older man. He was so nice in fact that he ran a rape house.

Instead of admitting that it is muslim men who do these things the UK prefers to throw Asian men under the bus and blame them for what has been happening. This implies that if you are a racist then it is only wrong to be racist against muslims. They do this because they know that supporters of Islam are all too ready to throw terms of Islamophobia. Below is an excerpt describing life in Shahzad Kahns rape house.

Paedophile grandfather sold children for sex in a Telford ‘rape house’ where perverts queued down the stairs to abuse youngsters,” by Sebastian Murphy-Bates, Daily Mail, March 18, 2018:

A grandfather was revealed as the paedophile who sold children for sex in a ‘Rape House’ where perverts queued down the stairs to abuse youngsters.
Shahzad ‘Keith’ Khan ran the peadophile ring from an ex-council house in Telford, West Midlands, where he sold girls for up to £2,000 a night.
Police were tipped off about him in 1996, but he continued to run his depraved business, taking a 14-year-old’s virginity and picking up one of his sex slaves from outside a police station.
Another chance to catch Khan fell through in 2013, when a police case against him collapsed, Mirror Online reports.
Today brave survivors of his abuse exposed the terrifying ordeals he put young girls through.
One victim described feeling ‘dead inside’ as she was sold for up to £2,000 in the house, where Khan’s nephew and son would regularly stay. Both have been jailed for sex offences.
The brazen paedophile was described as a ‘generous’ bird enthusiast who’d overcome cancer in the local paper as he ran his ring.
A female neighbour approached police in 1996 with fears that he was selling youngsters for sex after she claimed to witness him picking up
a 12-year-old from a children’s home. …… End of excerpt.

In another article that is found on the website we see a clear example of them using loaded words to try and influence our thoughts. . We see the headline that reads muslims admit racist rape gangs are a muslim thing. In the first sentence of the article we read that a muslim led organization has published a report showing that 84% of those participating in grooming, raping, and abusing children are of Asian heritage. The reason that this is a loaded sentence is because it intentionally misdirects us. Of course that is what they want to do if they are genuinely a muslim led organization. Do you honestly think that muslims are going to throw their own kind under the bus. I can’t speak for everybody but I think its a safe bet to say when most people think of Asians we think of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese people. We don’t stop and think muslim. It is only lower in the article where we see the first actual mention of a group that is normally associated with muslims when they use the phrase Pakistani  (muslim). Instead of doing anything to stop them it is those who acknowledge the problem and are honest about it that get punished in some way. A Rotherham MP named Sarah Champion was condemned by her colleagues and had to quit the opposition front bench after she acknowledged the issue and wrote in a national newspaper ” Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. ”

People reading this might try to say that I have only mentioned two instances. There are so many more instances. Telford alone had at least a thousand instances like the ones I mentioned. It isn’t just sexual assaults that are being done. Muslims are taking over full communities. Western Europeans are afraid to enter parts of their city that were once safe for them. Muslims have exercised full cultural dominance over powering the others who were there before they were and they have put sharia law into practice. White owned businesses are attacked on a frequent basis in some of these areas. Due to the indifference that so many incidents are treated with people are afraid to speak out against what has been happening due to the fact that they are afraid of being called racist and islamophobic.

Some of you who are reading this may try to argue and call me an Islamophobic or racist. I got news for you. It’s not a phobia when this stuff is really happening. Hating the groups that are attacking your own people is a natural response. Muslims, Islam , these things are all about war. They have set forth conquering and to conquer. Instead of attacking us like a regular trained military they attack our women and our children. By killing our women and children they are killing us because without children there can be no future for western European Americans.  Without future generations our own people will eventually become extinct. It’s a form of genocide and a lot of us are letting them do it. John Norman once wrote ” where there are no true men you can not find true women. ” He’s absolutely right. When men will not be men the way that we are supposed to be it does not allow women to be women.  In book 25 Magicians of Gor John Norman wrote of a military invasion. The men of the Gorean city of A r pronounced Are didn’t even try to stop the forces of Cos. They took their city walls down. They gave Cos their weapons. Then they let Cos decide which of their women they wanted for slaves and did nothing to stop it at first. It took an uprising from a group of citizens that formed an underground group called the Delta Brigaide to inspire the men to be men again.

Today so many of us are doing what those men of A r did. We are letting Islam take over and allowing our women and children to be attacked. Why? Because some where we allowed ourselves to be neutered and stripped of our masculinity? Because we are more concerned about a word then we are the safety of our own people? In one of my daughters favorite Disney movies it is said ” the opposite of fear is not bravery. It’s realizing that there’s something more important. ” What is more important? Being called a racist and islamophobic? If being called a racist keeps my daughter safe. If being called a racist keeps a colleague I have a lot of respect and admiration for Stefanie MacWilliams safe. Then call me a damn racist. I am as racist as they come in that regard. I would rather be considered so racist that I make Hitler look like mother Theresa and know that I still have my balls attached and my spine in place then to know that a word made me powerless to protect either of them. If I have to choose between one of them being raped or the world thinking that I’m an islamophobic there is no choice to be made for me.

At the start of this article I said that my colleague Justin Farrell asked a question. What is the answer to the Islam problem? The thing is if you took the time to read his article first then you already know the answer. The answer is one that does not sound realistic or pratical to him, but it really is total war. As long as there is Islam there will never be peace. If you look at the history of Islam they have conquered more than one culture in order to gain the strength that they have today. Is it an expensive answer? Absolutely. It would cost a lot money. It would even cost a lot of lives. But what good is money if we reach the point that we lose our culture and freedom or even our life because we lacked the strength to do what was absolutely necessary. It is time to embrace the axe because if you don’t someone else will. You can not have peace without violence. When our military goes over seas, when our police officers do their job and stop the bad guy. They aren’t serving chips and pie people. Nothing in life is free. Not your house, not your children, not the clothes you wear, not even choosing to be lazy and do nothing is free. Peace isn’t free either. Everybody wants peace. Not enough people are willing to pay the price for it. The price for peace is a blood price. Many will have to die for us to have that peace. Then again maybe you like the idea of seeing your daughter or wife raped by a muslim. We aren’t innocent in these rapings just because we aren’t the ones who raped them. We are worse than the rapist because when we had the chance to do something and try to put a stop to it. We’ve done nothing. By doing nothing we are letting ourselves be eliminated. The odds of dying are 1 in 1. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, a kid, an adult, rich , poor, it just doesn’t matter. The odds of dying are 1 in 1. We’re all going to die some day. Only the how and the when change. What you get to decide is this.  Do you want to die free and die knowing that you did what was necessary to try to protect your own people? Or do you want to die muslims bitch while our women join the neighborhood muslim rape house?