And This Award Goes To…

And This Award Goes To...

By: Alex Roberts

On this date, March 18, 2018 I, Alex Roberts am proud to announce the recipients of this years Certificate of Hypocrisy.

Before I do, for those who are a little slow allow me to explain what hypocrisy is. I realize that most Leftist and Social Justice Warriors out there who may be reading this more than likely barely have enough brain power to turn on a light switch, but try to follow me anyways. If you find that your heads start to hurt you probably have some Aspirin or Tylenol in your bathroom some where. Go ahead and grab yourself some I’ll wait for you. Are you back yet? Good. I was getting worried and thought the birds had ate your trail of bread crumbs even though chances are that your bathroom is only five feet away from where you sit right now. Hypocrisy. I know. Its a big word isn’t it?  Come on Leftist and Social Justice Warriors I realize that right about now some of you have this zombie eyed glazed over look in your eyes. Most of you are more than likely nodding your head slowly while struggling with the pronunciation but try to keep up. It’s a four syllable word. Lets pull out our friend the Webster dictionary.  In case there are any of you who don’t know what the Meriam Webster dictionary is I will show you. It is this big red book pictured below. I imagine a large number of you don’t know the meaning of the word fear. Then again there are probably a lot of words that the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors don’t know the meaning of.

And This Award Goes To...


I have no doubt that my readers who stand by the Right and against the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors are still with me and understanding just fine. It’s you readers who identify as Leftist and SJW that I am worried about. Do you recognize this book? Oh you do? That’s good. Yes it’s a little heavy I know but some heavy books are good thing. You will find the word hypocrisy in this book. I’m not going to tell you the meaning of every word, but its important that you understand your award so that you can be proud of yourselves. According to this big red book the definition of the word hypocrisy is:

A feigning to be what one is not or believe what one does not: behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel. His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters. ; especially: the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion.

Yes, that’s right. This is something that you are good at. Let me give you a gold star. There’s more than one of you out there so you can have them all. It’s okay. Nobody who is actually worth my respect would want a gold star for this. Don’t let us stop you though. You just be you. The gold star on your nose goes well with  some of your unnatural outlandish purple or pink hair styles and “f*ck Trump” tattoos.



For an outstanding job in being hypocrites. I mean such an excellent job at being a hypocrite that no one can even begin to compare or compete for such a dishonor. I take a great amount of pride in presenting the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors of 2017 2018 as a whole with the certificate of hypocrisy. I will even go further and nominate all of you for the hypocrite hall of fame. You all have worked hard to earn yourselves this award this year. I honestly don’t know how anyone will be able to top your efforts  unless they are someone from within your group. Give yourselves a hand for a job well done.


How does someone become recognized for such an award? Let’s have a look at some of the work that these people who are Leftist and Social Justice Warriors have done. Yesterday was the National Walk Out. It was held by students in every time zone of the United States. The walk out started at 10:00 a.m. in each time zone and was supposed to last for 17 minutes. One minute for each of the 17 people who lost their lives last month in the Marjory Stoneman high school shooting last month. The Leftist and Social Justice Warriors are absolutely shameless and would sink to any depths including the use of our own children and their friends for the purpose of trying to get an emotional response out of us. They want those of us who believe in the second amendment to feel shame and guilt for not being willing to just hand over our rights to our fire arms. Since they could not beat the Right with arguments of logic they had to fall back to what they do best. Each time we see someone on the Left or a SJW have a complete melt down and start screaming we know that what they do best has failed. Since their attempts to get an emotional response fail they generally start to blow a gasket. It is a miracle that mental hospitals across the country are not over run with patients who identify as Leftist and Social Justice Warriors, because they belong there more than those who are mentally ill. Thankfully there are still some adults who can be reasonable in this country.

Those adults are people like the educators in Missouri who locked their students out of the school and prevented them from returning to their classes for a period of time. According to Buzzfeed news administrators at Manahawkins Southern Regional Middle School, located in New Jersey, initiated an active shooter lock down drill just moments before the students were set to stage their own participation in the national walk out. Lily Chka is quoted by Buzzfeed as saying, ” it seems like a big coincidence.”  I personally wonder how much of a coincidence Lily Chka thought it was when a teacher in Dalton, Georgia fired a gun inside his own classroom days after it was suggested that we should arm our teachers. It should be noted that the teacher in Georgia whose name is Jesse Randal Davison had made it known that he personally felt arming teachers was a bad idea. I would be willing to guess that being a national walk out supporter she did not think it was much of a coincidence at all that one of her own would take a fire arm to school after he had spoken against the idea of arming teachers to one of his colleagues.

In another part of New Jersey, a high school principal threatened to cancel prom and other special events if their students organized a walk out. After a handful of teens started to misbehave and protest at 10:00 a.m. most of the students were directed to a high school assembly while police officers and school faculty blocked the exits. Absolutely shameful to learn that students in this particular high school felt such little regard for education. When I consider the examples that their parents who were more than like Leftist and Social Justice Warriors themselves set for these disrespectful kids I suppose it is easy to understand where they learn their behavior from.

The American Civil Liberties Union has received calls from all over the country that were complaints regarding the nation wide demonstrations. Some of these complains range from students being prevented from taking part in the protests in some way or another to what students and parents may feel are unfair punishments against these students for exercising their first amendment rights. Park Hills Principal, Brad Kincheloe, was quoted by Buzzfeed from a student video as saying, “When you do exercise your First Amendment rights sometimes there is a penalty to pay,” he told students. “I want you to know that society sometimes values your speech or your activity by how important it is to you and if this act comes without a consequence then it doesn’t seem very important.”


To Mr. Kincheloe I salute you and present to you my personal Principal of the year award.


Thank you for caring about your students enough to teach your students this very important lesson in life.  Everybody needs to learn that while the first amendment gives us these rights, they don’t grant us full immunity from any and all consequences for exercising these rights.

We all know that a friend of mine who was a teacher down in Florida was taught this lesson first hand. Tiana Dalichov who was a social studies middle school teacher lost her job after the Huffington post and other news media wrote stories concerning her podcast. Leftist and Social Justice Warriors saw her as a threat and were afraid that she would indoctrinate their kids while possibly bringing her own political beliefs into the class room. Something that I personally can tell you I have absolutely no reason to believe she ever did. Tiana Dalichov kept her politics outside the class room and she was removed from her class room, because she exercised her first amendment rights by hosting a podcast called Unapologetic. Something that had absolutely nothing to do with her performance in the class room. Meanwhile yesterdays walk out had the stench of politics that the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors brought into our class rooms and now they want the students who exercised their first amendment rights to not face any discipline for doing so.

The first amendment is supposed to apply to everyone, no matter what side of the line they fall on. Tiana Dalichov and others of us who oppose the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors have had to answer for what we’ve said and felt, because it did not fit with the popular opinion. Now these parents and leftist don’t want their children to answer for exercising their own first amendment. To the parents of these kids I have one thing to say. Go shag yourselves, you bloody hypocrites. You don’t get it both ways.  The Leftist and Social Justice Warriors made this bed and now their children get to sleep in it. It’s a great day knowing that the next generation of Leftist and Social Justice Warriors are being held accountable for their actions.

The views expressed in this writing are mine and mine alone. They in no way reflect the view of Halsey News Network owners Halsey English and Stefanie MacWilliams nor do they reflect the views of the Halsey News Network team. So to any of you out there who have a problem with what I am about to say then know that your issue is with me and me alone. To be honest I really don’t care if you have a problem with what I am about to say, because I fully intend to pull you out into the light one by one kicking and screaming exposing you for the hypocrites you truly are with the writing of this article. Any anger or issue you have will only further prove the validity of my views. – Alex Roberts