Jewish Identity Politics Are No Different Than the Rest

Progressive Jews

I recently wrote an article called White Tariq Is Legion. It evoked a bit of a response. I am not sure why it makes people feel better when we call out our own, I always thought that the assumption was that when you call out the different sides of an argument you are not exempting others. I am not going to spend the next three weeks writing about all the different races on the Earth, I am not really interested in Mexican Identity Politics, Icelandic Identity Politics or any others. I do think it is probably a good idea for me to write about Jewish Identity politics, and to address one of the issues I hear the most.

*Disclaimer, I am Jewish and I obviously have my own biases. I think that is obvious but I want them put out there from the start.

In my previous article I talked about the poisonous nature of Identity Politics. I am not about to run to the other side and say when it comes to Jews (or any specific group) that it is more or less poisonous or that identity itself is poisonous. The cancer of Identity Politics comes when you allow your identity blinds you to the reality of the world we live in or causes you to support views or causes that rely on bullshit and fantasy in order to influence policy. In the last article I addressed the Alt Right and Tariq Nasheed. This time I will take a crack at progressive Jews, because why not?

The Progressive movement is pure cancer. I think anyone not involved in it will admit that. Progressives push a marxist narrative largely focused on intersectionality of oppression and that it is a need to rectify the results of that oppression which defines the orders of society. Jews have been at the forefront of that movement. Truth be told it is embarrassment me as a Jew and I know there are plenty of Jewish people who whole heartedly agree with me. What makes it worse, like the Alt Right and Tariq Nasheed, they claim to speak for Jews as a whole when most Jews cringe when they see this crap go on.

Some examples:

  • Sophie Ellman-Golan, who works with parasite Linda Sarsour at the Women’s March claims to speak as a Jew when she encourages other Jews to use their Jewishness to fight for marginalized people like Muslims, Blacks and Trannies. (funny enough she explicitly leaves Jews out of her list of minorities deserving her charity)
  • Satan Incarnate, George Soros, claims to speak for Jews (and Holocaust survivors) when he uses his ill gotten wealth to push for open borders and progressive horror throughout the world.
  • The ADL, in its rush to label anyone right of Bernie Sanders Hitler, repeatedly and often calls out racism where none exists and evokes Jewish suffering as their credentials for doing so.

There are so many more that it would take me a month to list them all, but suffice to say, Jewish Progressives have a lot to answer for. I am proud of being Jewish, and I am proud that Jews strive to be the best in all they endeavor. Unfortunately, this applies to Progressive Jews as well. they try to be the best progressives in the world and in doing so push the suffering narratives of others so far they go way beyond the border of insane. There has NEVER been a documented problem of Islamaphobia in America, it is hard to even define what it is. Yet Jewish Progressives push a narrative of Muslim Suffering in America which makes you think that millions of American Muslims are daily being sent to the Gulags. Most people have never knowingly met a transexual, but for some reason, they are now so horribly oppressed, according to progressive Jews, that national policies need to be immediately altered to the point of pure insanity to accommodate their mental illness. Children taking puberty blockers? Sure! As long as it fits with the Progressive narrative. Think you have a strong rap BLM? the Progressive Jews will show you you ain’t seen nothing yet.

What is the result of all this nonsense? The Progressive Left gives the Alt Right the boogey men they need in order to justify their own insanity. That cuts both ways as well. The Alt Right, gives the Progressive Left the Nazis they so need to fight in order to justify their insanity.

The biggest issue is tied to the word I keep using…Insanity.

Identity politics is cancer. It causes hatred, resentment and usually some forms of violence. This needs to stop now and Jews should be put on notice that they are not without a pox on their house as well. I personally have no problem calling out Identity Politics where ever I see it. I don’t really care if it is among Jews, Whites, Blacks or others. In my previous article I made it a point not to say White and Black people but Tariq Nasheed and the Alt Right. Just because Tariq is Black and the majority of the Alt Right are white. Likewise, not all Progressives are Jews. We have to stop living and dying by race or we will be living and dying by violence soon enough.