Just Be White to Practice White Supremacy


A few years ago, controversial anti-video-game personality Anita Sarkeesian was speaking on some odd and one-sided feminist panel, whereon she made the comment, “Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, and you have to call it all out!” This was not a joke, although it garnered many laughs. People on the social justice side of the aisle truly believe that white-majority nations practice white supremacy. They believe everything is white supremacy.

Oh, luxury cars cost too much? That’s because evil Hitler Nazis are trying to hold the black man down! Oh, you expect people in high-school to do high-school-level mathematics? That’s because it’s white supremacy holding minorities to impossible standards. Oh, you drink milk? You see where this is going…

And it’s gone so far now that the yoga craze is even considered to be a tool of white supremacy.

I can’t make this shit up.

According to a religious studies professor at Michigan State, Shreena Gandhi, the “yoga industrial complex” (Yes, she obviously just made that shit up) charges too much for yoga classes and stuff, which apparently keeps nonwhites out because, in her mind, all POC are poor bottom-feeders.

I’ll tell ya this much: If a black woman can afford hundreds of dollars on hair weave, she can afford yoga classes.

Priorities, people.


She contends that white Americans should “learn yoga’s history.” Why? Well, apparently, you’re not allowed to partake in trendy things if you’re white. You need to unlearn your learning and relearn your learning by accepting that all things in life are based on group dynamics, and if you’re white, you cannot participate in a thing born of nonwhites.

Yeah, trust me, they don’t believe this applies to them, as they’re free to prance around in nations that white people built, using the technology white people built, and scoff at the idea of cultural appropriation. But as soon as white Cindy puts on her yoga pants and strikes a pose, it’s cultural appropriation of the first degree and she’s a horrible white, oppressive racist, single-handedly responsible for white supremacy.

This is a point on which I’d like to focus for a minute, if you’ll bear with me. The medium on which the professor wrote the piece. The way she got to work. That hot, caffeine-filled beverage she drank to perk her up in the morning. The shower she took. The building she sits in to teach. The smartphone she uses to tweet about white supremacy. All of these things come from white culture. At no point in her life have white people ever shamed her by saying that she’s participating in cultural appropriation and needs to feel guilty.

That’s because white people are seemingly the most altruistic people on the planet when it comes to that stuff, though ironically called the cruelest and greediest. Though just look at the world. I’m not making this shit up; it’s not my opinion. Everybody and their mama comes in and just takes their fill of white culture and uses it how they wish. Though some white ladies want to practice an exercise trend to get better-looking bodies, and this bitch is accusing them of white supremacy.

It’s really damn disgusting. It really is.

If I had my druthers, ten thousand people would line up outside of MSU with bullhorns and signs and scream in Shreena’s face that she’s practicing cultural appropriation and should feel bad. But, you see, white people just don’t do that shit. Black people, Hispanics, Asians, Natives – they line up around the block—the block white people built—to shame whites for wearing dreadlocks or ponchos or enjoying a dish of curry.

Just read this postmodernist nonsense in this article: “We would argue one of the goals of white supremacy is to buffer white people from the pain that comes from the process of exchanging cultural grounding for the unearned power and privilege of whiteness.”

This doesn’t even make sense. Even if you had a postmodernist program to reverse the language, what they’re saying here is that only white people are capable of practicing cultural appropriation and they do it because of white supremacy, as if to say that no other people have such a goal. Basically, all POC are innocent victims in the world, even though they make up 90% of the planet, and evil whitey is just out to steal from them, to gorge on their innards so they never have to feel hungry. It’s ridiculous. I really cannot unpack this shit logically. There’s nothing here but an entire weasel paragraph which insinuates that white people steal everyone’s culture and everyone else gets nothing in return.

This is what makes me fighting f*cking mad, if I’m honest. It’s the fact that nonwhites take freely every single advantage of historic white innovation and effort, shit on it as being utterly meaningless, and then promote something like a stretching routine to be the most important cultural invention in the history of humanity.

They do this same dumb shit with something like rap music. Or something like traditional Mexican clothing. They’ll pooh-pooh things like color TV and the Internet and smartphones, even space travel, claiming that white people have no culture, and then uplift something like modern rap to the level of the Mona Lisa.

It really makes me sick to my stomach.

And read what I’m saying, or what I’m not saying. Nowhere am I saying that these people shouldn’t have access to white culture. Hey, it’s out there – use it! I’m not going to try to make you feel guilty and ashamed because you like fast-food restaurants or Netflix, things white people invented. But at the same time, could you please STFU with your POC sob stories about how all your culture is just stolen and used to bolster white supremacy?

Not to even mention that it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the best you can boast about your culture is f*cking yoga! Really. Do you even pay attention to what you’re doing here? You’re reducing your entire culture down to a damn series of stretches that white girls pretend to be into so that they can wear the yoga pants.

The article is basically a hit piece against white people, pure and simple, and it uses yoga as its in. I guess, when you back away and look at it through a wide-angle lens, they’re really running out of stuff to talk about.

From the housing and running water and the streets on which people drive to the entertainment they consume and the mediums on which they bitch about white supremacy, 100% of it, full stop, is from white culture. Do you honestly believe that white racists need to steal your precious yoga away?

It’s silly.

Only POC create these standards. They claim white people don’t have culture and are only thieves so that they don’t have to answer questions as to why they exist entirely in a white person’s culture without crediting the creators while simultaneously uplifting something like a plate of curry to godlike status, thus making it a sin against humanity if a white person wants to try the cuisine.

The biggest problem with Marxism isn’t necessarily the group dynamic; it’s that these groups people create in which to be a part are uplifted by the members to exist on an entirely different set of rules than other groups. My group good. Your group bad. My group can take and use your group’s creations to live comfortably. Your group is practicing white supremacy if you offer a yoga class.

It’s basically an attempt at a coup. While these people cry and complain that you’re stealing a broken wagon from their lawn because you snapped a photo of it, they’re busy cracking your safe and trying to make off with all your precious gems.

It’s beyond a double standard. It’s a separate universe. And only a Marxist schmuck would be so one-sided as to use every bit of white culture to deride a white culture as practicing white supremacy.

No, you dumb-ass: If we were practicing white supremacy, we’d ship you and the rest of the ingrate POCs outta here on the first thing leaving.

White people participating in yoga is not white supremacy. You just need an excuse to bite the hand that feeds you, like all idiotic Marxists.