Will Dialogue Make America Great Again?


It has been a unique experience on Twitter these past couple of years. I have met some great people on this brand of social media who are fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

With Americans who used it appropriately, it helped inform Americans to elect Donald J. Trump to become the next President of the United States. A lot of content on Twitter is holding fake news journalists accountable to report real news, like the accomplishments of POTUS, and debunk any lies about him over the years. Personally it helped me a lot able to make a difference. It gave me opportunities  to write columns using my own words and go on radio shows to help influence others to make right political decisions has been an amazing experience. After a year of Donald Trump’s Presidency, where do we go from here?

Even after a year of making America great Trump supporters are being labeled as racists, Nazis, any derogatory name you can think of, so social media continues to be tense, argumentative and combative. A certain Hollywood celebrity replied with respect and kindness of a tweet that I tweeted about her which was misjudging her completely. It dawned on me that if I can accept the fact I was wrong about an individual who is really liberal then maybe, just maybe I can show them that they are mistaken in generalizing Trump supporters. I have dialoged with her a few times and spoke to her liberal followers and there is a misconception about them and some of their polices, at the same time they were surprised to find out from me that a Trump supporter can be understanding and attentive to them as well.

With a successful first try of this, I decided to make it a mission now to do more than just preach to the choir about Trump and really talk with people who are left, whether they are celebrities, politicians, media personnel  or just regular average Americans show them what it means to be a Trump supporter. I know many Trump supporters might disagree with this method and already have let it known, that’s fine. I joined Twitter to make a positive impact in our country. I look forward to this mission and really truly help President Trump in my own way, and in my own small platform that I am grateful to have making America Great Again.