Education: Another Brick In The Wall?

public education

Faceless, nameless, shameless, this is the indoctrination of our youth in our public schools. The public school system used to be a beacon in American society leading and guiding our youth before becoming a perpetual meat grinder for social justice theories and the death of conservative ideas. The classroom is supposed to be at best bi-partisan and at worst a-political but in our current climate, in the age of Trump the public school system is undeniably left leaning, guiding our children’s thought processes and filling it with a mix of Marxism and social justice. There is rarely, if ever any debate or balanced presentation of liberal and conservative ideas.

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teacher leave them kids alone, all in all you’re just another brick in the wall.” –Pink Floyd

Children who wear MAGA hats or are pro-Trump are pushed out of the classroom often ostracized by their own educators and sometimes their own peers. In the past it used to be considered valuable to offer multiple opinions and diversity of thought within the classroom. This includes and especially puts emphasis on higher education such as universities, especially those that are public. Marxism and the extreme left have so seeped in to our classrooms that we see propaganda that is anti-right wing politics, anti-Trump, and pro-leftist policies. A question we now have to ask is should social justice programs be part of required classroom curriculum? Is social justice programming just causing more issues within the classroom by pitting different groups with different viewpoints and characteristics against each other?  Classrooms and educators past never would have dreamed of the progressive only politics of most modern classrooms.

If we continue to push a leftist only message in schools than our future looks one sided and bleak, if we all think the same, we are all “just another brick in the wall.” True progress is diversity of thought and we can only progress, grow expand in America if we have multiple views and thought leaders. Consider this: if you have a team for say, advertising and all members of the team are exactly the same and think exactly the same, when would we ever see anything fresh, or how would they reach multiple people? The team itself needs to think differently to feed creativity, to see things differently and overall succeed. The education system is the same. In order to foster growth, creativity and learning multiple views need to be represented. The system is already breaking down. Grown adults cant handle criticism, they cannot handle views that differ from their own and get triggered searching for a safe space. The education system is pumping out adults that are effectively still children.

We need bi-partisan representative views from both sides in our classrooms and in our universities. We need to teach kids how to engage, how to talk, how to handle true debate and how to have respect for the person on the other side of the aisle. The problems we see in schools mirror that of we see in the American climate today, one of division on racial, social and political lines. How we set up young minds effects how society is inevitably set up as these same younger generations get out of school and in to the work force and the real world. Do we want a world of cogs in the machine? A world where we no longer have to plug in to original thought because we have all our thoughts and ideals pre-determined for us by the establishment. True diversity means diversity beyond, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation, but diversity of ideas, opinion, and thought. We should be striving to foster these in all institutions of learning and in our youth. America is only as strong as its future generations.