The Identitarians: Our New Youth

The Identitarians: Our New Youth

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“We call on the youth, face to the scum, to those who want to flick our lives and our thoughts, to the standardization of peoples and cultures, in the face of the tidal wave of massive immigration, facing a school that hides the history of our people to prevent us from loving it, in the face of a so-called living together that turns into a nightmare…Generation Identity is the first line of resistance. Aware of the challenges facing us, we do not refuse any battle. Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have only one watchword: we do not go back! We are the sacrificed generation, but not the lost generation. Because we are going to war against all who want to tear us away from our roots and make us forget who we are. Our ideal is reconquest, and we will carry it to the end. Identity Generation is the barricade on which young people struggle for their identity.”  – Generation Identity’s Presentation.

These are the identitarians. These are our youth fighting the never ending wave of immigration in Europe – and groups like Identity Evropa arefighting to ensure that America does not follow the same fate as Europe. Both groups are trying to go back to their roots and fight for a future for the  white population in each of their respective countries.

But what else defines the identitarians?

Some say they are white nationalists – but many identitarians will argue that  they are just advocates for white peoples and each individual country’s sovereign identity and connection to their founding stock. The term “Nazi” is often thrown around – but the identitarians would argue that there are no Nazis hiding in the shadows.

Merriam-Webster defines identity as “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual: individuality or the relation established by psychological identification.”

Seems reasonable enough. So why is it seen as to evil to, as an individual, to psychologically agree with a given group that helps to form your identity, such as your ethnicity, or your race?

Identitarians see race and ethnicity as an inherent and important part of who you are. Not the only part – but a major part.

They want a world where people of all backgrounds and races can claim their own homelands, protect their own sovereignty, and where the ethnic and racial diversity of the earth will carry on. This includes homelands for white people, too, especially in Europe.

The identitarians see this as true diversity among human beings.

Identitarians are primarily white and often ethnonationalists, meaning that they are pro-white in general and often believe in the concept of a white homeland or homelands.

However, as identitarianism continues to grow, we are seeing a new breed of identitarian come forth that sees themselves not as white nationalists in Europe, but as simply nationalists. Nationalists who are fighting to preserve the past, history, and future of their respective indigenous lands, such as Britain, France, Germany and Austria, with an understanding of the role that race played within their respective histories.

The Identitarians are working on campaigns to help bring real activism to the streets. Generation Identity’s activity includes their highly successful “Defend Europe” mission and their anti-immigration banner drops in several countries. In America, Identity Evropa has set up candlelight vigils for victims of illegal immigrant crime such as Kate Steinle as well as hosted marches and demonstrations.

The identitarians are mostly comprised of youth, with the average identitarian typically being under the age of 30, and with an interest in personal health and fitness. They also value presentation and “optics”. They think you should be able to defend yourselves if you are attacked – and look good doing it.

Identitarianism is growing fast.

So far, it seems that European towns will be all the better for it. More and more youth are joining these movements as they see what the never ending flood of mass migration has done to their cities and to their countries as a whole.

“In political parties, young people are our workforce. At Generation Identity, we are the heads and the hearts. At home, youth commands youth. We are comrades, friends, brothers, a clan. More than a youth movement we are youth in motion. Creative, proud, insolent and rebellious, the Generation Identity is the vanguard of standing youth.” – Generation Identity UK

The identitarians are our future, our youth, and the beginning of something new and fresh for identity politics and for our homelands. The identitarians are a movement and a people. Our present – but also our past. Identity is our core, it’s our innate being, a spirit that lives inside us that we cannot deny, identity is soul and our identity makes us whole.

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