Joy Villa: Using The MAGA Movement To Preach For Scientology

Joy Villa
Written By Kari Donovan
This Is The First Installment In A Series

Joy Villa, the woman who shocked the country with her red carpet activism at the Grammy awards in 2016 for wearing a dress dedicated to President Donald J. Trump, has had a high profile and stormy exit from the MAGA movement, but she doesn’t seem to know it yet.

“When she left me sitting there- with a huge deal for making a documentary about President Trump-waiting for her,  in Palm Beach at the Turning Point event…  and blew off Donald Trump Jr.- I was just done,”
Robbie Olson, Joy Villa’s manager, champion, and friend

“I took her to the pinnacle,” he said. “But now I am done.”

Olson had seen vocal artist Joy Villa in the MAGA dress at the Emmy awards and was instantly taken with her.

“I saw the potential of a very charismatic woman, and I knew it would be great for our movement to get her in the right places,” Olson told Halsey News “I opened a lot of doors for Joy. Everyone was in awe of her,”

Olson took Villa on a whirlwind tour with him, meeting his long maintained and treasured political contacts. He also worked diligently to support and mentor Villa in a world that was brand new to her…The MAGA movement.

Despite the fact that Joy Villa had been a Bernie Sanders supporter in the Democratic Primary, she was introduced to the MAGA movement through famed dressmaker Andre Soriano. It was Soriano who gave her the iconic “Make America Great Again” dress for the Grammy Awards.  Villa told Soriano that she wanted to wear the dress in order to fight the “oppressive environment” in Hollywood.

Joy’s First Post Grammy Interview

The real question was, Is Joy Villa really even a Trump Supporter. On Election Day in 2016 Villa had tweeted that Trump supporters who followed her should unfollow her, and that other candidates were “crazy”.

villa trump

However, Trump supporters gave her a pass on this one because so many leftists had been “Red Pilled” by Trump and his winning campaign. It wasn’t odd that someone on the left had now found themselves on the right.

Villa was impressing all the right people and gaining a very large social media following.  Her song hit number one on the Billboard Charts and her social media influence grew tremendously.    Villa met the Trump family, spoke at very high profile venues.  That was the hard work of Robbie Olson.  Some tease Olson claiming he got Villa a”20-30-40″  Million dollar PR campaign.’

In October, Playing off a short stint as a Youth Commissioner in Santa Barbara California in 2001, Villa surprised her circle of friends by announcing that she would be exploring the idea of running for Congress.  She received a great deal of support from her new political contacts.  The President even tweeted about it, encouraging her.  Something another candidate could only dream of happening for them.

Behind The Scenes Things Were Getting Weird 

At the grassroots level, however, things were rocky for her.  Rumors and arguments had been raging about Villa’s high profile persona and her association with Scientology, the cult which spoke of aliens, lost souls and high stakes donations.

Villa had been attending events at the local level without the knowledge of her manager Olson. Later it was discovered she was at the events to hand out her Scientology materials.

Villa was making contacts with local activists, attending their events and making promises about using her celebrity status to help them influence the government. She was using media coverage of local affairs to promote herself and for her own purposes, upsetting local activists who were working on promoting their own issues. To make matters worse, at this point she was openly passing around Scientology materials.

Locals and friends who had trusted her were left confused and angry by the revelation that Joy Villa was using their platforms to promote Scientology. Even those who were unfamiliar with their beliefs.

Peter Boykin, President of Gays for Trump and an avid supporter and friend, said he had  met Villa after the political theater of the Grammys in early Feb 2016.

“I thought she was very brave and I wanted to meet her,” said  Boykin.

“I invited Joy to my March 4 Trump in DC, which was an event to show unity in the MAGA movement and I thought she would be great,”

Boykin and Villa quickly formed a political alliance, and what Peter thought was a friendship.

“I did receive some calls, warning me about the Scientology at the time I was organizing the March 4 Trump event” Boykin, a Catholic, said to Halsey News. “She didn’t try to covert me. I didn’t see her trying to convert anyone else.  We were great friends, she was encouraging my activism.  I wanted to let her be herself. I even got calls from the father of her child, asking me to contact Joy, but that is her personal business, I just didn’t think it was my place to get into that,”

In June, Villa was defending Scientology and attacking actress Leah Remini, an outspoken critic of Scientology.

Villa then started a high profile, public feud  on Twitter- with the Star of “Scientology and the Aftermath”, on A&E which continued on into late December at the time of Villa’s sexual assault charge against former Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Online activists were getting increasingly outraged over Villa’s connection with Scientology and her dishonesty about disclosing her level of activism for the cult. They started their own hashtag #UnfollowJoyVilla, to lend voice to their anger.  Many grassroots supporters of Trump’s in the MAGA movement felt betrayed by Villa, who claimed to be a “Christian Scientologist” or downplayed her involvement with the group saying that Scientology had given her nothing more than a “self-help tool.”

In fact, Villa was a starlet of the Scientology movement had already been well trained and promoted by the Church of Scientology whenever she could.

In interviews, activists who worked with Joy talked about how she would show up, use the media all for herself and disrupt their events. She would wear their T-shirts and post about herself, and not help promote any of the causes she claimed to be there helping. When they realized she was there to promote Scientology to them, they were outraged.

“I have spent my time, money and energy trying to get the Conservative movement to listen to my ideas about the Heroin epidemic.  I have dedicated my work to my brother who died,” said Dr. B Williams, organizer of Spirit of America and a grassroots activist and mental health professional, told Halsey News.”Joy lied to me about what she was doing at my events I feel like she used me.”

Stories started to emerge that local activists in Conservative and MAGA circles were saying that Villa had been disrespectful of personal, political and religious boundaries at MAGA events, where she had been invited to attend and participate.

Litterature was starting to appear saying that Villa made many people uncomfortable with her constant evangelizing for Scientology conversion, and handing out pamphlets.

At one event Villa had to be removed from a gathering of Black Evangelicals, because she refused to stop passing out Scientology literature when asked numerous times to do so.

“Joy had made promises to me when I first met her, and she was enthusiastic about my activism.  I supported her too until I determined that she had many of the characteristics of Narcissism.” Williams said.

Susan Walsh, a free speech activist from North California who got Milo Yiannopoulos to Berkley, met Villa through networking and campaigning for Trump.

Walsh is an ex-Democrat  who, while keeping her personal life semi-private, works hard to promote the MAGA agenda.

“Joy is a bundle of energy who lights up the room,” Walsh said.

Walsch decided to support Villa after asking about Scientology and being told that Villa uses it as a “tool”, as long as Villa did not try to evangelize anyone into Scientology conversion, Walsh supported her.

It was when Walsh received Scientology materials in the mail that she withdrew from Villa.

“I have had a really painful experience with Scientology 35 years ago, watching someone I cared about very much being taken advantage of by Scientology,” Walsh told Halsey News. “That was a betrayal to me, Joy knew I protected my privacy.”

Walsh contacted Villa about her concerns with the mailings from Scientology and never received a response from Villa in return.

At the local level, Villa was causing distress.  Social Media postings were showing a growing animosity toward her. Villa refused to address any of it, and continued to post about her public events as if she had no detractors at all.

Olson recalls that by November, Villa was distant  from him, “as if Scientology had programmed her to use all of her contacts and events for reaching new Scientologists.”  Villa was growing increasingly erratic to him, he said that she would lie to him and his contacts, and start to miss events he had lined up for her. That is when he realized Scientology was going to take over his PR attempts for Villa and she was not going object.

Boykin admitted that Villa offered to pay him to defend her online.  “I wanted her to respond to her critics about the Scientology.  But she wouldn’t.  She said she was trying to keep things positive.” Boykin said that was confusing to him, because he thought everything was about the MAGA movement and not one person. He did not accept the money.

Boykin said that he was facing his own group of angry MAGA supporters, for his loyalty to Villa which was hurting his own activist branding but he remained with her, because he just didn’t see the side of Joy that others were describing.

Villa was unconcerned about the damage that she was doing to her supporter’s work, their brand or their reputations.  She refused to address anyone who had concerns.

It was not until Boykin read the version of events from other grassroots activists that Boykin realized Joy had been lying to him about evangelizing people.

“That was a final straw to me,” Boykin said. “I don’t support evangelizing other people into Scientology.”

Olson was starting to distance himself as well,

“She was independent for a while, which is when we really starting making a lot of movement.  Then when her husband came back- the Scientology programming really starting showing its head.”


“We told people to keep Joy away from us.”

Diamond and Silk respond to how they addressed Joy Villa at the Party she claims Corey Lewandowski assaulted her at.

It is not clear when Villa started to focus on the MAGA movement or why, but after the Grammy Awards, Villa was everywhere.  She was a frequent guest on Fox News, and was traveling with Olson, going to parties and making personal appearances.

At the point that Villa made the accusations about  Corey Lewandowski things were unraveling for her from many different directions.

Williams told Halsey News that her professional diagnosis, from having spent time with Joy, is that she believes that Villa’s “climb to the top so fast exaggerated her symptoms of narcissism. “Narcists crave attention called “supply” and grow increasingly uncomfortable when they do not get it,” Williams said.

Villa had said she had a witness to her version of the events named Harlan Hill, a political commentator.  It is unclear if Hill has made any public statements about what he saw.   Halsey News contacted Hill for a statement, he did not respond.

It is unclear what the status is of Villa’s complaint against Lewandowski is.

“Joy started involving a lot of people into her life.  Asking too many people for advice and gossiping with them about people. The church was putting pressure on her to get people’s contact information and she got caught trying to convert people so no one wanted her around.   It was causing her to lose the branding we had worked on so hard.” Olson said.

“people know Joy went to that event looking for trouble. Her friends say she was looking for someone to give her a  Me Too moment she could use.” Boykin said.

“She told people three different stories about what happened that night, ” Olson said.  “She contacted me right away and said that she had told someone with media connection and that she had a witness of her version. She told others a different version, and I saw yet another version in the Media.  That was causing problems between me and my contacts that I had set her up with,”

Olson put out a video of Villa smacking a man on the butt from months before, oddly mimicking Villa’s story of what she claimed happened to her. Olson said he wanted people to know the truth.

“I wanted people to know the truth so I put out this video,” Olson said

It was at this point, photos emerged of her in pornographic poses.  Villa’s political support was grinding to a halt. Even Dressmaker Andre Soriano came out and disavowed Joy,

It was then discovered that without permission Villa allowed Scientology to use photos of the MAGA dress in their literature.

People who were once supportive of Villa all spoke of their concern for Villa’s mental health and hope and prayed for her that she would leave the cult of Scientology.

Villa impacted the MAGA movement and she received encouragement, support and PR that most people would never see, and for that, they say she gave the MAGA movement back refusal to address one single concern any of them had.

Olson has made a number of high profile appearances to help people understand why he pulled his support.

Boykin has made a number of videos hoping to control the damage done to his own reputation. Those are available on his social media timeline.

Villa continues to claim she is part of the MAGA movement in her self-promoting posts on Social Media. It is unclear who is promoting her now?

*Full Disclosure, Joy Villa has appeared on multiple interviews on the Halsey News Network