Fake Rape Culture is Crippling Society


Remember “No means no,” before the cries of rape culture? I remember this as a teenager, so it was around in the ’90s. I don’t know the exact year this came out, so forgive me, please; but I do know that it was well before “teach men not to rape,” and the idea was basically this: Women are individuals with agency and are able to say “no” when they don’t want to have sex. Believe it or not, this is pretty effective! They still use it in Africa, rather than the upgraded version: It’s Rape Every Time We Change Our Minds.

Despite how big this rape culture supposedly is, even the most monstrous, creepy, perverted guys like Louis CK and Aziz Ansari actually stop when that magic word is spoken. Women say “no,” and they stop.

I bring these two men up because they’re two of the names with which the virtue-signaling celebrities and radical feminists fill the ranks of evil rapey men in order to cite that we live in a rape culture. Aziz Ansari is the freshest name on everyone’s mind, but why?

Let’s go down the long list of things Aziz Ansari did wrong, and we’ll instantly be able to see why more women are claiming rape culture today than they were yesterday.

1: Nothing.

Sorry, that’s it. Aziz Ansari did nothing wrong. The story, in a nutshell: Some fan-girl, a photographer, was trying to ride Ansari’s jock because he’s famous. She was all up on him, following him around, and he blew her off yet got her number. Some time later, he called and they set up a date. They drank wine and he was in a hurry to get her back to his apartment. So far, pretty standard. People get horny. People have sex. One-night stands are as old as time immemorial.

Once they got to his apartment, this is where the brutal sexual assault happened and where rape culture was on full display! Aziz Ansari started coming on strong, and the poor little victim did not want any of this! So, to show she didn’t want any of this, she took all of her clothing off, allowed Ansari to jam his fingers down her throat and perform oral sex on her, and she returned to favor by floppin’ his brown Indian benis in her slut-trap, blowing old boy! Now, this literally happened all within ten minutes of arriving back at their apartment!

Yet we’re to believe that this poor, innocent victim of toxic masculinity and horrible rape culture was in no way asking for sex. She was supposedly giving Aziz Ansari all of those clues to say “I’m just not that into you,” like by sucking his c*ck, twice, and prancing around his apartment naked without ever putting her clothing back on. When she finally got up to leave, Aziz Ansari stepped out of her way entirely and let her go without any protest.

What’s the problem here? Well, no means no has morphed entirely. Not enough women are getting raped in the old-fashioned way. America isn’t Pakistan. Yes, too many women get raped! But not enough get raped for feminism. There aren’t nearly enough men forcing their d*cks inside of women as they’re screaming no, so the definitions of rape and sexual assault have had to change.

It used to be a funny joke about five years ago, just a meme, that a woman regretting her sexual encounter would be considered sexual assault. Well, with the invention of rape culture by feminists and the Hollywood elite to hypocritically push their message, this has become a reality.

Look, I’m no mind reader here, but I do fancy myself as a dude-bro who can at times think logically. So, let’s look through this logically, or at least try. Which scenario is more likey:

  1. A woman giving you a consensual blowjob and getting naked and allowing you to give her oral sex, all within ten minutes of coming back to your apartment, means that she was really uncomfortable and really didn’t want to do it.
  2. A fame-hungry slut went back to a celebrity’s apartment, blew the dude, because that’s what sluts do, and then got embarrassed when she realized that she’ll probably be known forever as the slut you can take home to get a blow-jibber from as easy money. She’s a photographer, so wants to come across professional, not as a whore who gives easy blowjobs to Indian street-sh*tters.

Now, honestly, which one of these has been true 999 times out of a 1,000? And the one time it isn’t true, it’s just because it took the slut twenty minutes instead of ten to suck a c*ck.

Don’t you think for a minute I’m slut-shaming either!

No. None of that! Prostitutes, porn stars, women who simply enjoy sex and have a lot of it – you have no issues with me, I don’t have any with you! Rock out with your mud-flaps out! It’s your life, so do what feels right. But see, these women own their sh*t! A porn star doesn’t try to put on the church girl routine. It’s not prostitutes out there demanding not to be “shamed” for what they do. The women who demand you don’t slut shame them are the women who want to go be slutty behind closed doors but protect their image in public.

You can’t have it both ways, sluts! This is the sort of sh*t promoting the idea of rape culture and it is hurting both men and women!

Look, if you want to go give a celebrity the Linda Lovelace treatment in the first ten minutes you’re back at his apartment, this is your business! Any girl who’s gonna swallow a knob before an episode of Aqua Teens is even over has obviously done this a few times before. It wasn’t this girl’s first rodeo, people, and Aziz Ansari was smart to go for a condom. This isn’t the sort of girl you’d ever want to bare-back.

The issue here is to not be ashamed with yourself over it to the point you want to ruin his life!

You should be thanking this dude. Any slut who’s naked in a relative stranger’s apartment in the first ten minutes, yet still gets a guy to put his tongue inside her, is winning at life. You wouldn’t catch my mouth anywhere near that bacteria-incubating stinkbox. But I digress…

You’re literally helping to push the idea that rape culture is a real thing. And we have to hear it from every blue checkmark who’s behind on their virtue-signaling quota for the month.

You can’t fix stupid…

This is seriously getting ridiculous. Look, there are men who are raping women out there! But it’s not really in Hollywood. While it might trigger radical feminists and their odd celebrity fans who have reversed willingly the power dynamics of female idol worship, the rest of the world can see the lack of writing on the wall.

How many Hollywood men have been accused of harassment at this point? A hundred or so? Let’s be overly generous and overshoot it extremely and say a thousand! Okay, a thousand men. Rape culture! Now, out of those men, how many actually did anything wrong?

For every Harvey Weinstein who allegedly held a woman down and forced her, how many were just touching or Louis CK masturbating in front of women who never said no until after they realized they could pile on in the witch hunt? Let’s be generous and say that half of them were outright rapes! Yes, this is being extremely generous to feminists, but you’ll see my point.

Now, how many men work in Hollywood? Over a thousand lead-acting movie stars, another ten thousand background players and thousands of “that guy” actors who are known but not really. Then you have hundreds upon hundreds each of directors, producers, grips, gaffers, and the list goes on. There are tens of thousands of men in the entertainment industry, just in the movies. Once you factor in television, that number grows by at least double. And we’re not even mentioning the writers here!

So it’s a minimum of 20,000 men in Hollywood. That’s a low estimate, but let’s use it. And 500 raped someone. Again, an incredibly high estimate, by a long shot, but let’s use it. That would be 2.5% of men.

Feminists don’t call Islam toxic when 2.5% of its worshipers become terrorists. Islamophobia.

Feminists don’t call blacks criminals when 2.5% of their males become criminals. Racism.

Feminists don’t even call women liars when well over 2.5% of them lie about rape. Sexism.

But 2.5% of men in Hollywood rape—and, remember, this is me offering them this; not something they’ve proven—and suddenly we have a “rape culture” happening. Manaphobia! 

It holds no sense. No logic. No reason. It’s a reactionary witch-hunt, just like Liam Neeson said. What’s worse: Women are willfully conflating touching someone’s leg with legitimate rape, like Matt Damon said.

Rape victims are said to be “rape survivors,” women who are still existing in rape culture and should be heralded as strong and brave. Well, if you’re a woman who was actually raped, doesn’t it make you angry to hear a woman claim assault who willingly gave away blow-jobs to a celeb crush? Doesn’t it cheapen your experience and bravery to hear women who willingly watched a man jerk off pretend to be some surviving victim of horrible abuse?

Aziz Ansari did nothing wrong. When the girl was ready to leave, he let her leave. She never said no and, in fact, performed oral sex on him more than once.

This is legitimately the rational person’s biggest fear come true, in that women can simply regret the sexual encounter and ruin your life over it. Because a slut can’t own up to being slutty, she’s decided to treat the man as an evil rapist.

Own that sh*t, slut! There’s only shame in it if you let yourself feel ashamed.

We do not live in a rape culture. There have realistically been around 50 men in Hollywood named, out of over 50,000. Those are the real numbers! That’s 0.1% of men accused of anything, and fewer than a quarter of those men have actually been accused of legitimate rape. The bulk of the accusations are just guys being perverts and the woman allowing them.

Just like with the wage gap, math is not your friend here. Far more women than this file false rape reports, and even Lena Dunham will admit that! Yet we don’t live in a fake rape culture, do we? Rape culture is supposedly real!

No, you know what – I think we do. It is fake.

We live in a fake rape culture, where every fame-hungry slut who sucks a c*ck within the first ten minutes decides to blow up someone’s life before she becomes known as the fame slut who gives up slobby knobbies.

Aziz Ansari did nothing wrong. Louis CK did nothing wrong. So many of these men did nothing wrong.


If only you ladies would go back to your standard of no means no, you yourselves could prevent 90% of these cases. Now you’ve been deluded to the point where you don’t even have to say no! You can literally suck d*ck on the first date and still end up the victim.

Your fake rape culture is killing society, one false and overblown claim at a time.