In The Shadows: Two Faces in the Movement

In The Shadows: Two Faces in the Movement

We all live two lives.

The life of a mom who grabs a coffee alone and
pretends she has no kids for a little while. The dream life where one person loves another
and that person will never know.

Now in our modern age, you can have a totally
different type of split life – an online and an offline life. While we all have one, I live in
a world where I am both, two people, at once, one truer than the other trying to
hold it all together.

I live with an SJW. Someone who hates what I do, someone who thinks I’m
fundamentally wrong just because I am conservative.

I am unable to discuss my passion for conservative and new right politics at home. I am told
constantly that I should hate those in our movement, and maybe in a way that I should
hate myself for being a part of a movement that pushes against the prevailing social
norms and the grain of our current society. Sometimes I see all these fake people in my face and I can’t
say what I want to say politely, so I keep things to myself, wondering why I have to play by these

I imagine many people will relate to what I am struggling with.

When we look outside our own homes, our own families
we have to face the world. One that is not accepting of your views, one that will
slander us, will cut us down and feed the public a view of us that isn’t true. We
throw away humanity just to be blue or be red, what a black pill. There is constant
pushback against us being who we are – and being an online advocate, a Youtube
creator, a public face makes it all the more difficult. We want to let you into our
normal, everyday lives, but we are also afraid for our safety.

As Paul Joseph Watson is fond of saying, conservatism is the new counter culture. And right now, countering the prevailing political norm can lead to real consequences in our personal and professional lives.

We are strong, life is short, and we are fighting our own war for society, for
our peoples, and for our civilizations.  And so, we are two people at once: the safe one and the
trending topic.

I am but one person in a large network of those who have come
before me and those that will undoubtedly come after me. I am passionate about
our movement and I am dedicated to its success. I push our memes and I make
videos explaining the complex topics that plague us in modern society. I can dream,
right? Living two lives is hard, all of those days when you wish both lives could mesh
together and you could be both people and yet only one person.

Those who live like this, in a divided family, in a divided marriage where one
has leftist politics and one that has right or far right politics, I implore you to hang in there. Go for
broke, and live your life. If you must be two people, an open face and a hidden face
fighting behind the scenes and being true to yourself,
let’s go and get it. Lets be the best version of our broken selves and help our
movement progress and find our new home in each other. Keep pushing, keep building. We
can be our own family and our own heroes. We aren’t just two faces. We are human, we
are the people in the shadows and we are the silent ones that make this movement
push forward. “Que Sera Sera.”