The United Nations: What’s The Point?

The United Nations: What's The Point?

2017 has been a very interesting year, not just for the United States with a new administration under the leadership of Donald Trump, but for the entire world.

The world is changing fast.

People are willingly “taking the red pill” and waking up to reality. But when will we as a population ask ourselves the question: why do we need the United Nations?

The UN representatives were supposed to be a group of experts from their respective countries who are able to solve world problems through diplomacy, especially when it comes to human rights and stopping conflicts of war and terrorism. And yet, for the past 10 years especially, the UN seems to almost justify and enable the worst behaviours of the world because of their collective immoral interests.

For most of us, the hypocrisy and harm of the United Nations is on full display in their handling of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Most of us in Israel already know the harm they do.

They have always condemned Israel for defending herself from the same terror that plagues the world.

In recent wars with Hamas in Gaza, the UN has passed resolution after resolution calling on Israel to use self restraint, “porportional force” , and many other roadblocks to effective defence under the guise of “human rights”.  Naturally, terrorist organization Hamas is not held to any standard at all, let alone the solitary standard Israel is held to.

Different sections of the UN such as UNESCO constantly try  their best to erase Jewish history from Israel in areas like Judea and Samaria, the Western Wall, and even in Jerusalem itself.

The most recent evidence of the UN’s rabid, biased hatred of Israel is when President Trump took a stand to defend America’s ally and recognized the obvious fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and made the decision to move their embassy there.

While it’s OK for other countries to have embassies in their capitals, the United Nations for some reason had a problem with this and took a vote on whether or not the organization recognized Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

Luckily, for the first time, Israel saw what it meant to have a friend in the United Nations.

When Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley had Israel’s back and defended this age old fact without fear, I felt even more thankful that I supported President Trump.

While the United Nations is putting in their best effort, trying and failing to wipe off Jewish existence off the map, they are simultaneously trying to spread their global agenda that nationalism, as a love for ones own country, is a bad thing.

They are concerned about “climate change”, while they ignore real world situations in which they have the power to intervene, such as Syria, the Iranian protests, and even North Korea’s recent threat of use of nuclear weapons!

What good are the United Nations if they are not doing their jobs, but instead making the world more dangerous place to live?