Freedom of Thought or Return to the Dark Ages — Pick One

Freedom of Thought or Return to the Dark Ages — Pick One

Freedom of Thought or Return to the Dark Ages—Pick One

The inexorable decay of Hollywood will continue well into 2018. There is little doubt we’ll hear more disturbing claims of how these degenerates exploited over decades many naïve actors and other young people trying to get work in television and film. What we need to see are these evil monsters in handcuffs.

We’ve known for decades that Hollywood was pit of soulless vipers. Now, with the dominoes falling faster Hollywood has effectively deplatformed itself. No longer can immoral corrupted leftists get away with their pc virtue signaling, identity-politics, and utter smugness toward anything outside their echo chamber.

Even as such swamp-monsters as Harvey Weinstein are publically exposed and leftists’ hypocrisy revealed, don’t take this as a sign the battle is won. The globalists still man the ramparts in much of media in the West and control what gets on air and into mainstream print.

Political correctness is still the mantle under which mainstream news media mobilize their forces. It is this neo-Marxist words-as-weapons mindset that informs how stories are reported, and not reported, and the toolkit used to carve-out specific narratives.

For decades rotten education systems of America, Britain, and Canada continue to program students to advance socialists causes. Instead of equipping each succeeding generation to think independently, to be healthy individuals, to contribute to the betterment of society, students are indoctrinated to believe they are either oppressed or oppressors.

All the campus riots, Antifa clashes, and Trump Derangement Syndrome we witness aren’t grassroots movements. There’s nothing organic any group who seeks to destroy society. The enemy, schools teach kids, is white European males. And how they continue to oppress every conceivable group, to concentrate “unearned” power, and seize all the gold.

This is why the same story lines were repeated endlessly throughout 2017. Legacy news media is the hand puppet of the globalists. Just look at one, CNN for example. A year into the Trump presidency and still they ramble hour by hour about allegations of Trump-Russia collusion. And still, one year in, the same narrative—and thus far, 100% proof-free. What is passed off as being journalism is more psyops than analysis.

For progressives it’s all about trigger warnings, safe spaces, and dog-whistles. But the loudest voices among Antifa and BLM all embrace a profane trinity of socialism, censorship, and violence. This is proof of their goals as anything but constructive. Postmodernists scorn simple human dignity! For postmods the utopia they claim to seek can only rise on the ashes of your town, my town, our civilization.

The Left hears the same message day after day. They’re so deluded by the ideology, of which they might understand the tiniest fraction, they must be relentlessly told the enemy is about to fall. Seeing the umpteenth screen-flash of Breaking News on Russia-Trump may even trigger a dopaminic circuitry response, much like the addict upon seeing a crack pipe.

Consider this cohort caught in a feedback loop, trapped, and dependent on sketchy Facebook groups to validate their existence. (Of course, tenured Profs who fueled much of this social-justice chaos continue to lean into capitalism, cashing fat paychecks.)

The best antidote against fascists remains unchanged, simply this: truth. Free thinkers are not prisoners of a single narrative, asking questions and challenging the orthodoxy keeps you agile and independent. Truth and facts as embodied in science and rational thinking are the best armor against anti-reason. We must continue to defend true freedom of speech, free-market capitalism, and the promotion of the Western liberal democratic ideals that have advanced this world from the Dark Ages to the frontiers of space travel.

It should worry us all that half of millennials think communism is cool. When colleges teach a course called White Supremacy in the USA (archived here) that’s a bad sign. The whole shebang could be crashing down if this goes on much; longer, say another ten years at most.

Yes, Hollywood burns, but now is not the time to celebrate. You know that these destroyers will not rest until every institution is literally and figuratively also aflame.

We must continue to defend your precious freedoms. Reach out at every opportunity during the year, because you know the other side will. Talk to others, embrace truth, science, and reason in your discussions.

By simply chipping away at small problems we can build our confidence and open a constructive positive path forward. Failure to redouble efforts in 2018, to push back the forces of darkness, is not an option.