Illegal Immigration: The People Of No Nation

illegal immigration

There are people in the shadows who don’t speak up when crimes are committed, they don’t go straight to the hospital if they are assaulted, family secrets are kept hidden away for generations.  Huffington post recently put this number at 80 % for women. “ According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report,” says the Huffington Post. These people flee their third world countries for our country although rarely do they make it since Trump took over boarder defense we have seen a steep decline in those who are able to actually cross the boarder.

The question is once they leave their nation and are free agents sprinting towards the border whether they make it or not they become this illegal class of people who have no nation. Even when they reach the boarder illegally and cross in to the illegal alien underground, these people have no nation, no solid home. Why do we allow these illegal aliens in to our country and tolerate these behaviors at all. Its not good for those smuggled here by coyotes, cramped in small diseased areas, like trucks and flop houses, often without bathroom facilities and starving and thirsty.

Then these are the very same people in the shadows who kill innocent people like Kate Steinle and get off for being one of the people of no nation. Living in America does not make you an American, or part of the founding stock of the nation.  Kate was walking with her father in California when she was gunned down by an illegal immigrant, what’s worse, is that immigrant was later found not guilty on all charges despite that the mound of evidence against him. According to The Pew Research Institute estimates that as of 2014, there are at least 11.2 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. This population comprises approximately 3.5 percent of our country’s population. 3.5 percent of America is living in the shadows, 11.2 people may e committing crimes or being abused and its going unchecked and unnoticed. Illegal immigration isn’t only bad for the country that receives these illegal aliens but its bad for those who come here too. They live in fear, face deportation, rightfully so, but worry about their families being pulled apart in the future.

If we had a zero tolerance policy for these people of  no nation than not only would we not be putting our own citizens at risk but we wouldn’t be putting the lives of these illegal aliens at risk either. They come here with a host of problems, some are rape victims from the journey, some are severely ill, some are gang members and drug pushers and we just take them in and bring them in to our country polluting our nations resources, peoples and ways of lives. As the old saying goes if you import the third world you become the third world. Now as time has gone on places have begun to cater to these people with no nation, by putting signs in their language instead of forcing them to learn English to live in America and to have bilingual speakers at many stores and offices in case they cant speak our native language.  When do we say enough is enough and continue to call out these people who live in our country yet, are not part of it, but part of the shadows, part of the system that keeps our country sick. The behind the scenes sickness we could avoid by tightening borders and finally building the wall. Until then we will be a nation of Americans with a small group of people with no nation who seek to take over what we have already built, piece by small piece. Until America itself, becomes a land of no nation.