To Whom Does American Culture Belong?


Some on the alt-right want a race-based ethnostate. People like Lauren Southern believe that everyone can rally around one culture. Some on the left believe that “culture” is this unimportant, topical thing that falls down from sky fairies and everyone can enjoy and create equally. Though when it comes to American culture, to whom does it belong? Or does it belong to anyone at all?

I’m writing this not as a political stance but as a warning to future generations. (LOL, I just read that back to myself; but for seriously, this is a warning!)

Now, some reading this might think it’s just another in a long line of pointless rants they can read on the Internet that don’t have anything to do with anything. I’d vehemently disagree with that assessment and state that we are in a true war for culture. American culture!

The disease actually infecting the blood of our American culture comes by way of things like Marxism, politically correct culture, population replacement, and the idea that “culture” doesn’t belong to anyone and will be fine as long as we’re fair and willing to bow down and genuflect to outside cultures. It’s like they’re saying, “I know you come from a different culture, but I trust you not to superimpose your old culture over ours as long as we treat you fairly!”

If you ask me, culture, its real definition and not how sociologists explain it, is the only thing that still holds America together. Our culture, American culture, is our infrastructure, our cities, our strides toward better education, our water treatment and food safety, and other bedrock foundation stones which hold in place the topical pillars of change (trends, which social scientists think are culture).

Also an answer you’d get from me: Culture is necessarily genetic, and I have written an entire book about it to help people understand how you cannot separate culture from how different populations around the globe evolved. If you evolved in a culture that didn’t care about child rearing, didn’t have any sort of traditional marriage, and lived a violent, on-the-go lifestyle, this is necessarily different from a culture that was sedentary and focused on agriculture and societal advancement.

We carry in our genes the culture of our ancestors. Culture, if anything, is a set of behaviors. The actions you take or don’t take are what form around you your immediate culture. Cooperative cultures came together and formed the western world, like American culture. Uncooperative cultures stagnated and festered for millennial with disease and rotten water and starving children.

In that vein—and this is where many people start to get pissed off—American culture belongs primarily to European settlers who created the culture.

Yeah, I know, the Native American head dress is “culture” and you’ll be damned if you let a white girl wear it without giving her a good what-fer! Damn racist cultural appropriators! How dare you steal culture!

Well, if the only thing your culture was good for was decoration, maybe you should be proud that other people are “appropriating” that aspect of it. It’s not as if people are appropriating anything else from it, like living in wigwams, dressing in buffalo skins, or dancing like idiots to make it rain.

My point here is that, no matter how far back you look, or how far into the subject you look, the only thing European culture takes away from other cultures, like African and Native cultures, is sometimes their topical trends and fashions, like music or the dreadlocks black girls consider solid gold (before rushing out to spend $800 on hair weave to look Negropean).

From automobiles and skyscrapers and capitalism to the medium on which you’re reading this right now, it is part of the culture of white European settlers. And this isn’t even some point of contention or debate. We see that, minus South Korea and Japan, every single modern first-world nation on the planet is inhabited by a majority of—or was once a majority of—white people of European descent.

In no way am I making a case that other cultures are worthless. I’m just stating that what we consider American culture was started by, was/is maintained by, and belongs to people of European descent.

Why is this important? Well, it’s not an alt-right racist thumb in the eye of saying “Haha, you didn’t do anything!” It’s merely an argument that in order to maintain American culture, we must admit an uncomfortable fact and ensure that we have a population that is genetically able to maintain the culture.

“But black people and Latino people and Native American people can maintain the culture without white Europeans!”

Look. I cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder and pluck four-leafed clovers hoping that that’s true! If something happened, like a virus that genetically affected Europid Caucasoid people but no one else, I would hope that American culture would maintain and thrive. But every single piece of empirical, objective evidence in the world suggests otherwise.

I know “Look at Africa!” is one of the favorite phrases uttered by white racists, but it’s still worth a look. People in Sub-Saharan Africa literally had a 200,000 year head start before white people even evolved as a race. It’s fun for black people to say today that Africa would have looked futuristic like the new Black Panther movie, if only whitey had stayed away. But that’s objectively false. It’s monumentally false. Africa had 200,000 years before white people even existed to form that sort of society, and what did we find after tens of thousands of generations? Mud and grass huts with slaves for sale.

Look at the thousands who believe this. It’s scary!

The same holds true for Native Americans when European settlers got here. No roads. No buildings. No Netflix with Orange is the New Black. Tepees and tribes at war with one another. Look at all the thousands of years they had, totally uninterrupted, to build their empires.

So, why didn’t they? Why wasn’t American culture a thing before whitey arrived? Could it be maybe, just maybe, whitey created it here, like they did in Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and dozens of other nations?

Unlike blacks and Natives and Asians, white people don’t bitch and moan when you “appropriate” our culture. We don’t tell you, “Hey, don’t use that Internet!” or “You better stop speaking English!” or “You can’t dress as Batman for Halloween because Batman is white!” No. Minorities do this, and it’s likely because they realize their contributions to American culture are so incredibly scant that a few hairstyles and some music are the only things of which they have to be proud.

And, sure, be proud of those things. But when it comes to American culture, I’m personally sick of hearing all these leftists go on about nonsensical, sociological bullsh*t and pretending that American culture isn’t an express manifestation of white European culture. It is. And it is genetic.

I’m not one of those who scream about white genocide. I’m not against interracial dating. I’m not for an ethnostate. I don’t want to segregate people like many blacks do. I’m merely trying to provide a warning: If you want the comfortable, luxurious, easy life that America gives you, you damn sure better make sure that you leave enough white people in the nation to maintain American culture for you!

Mexicans create Mexico. This isn’t controversial. We can empirically observe it. Africans create Africa. No racism there; we can see the facts with our own two eyes. And white people recreate the first-world west no matter where they go in the world. Even the communist-ravaged Eastern Bloc, full of white people, is still a first-world paradise compared to Mexico and Sub-Saharan Africa.

American culture wasn’t created by “Americans,” nor does someone with that title necessarily maintain it. It was started by and is maintained by primarily white people of European descent. It might make you angry; you might be level-10 butthurt, but it is objectively true.

(To be sure, I take zero credit in its creation; I wasn’t born yet. Just like I take zero blame for atrocities like slavery. I’m stating a point of fact, not a point of pride.)

America is a melting pot and is for everyone. I’m not saying otherwise; I don’t want people to leave (unless here illegally). But if you enjoy America’s first-world way of life, you better hope and pray whitey always has a place at the table.